Christmas Party at School

I had fun in this little elf's classroom today for his class party.  We made candy canes, played games and had snack.  It is fun to see him in action in his class. 


Clipper Basketball

This was Andrew's first season playing basketball.  I was super impressed with how well he played and what a GREAT attitude he had- win or loose.  They were 3-4 on the season but were a few seconds short of being 5-2... I guess that is just the way the ball bounces.  Hopefully we will do it again next year!

?, Cale, Jake, Sam, Andrew, Akash, Griffin

I love my #11!


8th Birthday!!!

Good Night for the last time to my 7 year old...

Good Morning 8 year old!!!


Christmas Cookie Decorating

Will has the SWEETEST Sunday School teachers.  Mrs. Pam invited all the kids to her house to bake and decorate sugar cookies that they would distribute to the nursing home near our church during their class time.  They had fun! 

Will & Mrs. Melanie

Mrs. Pam, Mrs, Amy Mrs. Melanie
Myla, Will, Grayson, Thomas, Ellis Kate, Catherine

Sweet Mrs. Pam telling Will how much she loved him and how much God loved him and what a good and kind heart he has and what a wonderful Christian man he will be someday.  (I might have cried a little just hearing her sweet and sincere words of love spoken to my sweet boy)


1st time to the movies as a Family

Y'all... How is Will 3.5 and we have NEVER been to a movie all together? (Oh , because it costs a small fortune...) We went to see Moana.  It was great.  Will LOVES movies.  He does so good too!  Thanks to Jeff and Margaret for the tickets! 


Iron Bowl in T-Town

Well.  It was hot.  There is not much else to say about the game.  #1 vs. #13.  30-12.


Thanksgiving 2016

For the first time in for.ev.er the whole fam was here for Thanksgiving... even if it was only for a little while.  It was enough to get pictures to prove that it happened. 



Happy 175th Anniversary Samford & Homecoming

Date night at the 175th Anniversary Ball... It was fun, except it felt like we were chaperones at a prom. 

Homecoming game with our friend Wesley.

My 2 loves.


aaaaannnd... there goes another one!

We are officially in the "toothless" stage.  The big one is gone! 

Upward Flag Football- 1st Season of Flag Football

Andrew wanted to play flag football this year so we started with UpWard football.  It was super convenient because they played right near our house.  Andrew was great in his first season.  We had a sweet team and a salty coach (great play caller).  He really loved every minute of it.


2nd Grade Musical

The 2nd graders put on a program on immigrants.  Andrew dressed up as an immigrant from England.  He had a speaking part at the end of the program and did a great job.  He loves to perform!

Caden James, Haynes, AMK


Birthday Party, (Trunk &)Trick or Treat

 Taking Ironman to Holden's 3rd Birthday Party.  It was at his house and was so cute.  There were super hero's everywhere!  Will had a blast.
Trunk or Treat is always fun.  Will went as Super Gecko from PJ Masks and Andrew went as Clayton Kershaw.  Mom went as a Chef.

Halloween night in the neighborhood again.  We all met at the Harris' and then the kids ran out trick or treating.  I was at a neighbor's house passing out candy when Bo and Will stopped by.  A few minutes later one of Will's classmates rang the doorbell.  It was Avery!  He was SO EXCITED!  They giggled  all night and he cried when we had to go home at 9:00!   It was a super fun night!


15 Years... Happy Anniversary!

 Best husband ever!  We looked at cars over the Summer, but Bo told me it would be probably another 2-3 years before we got one.  Then I pulled in the driveway and the boys opened the garage door (because it was broken) and there she was backed into my spot!  A 2016 Toyota Highlander with a big red bow!  Just like the commercials!  What a surprise.  I made him some chicken, so we are even.  Ha!  I have never had a new car!  It only had 7 miles on it when I got it!  Sunroof, back up camera, bluetooth, bells, whistles, usb ports.  She is pretty sweet!  Thanks to the best giver out there!  I love you so much!  You really out did yourself this year.  No better way to celebrate 15 years~  

Anniversary dinner at 5.  Then to Iron City to see The Molly Ringwalds!


School Pictures

Be still my heart...
Will 3 Years Old

Andrew- 2nd Grade (7 years old)


Beach Weekend

The best.  These girls refresh my soul!  This year we celebrated being friends for 20 years.  We all met in the ZTA chapter room in the fall of 1996.  God has blessed each of us with this 20 year friendship and I hope we will be doing this for another 20 years.  Lazy days on the beach, good food, laughs, sun (but not too much), sleep, ubering to Baytowne, football, shopping, ice cream and this year... bike ridding.  It was the best.  Love these girls.


School Lunch

Thankful to spend a little of my day with this handsome guy.  Also thankful I don't have to eat school lunch every day.  Yuck!  Love this 2nd Grader!


Hot Cakes with my short cakes!

Ya'll... I am not exaggerating... It is Friday night.  Bo is at work.  We have dinner, then I say "Boys... We are going to go get donuts!!!" They both roll their eyes at me and sigh with a big "Gah MOM! Ugh... Why do we have to go get donuts?!"  Seriously.  This was the conversation.  It was like I told them that we were going to get root canals.  Once we got there, they had a blast.  Our friends who own the shop, invited them back to watch the donuts cook and pick out their toppings.  There is nothing like a fresh, hot donut right out of the fryer!  Yum. Yum! These boys perked up and even said on the way home.  "That was so fun mom!!"   (me...mumbling to myself... see, I told you that it would be fun.  Sheesh!)


Fun in Auburn

The way the football schedules worked out this year allowed us to be in Auburn for the first 2 home games.  We took Raven and Cory with us and Will even got to go one of the games... even though we have a strict rule against taking anyone to a game who isn't potty trained.  He was so good and loved every minute.  We are so thankful to have to opportunity to be able to go and enjoy a Saturday in Jordan Hare. 

This guy will be IN college soon!

Love my boys!

Ray Ray and Will before the game... it was HOT!  Can you tell by Will's cheeks?

Will enjoying pregame in the Neilson Club.