No Mo Crib!

Andrew only lasted about 17 months in his crib.  Will has been in his for 3 years and 10 months or  46 months! LOL... He has loved his crib.  It is his "safe space".  If he needs to calm down, he goes in his crib.  He sleeps like a CHAMP all night every night.  He just loves it.  We found some fun bunk beds on facebook and thought- if ever a time to have bunk beds... NOW is the time!  I think they turned out so cute! 

Last night in the crib...

Thanks to Mimi for the Super Hero sheets and comforter!

One excited little boy ready to go to sleep on the top bunk!  

Sweet brother slept on the bottom bunk!  



The Georgia cousins were here for their spring break this week.  They got to see Andrew play baseball and came to the house one afternoon.  They all get along so great together.  I love that they have cousins that are close in age.  We will have so much fun this summer at the beach!

Dodgers 8U Rec team

Still no strike outs... He has been through 2 rec season and 1 all star season without striking out. 

 Here comes the BOOM!

 on 1st...

 He played 2nd base all year.  He played ss just during this game...

Back Row:  John Largent, Caleb Brunson, Cale Robinson
Front Row: Foxx Neely, Ben Adair, AMK, Leo Stroud, Rip Griffin, Andrew Shunarrah


Favorite time of day... bathtime

Will loves his "guys".  He could play with them for hours!  I love to watch his imagination at work and see what he does with them each time.  I love the words he uses- battle, attacking, evil, good, bad guy, good guy, weapon, etc. and the sound effects- bang!, pew-pew!, crash, splash, pa-cha-kow!


Spring Breakers- Part 2- Atlanta

We made it to Atlanta on Saturday afternoon and went straight to the Georgia Aquarium.  We ran into one of Andrew's friends from school- Emory.  He was even a special performer in the dolphin show.  It was a great show and we sat just far enough away that we didn't get soaked!  Whew! 
Sunday we went to the World of Coke and to the Atlanta Hawks game.  We rode the big "steering wheel" that night.  (Not for me! #Ihateheights)  The boys loved staying the the hotel and walking to all of the attractions.  Monday morning Andrew and Bo went to the College Football Hall of Fame and Will and I went to Target and Ikea.  It was a fun little get away!


Spring Breakers- Part 1- Ellijay

We took a mini-vacation to Ellijay to visit my Dad and to Atlanta for Spring Break.  We had a nice (quick) trip to Ellijay and enjoyed seeing Dad.  I got a massage/facial and Dad treated Bo and I to a date night in Blue Ridge. 

Headed to Ellijay

Will waiting on the deer to come and eat the corn he put out...

Date Night!!!

My sweet daddy. 



UGRS Christmas Party Weekend (The best!)  We typically have our party in February each year, but due to many scheduling conflicts we had it in mid March.  Anytime is a good time to have it.  A most relaxing weekend of catching up, laughing, sleeping and EATING.  Lots of eating!  These girls are the best.  We know each other's souls and love each other more and more as each year passes.  Thanks Jenn for being a great hostess (as always) and for teaching me how to make Granny's chicken and dumplings!
Jenn kept her tree up just for us!  See it in the background?

Sittin on the dock of the bay...
We missed Natalie who was at home sick and with sick kids.  YUCK!    


STOP! Shower time!

This kid owns me.  He is silly to no end and so funny and most of all... full of pure JOY.


When Dad is away...

Bo was gone to Ashville, NC for the SOCON Basketball tournament all weekend, which means this guy gets to sleep with me... He was pumped!


MLK Jr. Day (off)

I stayed home with the boys today and they helped me clean out the car, then we went to the arcade. 

Every time I turned around they had their hands out for more money...

But then it happened... Will hit the jackpot!  685 Tickets!!!!

Oh what fun!! 


Lazy Sunday...

This is what it looks like when we try to take a nap together... Silliness.
Soooooooo.... we scrapped the nap and headed up to Samford to meet daddy and bubby.


Bon Jovi & Eric Church

Ya'll know we love a concert... It just so happened that Bon Jovi and Eric Church were coming on back to back nights.  I REALLY wanted to go to both. Bo said we should pick one so we picked Bon Jovi.  He was good... not great.  He seemed really OLD.  That made me a little sad.  We are ALL getting old.  At least I had on cute shoes.  He wore orthopedics!

 Lucky for me one of the Samford coaches had a recruiting trip he had to go on and couldn't go to Eric Church!!!  Yahoo.  So I went.  By.My.Self.   He was phenomenal.  He played for 3 hours.  38 songs.  Ya'll. He was SO GOOD!


Potty Training

This is the face of a boy who just got the Shell Raiser for pooping in the potty!  Way to go Will!


UA vs. UK

Granddaddy came over to go to Tuscaloosa and watch the Cats play Alabama. 

 Uncle Paul, Bo, AMK & Granddaddy

Love these 2 and their love of sports! 

Will says "Go Cats!"...from home. 



This boy sure does love his big brother...


Homewood Kids Skate Party

We rented out a skating rink for the morning.  It was the first time my boys have been skating and they both did great... Will was more interested in riding around on the skater scooter then actually skating, but he did it.  Andrew just wanted to be timed to see how fast he could make it around the rink.  I am 100% sure that the grown ups had more fun than the kids did.  It was a blast!


Super Bowl Prediction

For the record... Will knew the Falcons were going to blow a huge lead...


West Way Nomination

We are so proud of you Andrew!  You are rocking 2nd grade!


Sleepy Will

When he was an infant, he would sleep with his thumb tucked up under his fingers... When I checked on him tonight I noticed the same thing.  Don't grow up sweet baby. 


SNOW! (& Ice)

 This boy was So excited!  We bundled him up with pants and shirt under his zip ups!  LOL.  Boots, hat, mittens and coat! 

 Sledding with our neighbor Easton.

 Boogie Boarding = how southerners do snow!