6th Annual Kerr Nowell Christmas Party

First of all I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Laura Clark for helping to organize this year's party. If it were not for her, there would have been no evite and no guests! She also made an awesome poster about Lily so everyone could get an update on her. This year's party was held at Grey Bar on 280 and benefited the Ronald McDonald House in honor of Lily Cate Dickinson. (Check out the link to Lily's blog on the right- "Dickinson Family") We raised over $400. Thanks everyone! It is amazing that in the last 6 years, we have donated over $2000 to several different charities. It is always a good time, and so fun to see so many people. Thank you to all who joined us and hopefully we will see you again next year.
I didn't take that many pictures, but here are the one's I have.
Matt, Me and Bo
Mindy, Me & Ashley

Laura Clark & Me

Tracie, Rebecca, Me Kenna, Shana & Mindy



OK, I am a rookie at his whole blog thing so forgive me if the pictures are out of order or if things don't get posted correctly. I have tried to catch you all up on what has been going on with us over the last couple of weeks. Here is my attempt to recap~ Hopefully going forward I will be a little more timely on the posts, but for now, enjoy the stories and pictures of our little guy.

I hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. We all have so much to be thankful for, most importantly the birth of Jesus Christ. Keep in mind what Thursday is truly about.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.
~Luke 2:14

1st Breakdown

OK, so this week was a little harder. Mom left on Wednesday to get ready for my grandparents visit. I was doing great until he spit up that afternoon. I thought he was choking and had a huge breakdown. I don't know what to do. I have never been a mom before. While I was bawling my eyes out, he just was looking at me like- Mom, its cool. I'm OK. Probably just an air bubble, but I am a baby so I can't really tell you what is going on. Just chill out, OK? Or it could have been more like- Hey crazy lady~ Why did they let you take me home from the hospital? You have absolutely no idea what you are doing!! Where is that lady you call Mimi? She will know what to do. Call her! So I did call my mom eventually to tell her what happened. He was fine, but I just needed that moral support that I was doing the right thing with him. He made a couple of trips out of the house last week. One to Target and one to visit Bo at work. We even took him to church this past Sunday. He slept the entire time and was so good. Here are some pictures from last week.
Sweet Little Tiger.
Andrew and Mom at Dr. Dudgen's office.

Sweet little fingers

Getting ready for Santa
Tracee came to visit on Saturday.


First Week Home...

Andrew and Dad having a little talk.
He was so patient to let us dress him up and take pictures of him.

Santa Baby.
So far, so good. Andrew is a great baby. He is just the sweetest thing. He really does not cry unless he is getting a bath, has a dirty diaper it is gassy. Mom has been a huge help and she and Andrew are getting to be good friends as they stay up late and watch Jay Leno together. He loves to listen to her talk. We went to see Dr. Dudgen for our 1 week check up. He basically said he was perfect, and I am pretty sure that he thinks he is the cutest baby he has ever seen. Mom left us for the weekend so Bo and I did it by ourselves. No problem... so far. We had the first of what I hope will be many family breakfasts together on Saturday morning. Eggs and Bacon for us and Enfamil for Andrew. I know that one day I will stop crying over him... but not yet. I still can't believe he is ours!

Welcome Home~

Can you believe they just let you take a baby home from the hospital with out giving you any sort of quiz or test? Nothing. We didn't even have to sign anything that said "we promise to do our best with this kid". Bo and I laughed about it on the way home. We are both pretty smart, but have absolutely no idea what we are getting in to. So our first day home was good. Bo had to go back to work, so my mom came over and stayed with me through Friday afternoon. It was so great having her there. (THANKS MOM!!) She kept me calm and even made a HUGE dinner for all of Bo's family on Thursday night. A special night for Andrew. He got to meet all his cousins, aunts and granddaddy. We missed you grandmama, but will see you after Christmas.

A note to Dad,from Andrew
Home Sweet Home


Lots of Visitors!

We had so many wonderful friends and family come by and visit us while we were in the hospital. Thank you all for taking the time to come and meet Andrew. Here are just a few that stopped by...

Brad Hollis Jim Crowder

Egg, Emily and KK
Ashley, Natalie and Mandy
Casey Bentley


December 8th, 2008

The day that changed my life. All of my friends told me about this day. I knew it was coming and had many different feelings about it. Bo and I spent the weekend before Andrew was born doing some of the things that we love to do. We went to the movies, ate at Outback, made a big breakfast on Saturday morning and basically spent time with eachother. We prayed together, laughed together and cried (just me- not Bo). It was hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that in a couple of days it just wouldn't be the 2 of us anymore. We have been together for 10 years and it is so strange to not know what to expect out of the next 10 years.
So on the morning of 12/8, we got up at 5:00 and went to Brookwood. About 7 hours later, the (2nd) man of my dreams entered our world. I thought he was a giant when they held him up to show him to me. He had a massive cone head too, poor thing! That was the moment I felt truly overwhelmed with God's love. How could he choose us to give us this precious gift? We were blessed to be able to share this day with our family who were all anxious to meet the famous "chicken leg". They all were in love with him too. We finally began to discuss names LATE that night and decided on Andrew Monroe the following morning. Andrew- just because I liked it and Monroe- after my maternal grandparents. What a wonderful day.

First Family Photo

Proud Daddy

Proud Mom


The final shot

This is the last picture before Andrew was born. There is an 8lb baby in there!!

This is what 9 months of eating cheeseburgers will do to you.

The Last 9 Months...

We found out on April 13th that I was pregnant. I had a great pregnancy. No sickness (thank goodness). I felt great throughout the whole time. We did a lot of fun things too. We went to the Masters in Augusta. It was so much fun. (We actually went the week before I found out I was prego) That explains why I couldn't eat the egg salad sandwiches. But I did manage to put a way a couple of moon pies and some pimento cheese sandwiches. We took our sweet nephew to Talladega for the spring race. I had never been and I would definitely go again. An eye opening experience for sure! We went to several concerts...Foo Fighters, Allison Krauss & Robert Plant, 3 DMB shows in Wisconsin, Atlanta and Charleston. All were great trips! I went to the beach with my U.G.R.S. girls in April and again with my family in June. Memorial weekend, we went to New Jersey to visit Bo's Dad and Step-Mom. It was much nicer than I imagined. Lots of farmland. We spent a day in Philadelphia and drive to Delaware, took a ferry and ended up in Washington DC where we all went to see the National's play. It was a cool stadium. July was a busy month. We drove to Charleston for the weekend of the 4th where we met up with Matt Nowell and Jared Barlay for a DMB concert. Our first of the year. It was a a minor league ball park and we had pretty decent seats considering the venue. The show was great though. Always a good time. We drove to Atlanta to catch our 2nd show on Monday the 7th. We go to hang out with our friends David and Kimberly from church too. The last week of July, I flew out to Dallas to visit with my grandparents. Mom, Mij and 2 of my nieces- Hannah & Alyssa all met me out there. It was a fun week. We shopped and bought fabric for the baby's room. Our last big trip of this year was in August and it was to Chicago. The weather in Chicago was wonderful! We took a boat ride on the river, ate at Gibson's and the next day drive to Wisconsin for the DMB Alpine show. One of the coolest amphitheaters we have been to. It was HUGE. We also had really great seats, so that always makes the show better. After that, the only traveling we did was to Auburn games. Bo went to all the games. I made it to the first 7, then took a break. I did get to go to the Georgia game, which was the one game I thought I might miss because of the baby. Bo was even able to to the Iron Bowl. It was the weekend before my due date. I think chicken leg knew how much it meant to us and decided not to come early.