Long overdue- WELCOME HOME LILY!!

Our wonderful friends Greg and Holley Dickinson had a little girl in late September. She was born at 23 weeks and weighed a little over a pound. With so many prayers finally answered, Lily got to go home on January 16th. We know you guys are blown away by the awesome power of prayer. Welcome home Lily. Andrew can't wait to meet you!

More basketball

Saturday Kentucky played Aabama in Tuscaloosa. UK won 61-51. Bo and I were able to go thanks to Bo's mom and My dad who babysat Andrew. It was fun to go and watch a great game. The Cats pulled away at the end.
Jodie Meeks- it was good for 2 points

Our little UK family!

Tummy Time

Andrew is not a huge fan of tummy time. That is because he has to do it when no one is holding him. (Spoiled already. oops!) We had him down on his mat this weekend. I noticed he was being quiet and realized that he had fallen asleep. Next thing I know, he is sleeping with his buns in the air. He is usually flat with his frog legs to either side. I just thought this was a funny picture of him.

The most beatuiful words...

The other night after Bo and I ate dinner, it was time to feed Andrew. Bo usually feeds him at night. I had the bottle all ready and asked him~ "Do you want to feed Andrew?" "No" he replied. No? NO? Are you kidding me? How could he say No? I was standing there looking puzzled and he finished the sentence with "I thought I would wash his bottles." (I could have sworn I heard the Hallelujah chorus playing as the angels danced around the sink) Those were the 7 most beautiful words I have heard him say since Andrew was born. I HATE washing bottles. Can I get an "AMEN" from all my bottle feeding mamas out there? It is never ending. I have to say that Bo is a great dad and helps out with everything. and does it willingly with a smile, like in the above picture. Thanks Baby! I love you!!!


Poop Diary: Part 2

This is what Bo looks like every time he changes a poopy diaper. I am not complaining. At least he changes them!

Well I spoke too soon. After our 3 wonderful days of pooping, he quit. Gave up! So I was going to talk to the doctor this morning about what we needed to do for him to get him going again. So we are in there this morning and I was taking his diaper off to put him on the scale and he started going! I guess I should have been embarased, but I was cheering him on. This was great. Poop on day 3 was great. When he stopped, I cleaned him up and lifted him up to the scale. With one hand on his head & neck and the other on his bottom. Then it happened... He pooped in my hand! I got a whole hand full. HA! Bo was totally grossed out by this. I had always heard that once you become a mom, you don't get grossed out by certain things. This was one of them. I was just happy he pooped. I didn't care it was in my hand. I definately don't want to go around catching his poop all the time, but after 2 days, I really didn't mind.

6 weeks old!!

After his shots.

Andrew, Bo & Bill ~ Courtside at his 1st basketball game.

Seriously, 6 weeks? I can't believe it. As I sit here typing with my little guy asleep in my lap, I am trying to remember the last 6 weeks. What a blur. Good thing I have this blog to remind me of what all has gone on. This has been a big week for us. Andrew started to sleep in his crib instead of the bassinet by our bed. Thank goodness for the video monitor! He started out with 1/2 a night on Monday and did the entire night Tuesday and Wednesday. We are so proud. I love to watch him sleep. So sweet. Last night we took him to Tuscaloosa to watch the Ole Miss/Alabama basketball game. Of course for his first sporting event, we had front row seats right behind Ole Miss's bench. Spoiled already! Better get used to it if he is going to games with his dad. He is always getting good seats. He did great. The noise and lights did not phase him. He was awake for most of the game then got bored with it and went SOUND asleep.
He had to go to the Doctor this morning to get his first round of shots. I was so worried. We had to wait about 30 minutes to see the doctor, then after his routine check up we had to wait about another 10 minutes for the shot lady to come in. I was crying just thinking about it. Not to mention you can hear other kids screaming when they get their shots. Our little man did great! He did cry when they stuck him, but after it was over, I picked him up and he was fine. He slept most of the day today and has not been too fussy. He was in the 90th percentile for his length at a whopping 24 inches. He weighed 9lbs and 9 ounces.
He has been smiling alot this week. He is really happy in the mornings and coos and gurgles and smiles when we talk to him. It melts my heart! Everyday I am blown away by what a miracle he is. I pray to God all the time thanking him for this precious gift he gave to Bo and I.
This may sound crazy, but I think my favorite time with him is around 4AM when it is just the 2 of us in his room. With just a night light on, I give him a bottle and he looks at me with his big blue eyes. We hear the train go by and sometimes I sing to him. I rock him for a little while and he always lays on my chest and wraps his arms around me like he is giving me a hug. I know it will be wonderful one day when he can actually run up to me and throw his arms around me, but I am not wishing for that day. I love each and every moment I have with him and cherish each day I get to spend with him. He will be grown before I know it so I am enjoying every minute of him being a baby.


Poop Diary

I never imagined that I could be so excited about poop! Over the last couple of weeks Andrew has not been...very regular. I have had to give him some prune juice so he could go. I am happy to report that he has pooped (on his own) for the last 3 days. I am so proud. YEAH!! I have also come to the realization that my life and priorities have completely changed, but we couldn't be happier.

War Eagle!! Beat Bama!!

Saturday was the Auburn/Alabama basketball game in Auburn. Bo, Jim and I went down for the game. We ate at Buffalo Connection (YUM!) and the fellas even allowed me to do about 30 minutes of shopping on College Street. Auburn won 85-71! Yeah!! It was a fun afternoon. Andrew stayed with his Mimi and Papa.
My boys.

Andrew's reaction after Bo told him that we whipped the Tide.


1st Offical "Play Date"

Andrew and I were invited to my friend Emily's house for a play date with her kids, William & Edward, on Friday. It was so nice to get out of the house and have somewhere fun to go and hang out! We were joined by Brooke & Sawyer, and our famous friend, Kristin. (She was on "That's Clever" on HGTV earlier that morning and did a fantastic job!!) All the kids were great. Andrew, Edward and Sawyer are only a couple of months apart. They will be growing up together at our church. They all ate at the same time and all slept at the same time too. It was a fun morning/afternoon and I hope we get to do it again. Thanks Emily!
William was relaxing in Edward's bouncey seat.

Sweet Sawyer.

Sawyer, William, Edward......& Andrew.
(Andrew can't really sit up, so he had to be propped up in the corner for the picture.)
Moms with our boys.

Date Night!

Bo gave me tickets to see Celine Dion for Christmas. The concert was last Thursday night. It was GREAT!! We left Andrew in very capable hands with his Maw and Nonna. (Our friend Bill's Mom and Grandmother). They all had fun. Andrew was spoiled for hours. I don't think they ever put him down. He was so sleepy when we picked him up. He did not wake up when we put him in his car seat or got him out of it once we got home. Andrew woke up and wanted to go back to their house to play! Maybe one day soon he can do it again. Thanks Maw and Nonna! We love you!!
Andrew and Maw
Big Date!


A Different kind of Tag

I like this tag because it is simple and you do not have to answer a lot of questions.Here is what you do:Go to your photos saved on your computer. Click on the 4th album and then choose the 4th picture as is and describe it. No editing!
This is a picture of Me, Rebecca King(prego with baby Cooper), Jennifer Routson, Mandy May Allen and sweet Ella Allen in Jordan Hare at half time of some game this past year. I don't remember which game it was, but it was WICKED hot! I remember I almost passed out walking up to the free food. If it were not for the free cookies calling my name, I never would have made it. Aahh the joys of being pregnant! Love all of you girls!! U.G.R.S. 4-eva.

Now I tag:
Amy Stapler
Wendy West
Emily Mann

5 week update

Mr. Andrew is 5 weeks old now. He is still the sweetest thing in the whole world! We went to see Dr. Tamucci for my check up this week and she got to see Andrew again. We had to go back to Greenvale to have his PKU screening done again on Tuesday. They had to prick his heel and it was AWFUL. Poor thing slept all afternoon because he was so worn out. Andrew and Bo watched the UK basketball game on Tuesday night. Last night he slept ALL night long. He was awake for most of the day yesterday so he must have been exhausted. He went to sleep at about 11 and slept till 5! Way to go Andrew. We are so happy! I fed him at 5 and he woke up again at 7. After his 2nd bottle this morning, he came back to sleep with me for a few minutes. So snuggly! Tonight Bo and I are going on a date to see Celine Dion. We have our first official "play date" scheduled tomorrow. It is more for me to play with my friends because he will probably sleep most of the time. I am going to see some sweet friends from church- Sawyer's mom, Brooke, William & Edward's mom, Emily and Kristin who took Andrew's pictures. We are excited! Can't wait to actually have a reason to get out of the house! See you tomorrow girls (and boys)!
This morning- sleeping in with mom.

Thanks to Randall, Whitney and Elaina for the awesome activity mat! Andrew loves it. He spent hours yesterday looking at everything. Mainly he was checking himself out in the mirror. He is so handsome, he can't get enough.
"Can you believe Jodie Meeks scored 54 points? Go Cats!!"

Andrew and Dr. Tamucci


Fun Sunday

We had a great day on Sunday. We took Andrew to church for the 2nd time. I am getting more used to doing things with him and the amount of planning that goes into it. I hope that one day we will be able to make it on time somewhere. We are getting better though. We had a good lunch at church after the service then went to Gardendale to introduce Andrew to Bo's Grandparents. It was a fun afternoon.
Nanny and Andrew

PaPa and Andrew

My sweet friend, Wendy West and her little boy, Tyler. He was born exactly 1 week before Andrew. They are going to be great friends! I have a feeling that her husband, Josh and Bo are going to kick us out of our seats at Jordan Hare so they can take the boys. Look out Section 38, here come 2 new Tigers.


Andrew was born a HUGE Kentucky Wildcat Basketball fan. It runs in his family. We watched the Cats last weekend loose a heartbreaker to Louisville. It was fun because we could see Bo and his Uncle Paul everytime the players crossed 1/2 court. They were center court about 4 rows up. (Anyone surprised by Bo having great seats?) Anyway, Bo brought home a UK onsie so Andrew wore it on Saturday for the Vandy game. The Cats won and Andrew was so handsome!
Go Big Blue! Go Big Blue!
I say "Go", You say "Cats"

Friday night out

We went to Dave's Pizza in Homewood on Friday with the Stricklands, Crowders and Sellers. It was so much fun! It is so kid friendly and the kids were great entertainment. Not to mention the pizza was really good too. I ran into one of my sorority sisters and her kids (LPB) and Eggie & JJ from MJA. We ended the evening at SoHo Sweets with some gelato and it was also delicious. Not exactly what I needed to help me loose this baby weight, but it was a really good treat.

The "big" kids wanted to rock in Andrew's car seat.
(Don't worry, he wasn't in it!)

Andrew with his 2 favorite chicks~ Ann Rogers and Mary Molloy.

Un-dressed and Dressed Up

Finally, Andrew likes his bath. The first couple of weeks were torture for him, but as you can see, he is pretty laid back in his little hammock enjoying a good soak. Baths really wake him up. He gets a bottle a couple of hours after his bath and is ready for bed.
My sweet, hilarious, friend Natalie gave Andrew this monster costume at one of my showers. She had about 5 costumes for her little girl before she was born. Kids just look so darn cute all dressed up. This was last Thursday night and we pretended he was a Gator and watched the National Championship Game. He loves football and is proud of the SEC. He just hopes at least 9 teams become bowl eligible next year so we can have an SEC team in the PapaJohns.com bowl.
Go Gators! Beat those Sooners!!

Picture day...

So after my friend Kristin left, Andrew and I decide to take a few more pictures. He looks so much like Bo in these pictures. He was in the best mood singing and laughing!
Big Flirt!!


Sweet Baby!!

Posted by PicasaMy sweet friend Kristin Mathis took some pictures of Andrew last week. This is one of them. I think they turned out great. Hopefully we will be getting the birth announcements out soon. Thanks Aunt KK! You are the best. You can visit her website: www.funkyjunkjewelry.com


4 Weeks Old

I can't believe Andrew is already 4 weeks old! It has gone by so fast. He is just so much fun. We went to Dr. Dudgen last week and he had gained 8 ounces and grown 1/2 an inch. Dr. Dudgen said that was fine, but on the low side. We upped the amount of formula we are giving him, so I am sure he will be on track at the next visit which is in a couple of weeks. He is such a good baby. He finally likes his baths. We usually do those at night followed by a bottle then I rock him for a while. My heart melts when he looks at me with those big blue eyes. He is becoming more vocal and will let you know when he is not happy. He also has started to coo sometimes. When he sneezes, he usually does it 3 times, but if the 3rd one does not come out, he just yells. It is so funny. He is not a big fan of getting his diaper changed and hates being wet. He sleeps great. He usually gets up around 3am for his bottle and then again around 6. I take the 3am and Bo takes the 6am. This morning I found them both back asleep in then recliner in his room. It was so cute. Andrew is so happy that Bo is around more now and loves his daddy time in the morning.
4 weeks old!


Andrew is lucky to have some wonderful Grandparents! My mom, step dad, and Bo's mom are all here in town. My Dad is in Atlanta, which is not too far away and Bo's Dad and Stepmom are in New Jersey (but with some prayer and pushing, hopefully will consider retirement close by). Thank you to all of you for your time, and gifts and love that you have shown us. We are excited about being parents and hope that we make you proud!

Granmama and Grandaddy



New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's Eve at the Stricklands. Brandon & Ashley and Danette & Casey joined us and we all had our kids. Mindy made delicious speghetti! I looked just like Jack when I finished my plate. Luckily no one took my picture. Nothing better than starting the new year with the best of friends! Well, we didn't exactly start the new year with everyone because we were at home and in bed by 10:30. Between the bowl game and a newborn, we were both exhausted. Thanks Mindy and Chris for a fun evening!


PapaJohns.com Bowl ~ December 29th

The bowl's third year turned out to be its best to date: the best game by far, with Rutgers rallying in the second half for a 29-23 win; picture-perfect weather for late December, with sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 50s at game time; and a record announced attendance of 38,582.
~ The Birmingham News

I couldn't be more proud of Bo. He has worked so hard over the last year and especially over the last month to make this game a success. I know that he really wanted to be home with us, but those 14 hour days paid off. Congratulations to all involved! I hope that if you have not been to the game, you will go next year. It is proving to be a great event for the city of Birmingham (& it will help us pay for diapers and formula!) It has been pretty hard being a single mom of a newborn for the better part of the day and most nights, but I am happy to say that is over. We have our Dad back!

Andrews 1st Christmas Day

We go to Bo's mom's for Christmas Day to open presents with our neices and nephews. They are 5, 8 & 10, so Christmas is so much fun for them and they can hardly wait for us to get there to open their gifts. They are getting so big! It made me really excited about the years to come. It will be so much fun to teach Andrew about the real meaning of Christmas and sharing the joys of Jesus and it will be fun to get ready for Santa too! Bo had to work that afternoon, so I went back to my mom's to visit with my grandparents.

Christmas Morning
"Please, can we open presents now?"

Andrew's 1st Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!
It's the most wonderful time of the year.....
We had a great Christmas this year. My grandparents from Texas came in town to meet Andrew and help us celebrate the holidays. It was so much fun having them here. (Thanks Gigi and Pops for flying and going through all the trouble to get here. Hopefully it was more fun than the Cotton Bowl trip a couple of years ago!) We always celebrate Christmas Eve at Mom's house. This year was no different. We had a great meal and opened lots of presents. Andrew got his 1st pair of overalls (so cute!) and some toys. Of course, he was the best present we got all year. Bo's friend Bill and his family came over on Christmas Eve to meet Andrew too. We got some pictures of Bo & Andrew with Bill and his son, Bo. Those 4 will be getting into all sorts of trouble over the next couple of years.

Gigi, Mimi & Alyssa

Gigi and Pops with Andrew

Andrew with Gigi

Bo, Alyssa & Andrew

My 4 favorite boys- Bill, Bo, Bo and Andrew