wiggle wobble

Andrew has started to sit up on his own. He is still a bit wobbley, but is doing great. He is also so Wiggley! He will wiggle out of your lap, his car seat his bouncy... We have to really watch him.

Memorial Weekend

(These pictures are out of order...Sorry)
We spent Monday running errands and getting the house put back together. The HIGHlight (literally) of the day, was having lunch with our friends Kristin and Alan. Wheee!!!
Unfortunately, Uncle Alan took a knuckle sandwich to the face. (He was OK)
Happy Memorial Day! Nothing says "Here comes summer" like a weekend on a pontoon boat. Our sweet friends, Jim, Shea & Ann Rogers invited us to go to the lake with them. Unfortunately the forecast didn't cooperate with our plans. We did manage to squeeze in a short boat ride. Most of the day was spent inside playing with friends. Danette, Casey & Addison and Sammy & Charlie joined us.

Watching a movie with his girlfriend Ann Rogers.

Andrew making his "old man face"

Chilly boat ride.

Over the River and Through the Woods...

To Mimi's house I go!!! Here is Andrew on his way to his first spend the night party at Mimi's. He did so good!! Slept all night and was an angel for Mimi & Papa.


Date Night

Monday night was date night. Bo and I went to see Coldplay. They were AMAZING!! It was a really fun show and I am a bigger fan of them now. We knew that show would run late so Andrew spent the night away from us for the first time. He stayed with his Mimi and Papa. He did so good! (So did I) He slept all night long for them too. The next day Mimi decided that she would keep him and put him through her boot camp for sitting up and rolling over (back to tummy). He was exhausted when he got home and slept so hard on Tuesday night too! He is growing and changing every day.
Some sad news… We found out that Andrew’s wonderful, amazing, sweet, loving daycare provider is moving to Atlanta. We are so sad. It was a wonderful place for him to start out. We are so spoiled by the convenience and peace of mind that we had leaving him there. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for us. I am spoiled by not having him in an actual daycare. He has been so healthy! I am so thankful to Mrs. Crystal for that. Speaking of healthy, he went to the Dr. today for his re-check of his ears and he is over his 1st (double) ear infection! Hooray!
Next up… TEETHING. Yikes!


5 Month Update

Seriously, 5 months already? Where did the time go. Next thing I know, he will be asking to borrow the car!
Andrew is growing so fast and learning so much. I walked into his day care this week and this is what I found...
"Mom, you are not going to believe it, but I am finally big enough for the jumpy thing. I have been watching all the other kids do this for 13 weeks now."
" Hey Mom! Look at meeeee!"
I thought, the day that I come in and he is in the jumpy thing, I might cry... I never imagined that the day would come this fast. He is rolling over from tummy to back every time you put him down. He does little baby crunches when he is on his back. He is going to have abs of steel soon. He has found his toes and sucks on them every now and then. He is still sleeping through the night. We had a couple of nights last week with his ear infection when he woke up, but other than that he sleeps from about 9:30-6:00. He is so good in the mornings and plays while we get ready. He loves Mrs. Crystal, who is the lady who keeps him. (WE LOVE HER TOO!!) He enjoys going on walks in his stroller with mom and dad after work. He likes to be outside and is noticing everything. There is a spot somewhere on his ribs where he is ticklish and laughs so hard if you find it. He smiles all the time and it simply melts my heart! He is wearing 6-9 month clothes and weighs in at approx. 17lbs. He likes to look at books and his favorite this would be his exer-saucer. He is entertained the whole time he is in it. We are on the lookout for some teeth some time soon. He is gnawing on things all the time and loves to have his fingers in his mouth.
We are so blessed every day by this little miracle! I must admit, I never thought that I was capable of loving someone as much as I love him. Andrew, you continue to amaze me and melt my heart.
As you know, 5 months also brought our first actual (unscheduled) visit to the pediatrician. Here he is taking his medicine. I wish I would have invented that little gizmo. He is a trooper. He as not acted like he felt bad one minute. 3 more days of antibiotics. Hopefully he will be all better next week. So far, so fun!


My 1st Official Mother's Day

This past weekend was nice. We had some good, quality family time. You can't beat that! Friday, I came home to a wonderful husband who had gone shopping for me and bought me several things for Mother's day. He is so thoughtful! Saturday, we had lunch with my mom (see post below) and did some other shopping too. Sunday, we went to church and spent the day with Bo's side of our family. Somehow, I missed my Sunday nap, but other that that it was a great weekend. The other sad thing was that I didn't get one single picture of me and Andrew this weekend!

He is now rolling over constantly. It was so hard for me to get this shot because everytime I would put him down to get the camera, he would flip over before I could even get ready. He is getting so big and is just so much fun every day.



Happy Mothers Day

Today we took my mom out to lunch for Mother's day. We had a great lunch at the Village Tavern. Andrew is great when we go out to eat. He plays for a while with everyone then he is so good sitting in his car seat while we eat. Happy Mother's Day, Mom. You have taught me so much about being a good mom. I love you and I am so happy that Andrew has such a wonderful Mimi!

" Happy Mimi's Day!!"

What's up Doc?

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I have been amazed that Andrew has not been sick once in his whole life. It took 5 months exactly- 5/8/09.
So the story goes like this...
We went to the doctor a week after his 4 month check up because he was not finishing his bottles and he ALWAYS finishes his bottles. I was worried that he might have an ear infection. So after calling and speaking to the nurse and telling her about all of his "symptoms" she convinced me to come in because it "sounds like an ear infection". So we did. Turns out that he just wasn't hungry! He had gained 1 pound in 1 week. Dr. Dudgen sort of laughed when I told him that he was eating 7 ounces, 6 times a day. He was definitely getting enough!
So we have now gone to 5 bottles a day and he has been doing great. Thursday, he was a little congested and had a cough. Friday morning he was very stuffed up, but felt great ~ laughing, talking, playing etc. I thought I would make an appointment just in case. My mom picked him up from his day care and said that he was in the best mood and was so happy. I thought about cancelling the appointment but I didn't. Good thing! Diagnosis: DOUBLE EAR INFECTION.


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Saturday night we decided to go to the Barron's game. We met a couple of friends from church there. Andrew got to play with his friend Sawyer who is several weeks older than him. It was a fun night. He really enjoyed it for about 5 innings, then we were all ready to go home. Maybe next time we will make it for the fireworks.
On our way to the game!! Oh Boy!!
Andrew & Sawyer

Catching up with old friends... and new!

This past weekend we finally go to meet the newest member of the Dickinson family~Lily Cate! She was due one month after Andrew, but just couldn't wait so she decided to come on into the world last September. She had us all pretty worried for a while. But she is a fighter and quite the determined child. With hundreds and hundreds of people praying for her daily, Lily overcame every obstacle in her path and made it out of the NICU and finally made it home. It was an honor to meet you sweet Lily! We were so glad to catch up with Greg and Holley and Thomas. Lily, we are so proud of you and can't wait to play with you again soon. Hopefully we will meet up in Auburn this fall!

Silly girl!
Lily & Andrew
"Why do they call you Graug?"

The Kerrs & Lily

Photo Shoot

These are some of the pictures from Andrew's 3 month photo shoot. He is growing so fast! I thought they turned out great. We used Blink Photography. http://www.theblinklady.com/ Enjoy!