First tooth!

I got to have lunch with Andrew last Friday (6/26) and he grabbed my finger and started chewing on it and there it was! His first tooth has broken the skin. (Hopefully this explains why he got up at least once every night that week!) It one of the ones on the bottom. I have to admit, I cried a little. How can he be growing up at warp speed? I will try to get a picture of it soon.


Lazy day at the Lake

We spent this past Saturday on Lake Logan Martin. (Thanks Mandy & Gary!!) It was so much fun. It was a beautiful day and lots of fun catching up with some of my sorority sisters and their families~ The Allens, The Baldwins, The Kings, & The Berrys. Andrew did great. He was having so much fun, he forgot to take a nap and CRASHED at about 8:00. He was asleep before we were out of the driveway. He is a trooper though. We have him on the go all the time and he does not seem to mind.

Sweet Cooper King. He is about 3 weeks younger than Andrew.

Check me out!
The boys chillin in the shade

Andrew and Mom splashing in the pool. (Love those cheeks!)

Visit from Jenny

Do you have that friend that you can go months or years without seeing, but the moment you are together again, it seems like you haven't missed a beat? Jenny is that kind of friend. I am so blessed by her friendship. I look up to her and admire her in so many ways. We have been friends since college and she was my matron of honor at our wedding. She came in town to show some cool jewelry she she is selling. Check it out at http://www.stelladot.com/sites/jps
As you can tell, Andrew loved this necklace!


Happy Father's Day!!!

Andrew is so blessed to have a WONDERFUL dad. I couldn't ask for a better man to lead our family and to be a role model for Andrew. (Not to mention he looks more and more like Bo every single day!) We had a great, lazy weekend. Bo went to City Stages (for the last time~ever) with some friends and I got some quality time in at the pool. Here are some highlights from the day.
Good Morning Dad!

Andrew's very 1st art project~Displayed proudly on the front of the fridge!

His big boy back pack ready for church!

mmmm Sweet Potatoes!

Trying the sippy cup for the first time.

Turtle Pool

I think it is mandatory that every baby has a little swimming pool for the summer. Andrew's happens to be a big turtle. We put him in it this past weekend and he really liked splashing around in it. I can't wait to take him up to the big pool. It has just been too hot to get him up there. I am sure that we will be spending many afternoon splashing in this turtle!



After a visit to the pediatrician on Saturday, we confirmed that nothing was wrong with Andrew. He still has a little bit of a cough. The doctor said that it looked like he may have a sore throat, but his ears are clear and his fever is gone! Now he just has a bit of a cough and the occasional sneeze. I am sure that this is NOT because he started a new day care last week. We will miss Mrs. Crystal so much! He was NEVER sick there. He is now at a day care that is very convenient to our house and his first week went pretty well. Hopefully he will adjust to their schedule a little more this week.


103.4- No, Not A Radio Station...

This was Andrew's temperature this morning at 1:30AM. He was burning up! I had to call the after hours # for the pediatrician. They said that as long as it does not go up to 105, to just give him Tylenol and check on him to make sure that he does not have any additional symptoms.

This was so scary!! If he felt bad, he sure did not act like it. He did get to sleep with mom and dad for the rest of the night, mainly so I could keep watch on him. Hopefully he will be better today.

Andrew's Weekend with Mimi & Papa

Thursday the poor little guy was not happy all day. He had gotten his shots the day before and I think they made him feel crumby all day long. Good thing that he had a Mimi there to hold him all day and spoil him! Friday, he was like a new man. He had a good day and even made a trip to Target! Saturday he took a road trip to Atlanta to see his Cousin Hannah’s dance recital. He thought that she was a beautiful ballerina. He got to see Uncle Tyler, Aunt Elizabeth and PawPaw too! What a fun trip. It was also his first ride in his big boy car seat that Mimi has now. He is getting so big. Sunday, he went to church with Mimi and Papa and stayed in the nursery for 2 hours. He did great and played himself right to sleep! Then he went out to lunch at the Bright Star to celebrate Aunt Tammy’s Birthday. He met us Sunday afternoon and was so sweet and I think he was glad to see us. Thanks Mimi & Papa for allowing us to be able to take the trip to Boston. We had such a wonderful time and didn’t worry about Andrew at all… OK, maybe just a little. We are so thankful to have family close by so Andrew can see them often.

Beautiful Ballerina


Uncle Tyler

Aunt Tarra at Hunter Street



Bo and I planned this vacation before we had Andrew. Neither of us knew how hard it would be to leave him or how much we would miss him. He had a great weekend with his Mimi & Papa (see other post). We had so much fun too. It has been almost a year since we went anywhere together and we loved it. We left Birmingham EARLY Thursday morning. We got to Boston that afternoon and checked into our hotel then went out on the town. We ate a delicious early diner then it was off to Fenway for the Yankees/Red Sox game. Fenway is such an old classic ballpark. I like baseball, but usually I need to be entertained by some silly mascot, trivia, games, etc... You know, like they do at Turner Field in Atlanta. Usually there is so much else going on, you don't even need the game. Not at Fenway. Baseball is about all you are going to get. Good thing it was a really great game. It poured down rain, but we were in covered seats. The fans were great and so into the game. It was such a fun experience. The Red Sox Won~Swept the Yankees. (See video at the very bottom...)

Big Papi after hitting a home run! We all started chanting Papi, Papi, Papi...

Outside the park (Sorry this is out of order)

Yummy "Fenway Frank"
They also sell Clam Chowder at the game, but there is something weird about eating soup at a baseball game. MAYBE if they served it in a mini helmet, I might give it a try...

We took a Trolley Tour of Boston on Friday. It was an overcast morning as you can tell, but we got to see a lot of really great places. Lots of history.

Lunch at Ye Old Union Oyster House. The oldest restaurant in America! I think Paul Revere ate here. Cool huh?

Cheers!~ Which is not really Cheers, but they have a ton of merchandise from the TV show and they sort of made one of the rooms kind of look like the TV set.
P.S. No one knew our name.

Saturday we drove to Cooperstown and went to the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was a pretty drive in upstate New York, but I sure am glad I don't live there.
Bo in the Dodger Locker

I think I look pretty good on a baseball card...Don't you?

Best hamburger in America... Hands Down.

Saturday night we saw Dave Matthews Band at Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center. Again. Amazing.

This was the sweet face that we got to come home to on Sunday! We were so happy to see each other.

Classic Fenway Park


6 Month Update

We took Andrew to Dr. Dudgen last week for his 6 month check up. (No, I can't believe that he is already 6 months old!!) He did great. He is 18pounds 5 ounces, and 27.5 inches. His head is a little small, but Dr. D doesn't' seem too concerned about it. He got 4 shots and was very brave and only cried for a minute. He continues to amaze us. He is the sweetest, most easy going child! He still loves to watch Praise Baby and Mickey Mouse, He plays in his exersauser, tigger jumper and rocks out with the step and play piano (thanks to the Wallace's for this!) He has started some real food this week- bananas. Slowly but surely he is catching on. He still has big beautiful blue eyes and RED hair! (We will buy stock in sunscreen!!) His smile melts my heart.


Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog!

While I was at the beach a couple of weekends ago, Andrew discovered the Disney Channel. We have not been big on putting Andrew in front of the TV, other than to watch his Praise Baby DVD's. But he discovered Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse. Andrew LOVES it! It is so cute to watch him. So all this week, he has been watching it. I have been late to work twice because I was curious to find out what the mystery picture was going to be and what Mouse-ka-tool we had to use to help Mickey and the gang. I am a sucker for Donald. He always makes me laugh. It reminds me of my dad because he would always talk like Donald when I was little. I find myself singing M-I-C-K-E-Y---M-O-U-S-E...during the day. Bo was singing the Handy Manny song the other day..."You break it, we fix it..." So I guess this is another step in parenthood. Lets just hope he never discovers BARNEY!

A Perfect Summer Weekend

We had a fun weekend with friends! Our sweet friends Chris & Mindy had a bunch of us over for dinner on Friday night. They have a great backyard and all the kids were running and playing and they even had a blow up jumpy. Andrew took a couple of rides down the slide too! He really liked it. As always, it was a fun night. We were all there to see our friend Alison, who was in town from San Francisco. We miss her so much! It was a great excuse for a party.
Saturday morning Andrew and I went to Ross Bridge to the Farmer's market. I was a little nervous when we arrived because everything I saw was for dogs! (Side Bar- I don't do dogs. They make me sneeze!) We were at the Bark-et Market, on the other side was the Farmer's market. It was a beautiful morning. I bought some homemade sourdough bread and some Alabama honey. Then I got the bargain of all bargains~ a slice of watermelon for $1. And when I say "slice" I mean about 1/4 of a watermelon. Doesn't that just scream "Summer time is here!"? So I had them split in 1/2 for me so I could take Bo the other 1/2. Would you believe that he doesn't like watermelon? Don't get me wrong, It isn't my favorite, but you just can't beat a juicy watermelon right out of the rind. We had one of our sweet teens from church come over to babysit Andrew during the day so we could see and early movie and go to dinner. It was a fun afternoon date. He did great with his babysitter, KK. She is such a sweetie!
Sunday was a big day! Andrew went to the nursery at church for the first time. We went to Sunday school for the first time in 6 months too. It was great to be back. Andrew did so good in the nursery. He was there for about 2.5 hours. We were not even out of the parking lot before he was SOUND asleep! He was worn out!! Sunday after church, I got some "me" time and was able to spend a couple of hours at the pool. My sweet husband joined a neighborhood pool for the summer. I am so excited about it and look forward to many afternoons there.


First bite of food

"What? This doesn't taste like a cheeseburger!!"
"Wipe that smile off your face Mom! You try it!"


Rice Cereal

We have been waiting to try rice cereal until Andrew was 6 months old. He has not been eating very well the last couple of days and we thought that it would be a good time to try something new. As you can tell, Bo & I were more excited about this than he was. He was not too sure about this "rice mush" but I hope that he will soon get the hang of it and then we can move on to delicious fruits and veggies. What a fun milestone!



Busy, Busy, Busy

Where do the days go? We seem to be so busy every day. After work, I come home and usually have about 3 hours with Andrew before he goes to bed. He is growing up so much every day. He is getting better at sitting up by himself. He is making different noises and squeeks and squeals ALL THE TIME! It is so funny. I love to watch him learn. I can almost see his brain working sometimes. Today he was after the remote and I tried to hide it behind something, but he knew where it was and kept reaching for it. I distracted him for a minute and then he was right back on the other side grasping for the remote. Just like a man!
Practicing sitting up.
Clean little frogy.
Watching the DMB concert last night with Daddy.
Last night was the first night that he stayed up from the time we got home from work until about 9:00. He usually takes a small nap for about 20-30 minutes. I am not saying that it had anything to do with the new DMB album release concert that we were watching, but he sure seemed to enjoy it.

UGRS Beach Trip

This is one of my most favorite weekends of the whole year. There are 9 UGRS and 7 of us made the trip this year. There is a little debate of how many years we have been doing this. It is somewhere between 9 and 11 years. I know that we will be doing it for at least another 9 or 11 too. It is fun to get away and catch up and relax with some of my favorite girls. We did have one scary incident on the way down when Natalie, Mandy & I were trapped in a gas station in Georgiana during a storm and the power went out and it was pitch black. We couldn't even open the door because the wind was blowing so hard.
Also, when we checked in to our condo, it was infested with fleas!!! They didn't have any other units, so after some searching, they ended up putting us up in one of the owner's of the complex's units. VERY NICE! It was worth it! The weather was wonderful on Friday and Saturday. We spent our time on the beach and at the pool. No sunburns for any of us, thank goodness! We ate at Vin-tij and Stinky's. Both were excellent! Looking forward to next year already.
Bo kept Andrew all weekend, with the exception of a couple of hours on Saturday while he played golf. They both did great. I missed them so much. It was my first time to be away from Andrew. I knew that he was in good hands so it made it easy. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband!! Thanks for taking care of things while I was gone. I love you!
Mandy, Me & Nicole (MWB)
Laura, Natalie (& baby Baldwin) Jenn & Leighton