Friday Night Date

Don't you just love those nights when you can just throw on something comfortable and eat a frozen pizza with the one you love? I do, and that is just what my date and I did tonight. We also took a quick trip up to Ross Bridge Park to swing. It was a nice evening to get outside.
"Hey Mom, give me that camera!!"
"Why can't I have some pizza? I have 2 teeth!"
(How am I going to say "NO" to those pretty blue eyes?)

God Bless the Auburn Tigers!

We have had the privilege for the past 4 or 5 years of attending a fundraiser for Chette Williams and the Auburn Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Each year it blows me away and makes me so proud to be an Auburn Tiger. Some of the players get up and give their testimony or explain what Auburn's FCA staff means to them and how they have helped change their life. Coach Chizik also spoke about what it means to be an "Auburn Man". He talked about what they are teaching the players off the field to prepare them for life. I am grateful we are able to participate and contribute to a great cause. It is voluntary for the players to come, but this year 83 football players made the trip. Please keep these players and coaches in your prayers!
Coach Chizik
Former Auburn Tiger and current Miami Dolphin, Reggie Torbor.


Whitney's 1st visit to the Zoo!!

So I know the title of this blog is "All About Andrew", but for one day it was all about me (even though it was Bo's birthday)! Saturday was probably one of the most beautiful days we have had in a long time. It is rare that you can step foot outside in Alabama in July without breaking a sweat. Last weekend was perfect. 80's and NO humidity. What could we do on this beautiful day? GO TO THE ZOO! I have lived here for almost 15 years and NEVER been to the Zoo. I've been missing out, I thought that it was pretty good. We had so much fun and Andrew did too. He loved looking at the animals (& people)and liked the train too. I am sure that we will be going again, especially as he gets older. He did growl the whole time. It was pretty funny!

Andrew with the kangaroos

Checking out some birds.
My Monkeys

"Hey Mom, not so close to the alligator!"

Choo Choo!!
Seriously large Hippo

Even bigger Rhino

Andrew and the Bengal Tiger
Our First Trip to the Zoo!
What a great day!
We ended the day by celebrating Bo's birthday with our friends Kristin & Alan. We had a delicious dinner.

Move Over Harry Connick Jr.

This is one of Andrew's favorite toys! We got it from our sweet friends, Stephen and Carrie. It lights up and plays music when he plays the keys or steps on the keys. He thinks it is so much fun .


Nose Dive

If all the drama from last weekend wasn't enough, Andrew took a dive off the couch. I know, I know "It won't be the last time" as everyone has told me. But the first time is pretty scary for all involved. He was pretty tough and only cried for a little while. At first it was red and bruised, then it turned into a little rug burn. He is a trooper!

New Discoveries

"Help! Someone get me out of here!!"
This morning I was watching him in his pack-n-play rolling a ball. He would get so excited when it would roll back to him. He will hold it and move it from one hand to the other and watch with amazement. Bo said one morning, he was just staring at his hands. I wonder what he was thinking. I believe he realized that they were actually more useful than for just chewing on.

One major requirement for Andrew to move up to the next class is that he can hold his own bottle. As you can see, he can do it! Sometimes he just plays with it, but he is really getting good at holding it. What a big accomplishment. The next time that have a promotion, he will be moving up. Stay tuned. I am prepping his cap and gown now. I can see him learning new things right before my eyes! I love it. This morning I was watching him in his pack-n-play rolling a ball. He would get so excited when it would roll back to him. He will hold it and move it from one hand to the other and watch with amazement. Bo said one morning, he was just staring at his hands. I wonder what he was thinking. I believe he realized that they were actually more useful than for just chewing on. Way to go Andrew! Keep on growing sweet baby!



So I guess every parent will endure it sooner or later. This just happened to be our weekend to tackle a stomach virus and MRSA. Here is a little background…We started him on food about a month ago and have been slowly going through the 1st foods. He tried peaches for the first time and had a small breakout on his face and his left side. No big deal, we have some cream to put on it and it cleared up. 2 days later what looked like a tiny pimple had turned into a redish/purple swollen spot. We took him to the doctor on Friday and he diagnosed him with a staph infection. He had to drain it. (I will spare you the gory details here) He was prescribed an oral antibiotic as well as a topical antibiotic. He refused the oral antibiotic. We tried everything, putting in a bottle, putting it in food, using a dropper to put it in his cheek… nothing worked AND he began to vomit! So Saturday we went back to the doctor for a shot, more draining and a new prescription. Again trying everything to get him to take it, but no real luck. I think waterboarding may have been more comfortable for him. We finally made a little cocktail of pedialite and the antibiotic and put it in his bottle and he has taken it like a champ. For the most part, he has been happy all weekend. There were some moments on Friday when he just felt awful, but once the medicine started working, he was feeling good. Bo and I were a great team, changing diapers and washing clothes all weekend! Thanks to Mimi who helped on Saturday and kept him at home on Monday. He was definitely spoiled and I am sure that made him feel better.


7 Month Update

Andrew is doing great. He is getting used to his new school and especially loves Ms. Becky. Every afternoon she is loving on him. Soon he will be going to the Infant 2 class. He has had applesauce, bananas, sweet potatoes squash, peaches & carrots. Sweet potatoes are definitely his favorite. We put him in his high chair for the first time last week. He really likes it and loves to see what all we are doing. It gives him a good perspective of the room. He is rolling left and right from back to front. He sits up great and will stay sitting for a long time. He has started blabbering more. ma-ma-ma-ma was the best thing he said his whole life, but mainly only says it when he is fussy or crying. I will take it anytime. It is so sweet! He still says "HI" every now and then. We are now working on teaching him da-da-da-da. He is wearing 9 month clothes. He weighs a little over 18 lbs. He has one tooth and the second one broke the skin last week so it will be catching up soon. He squeaks and squeals and laughs a lot. He is such a happy kid! He loves bath time and I think he could stay in the tub for hours if we let him. He still sleeps all night long. His favorite toys: step & play piano, Elmo remote control and anything else he can put in his mouth. He is starting to look more like a little boy and less like a baby.
So we are passed the 1/2 way point in his first year, and I have to say that this is going a whole lot better than I expected. I guess I though it was going to be sleepless nights, crying and not being able to do anything anymore. It is quite the opposite. We are so blessed to be parents to a little angel. We love you Andrew!


Trust me

Bottom, center, right. The First tooth! The second one is making its way out now too.

4th of July!

We had a great extended weekend in Gulf Shores with Bill & Kenna and their family. Andrew did great the whole time! He was super in the car. Road trips have definitely changed for Bo and I. The car was much fuller than it usually is with Andrew's bouncy and bumbo and all of his gear. But we managed to pack everything we needed (and many things we didn't!) We have several other trips planned for the summer so this was a good trial run.
" Check out my new car seat. I am ready for the road trip!"

"Love the pool!!"

First time on the beach. (Right after this picture, he fell face first into the sand)

" Hey Baby"

Maw has the magic touch!

Andrew & Ella~ too cute!

Andrew & Bo.
Bo turned 1 on July 4th! They are really going to be trouble next year!

Ella, Andrew & Sarah

Kerr Family Photo

The Entire Gang
Blake, Meg, Cathy, Bobby, Matt, Sally, Hannah Kate, Jami (& baby to be Kellum),
Michael, Me, Andrew, Bo, Kenna Bill, Ella, Sarah, Bo, Maw
Flying high on the beach!


Swinging! We went to the Wallace's birthday party last weekend and Andrew got to try out swinging for the first time. He loved it! As you can see from the picture, he was just relaxed and enjoying the breeze!