I'm Back

Sorry I have taken about a month off. Our computer is still dead and it is hared to find the time to post. I have to take my pictures and have them put on a CD then upload them to the blog. I can't believe that I am that lazy, but i am so used to just getting them right off my computer. Anyway, I have added a couple of new posts and will probably be slow to add new things until we get our computer fixed. I am having to transfer all our music to flash drives so it is taking a while before we can even take to to the doctor. Also, on a sad note. I think I am going to loose several videos of Andrew. They are too big to save because the computer crashes every time I try to transfer it to a flash. Oh well, life goes on! Enjoy reading about what we've been up to!


Trip to Texas!!!

Traveling with a baby can be stressful. I think that planning is the key to making our lives a little less stressful. So as you can imagine, LOTS of planning went into Andrew's first airplane trip. My day started by waiting in line for over 4 hours at the Jefferson county court house to get the tag for my new car. (Yes, I said 4 hours!! and I got there at 6:30AM) People started lining up before 5. But that gave me the rest of the day to get everything packed and ready to go by 4:00.

The line at the court house.

We love living in Birmingham, and more importantly, we love traveling from Birmingham. It has to be the easiest airport to get in and out of. We made it from our house, to McDonald's, parked, checked our bags, and made it through security in less than an hour! Now what? We had an hour delay due to a MAJOR thunderstorm.

Andrew with his boarding pass.

Hmm... What gate are we departing from?

So what are we going to do? We now had 2 hours to kill. Bo and I are used to being the LAST people on the plane because we hate sitting around in the airport. So Andrew watched his movie for a little bit and then had dinner. After that and a couple of walks around the terminal, it was time to board.

This Praise Baby Movie NEVER gets old!

Yummy! Sweet Potatoes on the go

I got something called a Boon Spoon~you pour the baby food into it and it squirts out onto a spoon. Great invention and so nice for traveling!

Andrew on the plane

Of course I was nervous about his first flight. Andrew is a great kid, but you never know what can happen at 30,000 feet. We were able to bring the car seat on board and we strapped him in and he was perfect. He took a bottle on the way up and played peek a boo for about 5 minutes, then read a couple of books, then went sound asleep.

Night, Night sweet boy.

We landed and it was already passed his bedtime, so again, you never know what he will be like.
YOU GUESSED IT. HAPPY! He was waving to everyone in the airport on the way to get the rental car. On the Shuttle to get the car.

So far, the trip had been pretty good, other than the delay. We got a nice town car, got the car seat strapped in and we were off to Gigi & Pops' house!! Then, pow! We had a blow out on the interstate!!! We had to cross 3 lanes of BUSY traffic to get to the shoulder. We called the emergency road side assistance and after several conversations and 2 hours in the 95 degree Texas heat with no air condition because the car wouldn't start, we finally had a tow truck show up. Problem was that he was supposed to be bringing us another car, but didn't get that message. So we all loaded up in his rig and were off to DFW to get another car. Sweet Andrew slept through the whole thing!

Our Car

Sorry this picture is sideways, but this is Andrew in the Tow Truck!

So we finally made it to Gigi and Pops' house and ended up going to bed around 2AM. (Sorry for keeping everyone up so late!)

No rest for the weary! We had an appointment to tour the new Dallas Cowboy's stadium at 9:30 the next morning. This was especially neat because the folks that work for the Cotton Bowl offered to take us around the stadium. My Grandmother worked for the Cotton Bowl and the Cowboys in the 60's. (She basically ran the place and made it the success that it is today!) The Cotton Bowl offices are in the new stadium and they are beautiful! The stadium is really breathtaking. Words really can't describe it. It is true that "Everything is bigger in Texas!"

Gigi and Pops in one of the suites.

View from the end zone

This is what $40 million will get you! A 60 yard HD jumbotron. AMAZING!

Dorcas and the Cotton Bowl Trophy.

Good Times!!

We even got to go down on the field.

Fierce Cowboy Fan! Ready to watch them beat the Titans!

Hey Ya'll. Look, I can stand up all by myself.

Playing with Pops

Ahhh! Pops, stop tickling me!!

Saturday, we drove to Dallas to meet Uncle John and Aunt Carol. We had a delicious lunch then went next door to Chocolate Soup and went shopping. They bought Andrew a couple of outfits and some jommies. Thanks! We enjoyed seeing you guys!!

Uncle John & Aunt Carol & Andrew

Saturday night we had a delicious steak & baked potato dinner. My grandfather's brother & his wife came over for some banana pudding after dinner. It was great to see Mac and Carolyn.

So, You are my Uncle Mac?

My Pops is SO Funny!!!

Gigi, Pops & "Little Wiggles"

We had such a wonderful visit. I love being around my grandparents. They are a true example of a beautiful marriage. Their love for each other grows more every day and after 60 plus years of marriage, you can imagine that it is pretty strong. Thank you for being such gracious hosts! We feel so at home when we are there. We both gained weight over the 3 days we were there with delicious meatloaf, peach cobbler, and already mentioned banana pudding and steaks! Oh yeah, and the breakfast casserole and biscuits. Andrew was a trooper and a great traveler so hopefully we can do it again next year!

Looking out at the clouds on the way home.

The flight home was completely full, so we had to check the car seat and Andrew had to sit in our laps. Again, I was worried because he is so wiggly. He was great again and everyone around us was super impressed. He even took a small nap in my lap. He enjoyed sitting with the nice lady who had the window seat. We gathered all three of our bags, the pack-n-play, booster seat, stroller, car seat and diaper bag and made it home with no problem! It was a great trip!

Sleepy little cowboy!
You are a great traveler!


8 month update

It just keeps getting better. Andrew is so much fun to be around. He is almost always in a good mood. Everyday when we get him from school the teachers say that he is always happy. Even when the other kids are crying, he just does his own thing and is always smiling and waving at everyone that goes by. He also "blows kisses". Ms. Becky taught him how to do that. He waves "bye, bye" too. He has moved on to stage 2 baby food and so far likes everything he has tried. He does not miss a meal. He is getting to be a little chunk and his cheeks are so kissable! He has started to pull up on things and can stand on his own (for about a second). I have even gone in his room in the middle of the night because he was standing up in his bed. I feel sure that he will be walking soon. I am totally not ready for that yet. He babbles a little bit and sometimes we catch him singing to himself. He is still as easygoing as ever. His hair is still red and eyes are still blue. I hope his eyes stay this color. They are beautiful! Here are some fun pictures from this month...
Hanging with Sena at Dave's Pizza

crawling all around the kitchen.

Music mirror with lights and sounds. One of his favorites right now.

A visit to Nanny & PaPa

His very favorite thing this month... A balloon.

And He's Off!!

Look out world! Here I come.

Crawling! Andrew figured out how to sit up on his own when we were at the beach. What a wonderful thing. He spent about a week where he would get on all 4's and rock and then reach WAY out for whatever it was he wanted, then sit up. It only took him about a week before he started crawling. He crawls like a little crab. His right knee never touches the ground. He slides his left knee forward then walks the right leg forward. Too cute! It works. He definitely gets where he wants to go now. We were not baby proofed at all, so we made a quick trip to Babies R Us a couple of weekends ago and got some outlet covers and a baby gate. I had a great video to post, but with all the computer trouble I have been having, it is just too hard to get it on here. So you will just have to trust me! Way to go Andrew. Mom and Dad are so proud of you.

New Car!!

That's right. We got a new car! A 2009 Toyota Highlander. Sorry I don't have a picture to post. I feel like a real suburban mom now. Unfortunately we couldn't get in on the "Cash for Clunkers" program. We traded in our fuel efficient car for a gas guzzling SUV. (Actually, it gets really good gas mileage). I really love it. Thank you to my wonderful husband for all the work he did to get it for me and just in time for our beach trip. I love you!!!

Goodbye old girl

Since we bought a new car, we decided that it was time to get rid of the Camry. She was (& still is) a great car. Bo bought that car right before we got married. I remember thinking how nice it was with the leather seats and wood grain trim. It was an upgrade from Black Beauty, his Mazda truck, and a perfect fit for us. We have taken her on MANY road trips. She has over 205,000 miles on her. She has been all over the southeast. Countless trips to Auburn, several final 4's, beach trips, dozens of basketball games, football games... She was good to us. I think that is why we decided to go with another Toyota. We are loyal fans. I hope the new Highlander will have as many miles on her over the next 10 years. We are already off to a good start with its first trip to the beach on the day we got her! Good-bye Camry. Thanks for the memories!!


Eat my words

Don't you love those people who aren't parents and say "I'll never let my child do....." or "When I have kids, we are not going to do so and so..." I was one of those. I distinctly remember saying on MULTIPLE occasions "We will NEVER take a baby to the beach." These words rang in my head over the 4th of July weekend right after he fell face first in the sand and got a mouth (&nose) full of sand. Well, here we are the end of the summer and Andrew has been TWICE! I also said that I would never let my child have a paci. That lasted about the first 36 hours of his life and I gave it to him to try. He is not too attached to it now, so hopefully he won't be 5 years old with a paci. I am learning to never say never. Next thing you know Andrew will be in Auburn in about a month at a football game... He has already been to a basketball game there. OK, maybe that is where I draw the line.
Seriously he is such a great kid that we enjoy being with him so much and want him to experience so many things that we love. I hope that we continue to expose him to new places and things. I think it helps him grow!

Floating in the pool


This cracks me up. The pool at the condo slopes down and is shallow enough for Andrew to stand up and walk (while he is in his float). When he got a little deeper her would start kicking to get around. So funny!


Andrew's 2nd trip to the Beach

We took our annual family vacation to the Destin last weekend. Mom and Mij are part owners of a beautiful condo there. Unfortunately there are a lot of us and at times can get a bit crowded! My brother and sister in law came the first part of the week and we were there the last part of the week along with my step brother and sister in law and their 2 kids (& 1 more on the way!) and my brother's little girl, Hannah. We all do our own thing and come and go as we please. It works out really well. Andrew was a little under the weather when we first got there. But he got better after a couple of days and was back to his old self. He loved playing on the beach and really loved the swimming pool as you can see from the video above! It was lots of fun.

Drinking his bottle like a big boy!

Bath time with an audience

Dad! You are so funny!

The Kerrs~ trying to get a little sun, but not too much!

Hanging out with Daddy.

Look at me standing up!
Hey Ladies
Andrew & Hannah
Sweet Cousins

Goodbye Mrs. Sharon & Mrs. Becky

Andrew officially graduated from Infant 1 and started today in the Infant 2 class. Here he is with his Infant 1 teachers. They are so sweet and he loved them. He had a really good day today in his new class. He only slept about 45 minutes all day! There was so many new things going on, he didn't want to miss a thing. I know he will do well in the new class and learn so much! Thank you Sharon and Becky for loving on Andrew for a while! We will miss you!