New Pictures

We had Andrew's pictures taken last month. Here are some of our favorites. We used Bonnie at Blink Photography (www.theblinklady.com) I think she is wonderful! (Although she had a pretty easy subject to photograph, if I do say so myself!)


First Trip to Atlanta!!

We took Andrew to Atlanta this weekend to visit his PawPaw and Uncle Tyler, Liz and Hannah. He had so much fun! My dad is so good with him and Andrew thinks he is so funny. They played together all day on Saturday while mommy and daddy went to Auburn for the AU/West Virgina game. WHAT A GAME! It POURED down rain before it started and kick-off was delayed over an hour. I have never seen it rain that hard for that long! War Eagle! We had a nice visit and I know PawPaw will be coming over soon to celebrate the big birthday. Thanks DAD for everything!

Sweet cousins

"This is Fun!"

I love my PawPaw!

Accident Report

Andrew's first accident report came home last week. He fell and hit the side of the crib. He had a couple of little bruises on his forhead, but was just fine. The remedy: lots of TLC. I am sure this will be the first of many bumps and bruises to come...



We have had the joy of celebrating several birthdays in the last couple of weeks. My Mom's was on 9/1 (29 again) but we don't have any pictures from our party :( Sorry Mom!
Bo's grandfather turned 80 and was joined by some of his grandchildren and great grand children for a celebration at Jim N Nicks!
Andrew's cousin Gabirel turned 1 last week. We had a fun birthday party with pizza and cake and presents!!
Birthday Boy


"Want a bite?"

Hey Cousin!

And last, but not least, our good friend Ann Rogers turned 3.
"Happy Birthday to You..."

I love this picture of all of the adults singing and taking pictures. They (including myself) were too funny trying to get all the kids to look and smile!

Good Morning

This was from a couple of weekends ago... Andrew woke up about 7:15 and had his bottle and we all went back to sleep in our bed and didn't get up until 10:00!!! Now that is what I call a good Saturday morning!!

9 Month Check-up 9/9/09

My favorite time of day.

Here comes TROUBLE!!
So he has officially been Out as long as he was In. 9 months. The back nine have been so much fun. The front 9 were full of wonder and anticipation and fear and doubt and cheeseburgers. The back nine have been full of excitement, laughter, hugs and kisses, kicks, squeals and sweet potatoes. Bo and I never thought we would have such a sweet baby. Every day with him is so much fun. We went to the doctor yesterday and he weighs 20lbs 4oz (40th Percentile) and is 28 ¾ inches long (70th Percentile). He is doing all the things he should be doing: crawling, cruising, saying “mamama & dadadada” and I think he says “quack”, but I am not sure…, picking up things with his forefinger and thumb, pulling up on everything etc. He is SO curious. Bo says he gets that from me. He has a hard time taking naps at school because he wants to know what everyone else is doing. Just about the time he finally gets to sleep, it is usually time for him to wake up. He really likes his school and is so happy when we drop him off every morning. (That makes a mom feel good). He just sits in his little table and waits for his teacher to feed him breakfast. He waves “bye-bye” and does not cry when we leave. Thank goodness! I don’t know what I will do when/if he starts to do that.”Little Wiggles” is what my Pops has nick-named him. This is so true. It was so hard to entertain him at the doctor’s office yesterday when we didn’t have any toys or books and I didn’t really want him touching anything in the exam room. He hates to sit still to have his diaper changed. He flips over and crawls away in the blink of an eye and all you see is a pair of tiny cheeks scooting across the room. Luckily we have only had one accident on the carpet. I rubbed his nose in it and spanked him and said “NO, NO!”. JUST KIDDING!! That was what I did with the last thing that peed on my carpet, but that was years ago. I wouldn’t dream of spanking that sweet hiney. Not yet anyway. He still really loves his bath time. It is getting harder and harder because he wants to pull up on the side and it is so slippery. I am so scared he is going to bust his lip or worse. I think he could play in there for hours. Andrew, we are so proud of you and love you so much. It is so much fun to watch you learn something new every day.

War Eagle!

The week before Andrew was born I think I cried every night. I just couldn't fathom what was about to happen to our perfect life. We were happy and things were great, but when the baby comes, everyone says “nothing will ever be the same” etc. Most of the time these people are miserable, or at least act miserable. I thought about going on trips and all the things we would need and how we would have to deal with a screaming baby and what if this and what if that, until I finally fell asleep each night. One of the things I remembered thinking about was Auburn games. I knew that it would not be likely that I would get to go to every game this season. I knew that it would probably make me sad that I wasn’t going, but strangely enough… I was not sad. Don’t get me wrong, I missed being there with Bo but couldn't think of a better person to spend my day with. Actually, the 2 of us had a play date/dinner date with our friends Barkley and Claire. Andrew has not learned how to “share” yet and pretty much wanted everything Claire had. She was too sweet to put up with us! We had a delicious dinner at OTG (thanks Buzz!) and then went home to watch the game. Auburn beat LA Tech so Andrew and Coach Chizik are 1-0! War Eagle.

Andrew & Claire


Are You Ready? Ready! Count off 1, 2, 3...

Football season is finally here. We are so excited. Here is a picture of us at the last Auburn game I attended... The Auburn/Georgia game last year. I was 39 weeks prego w/ Andrew. (I didn't realize that my nose had spread that much!) Here we are in our beloved Section 38 that we share with our friends the West's and the Hollis'. We have had season tickets here with these good friends for 7 or 8 years now. We love all (most) of the people who sit around us and it is so much fun to see everyone each year.
Today is "school colors" day and it was fun to put Andrew in his Orange Auburn onesie and matching orange and blue shorts and shoes. We plan to watch the game together this weekend while Bo heads down to the plains. I just hope I don't cry when Bo leaves us on Saturday. It will remind me of the days when I used to work at Parisians and he would leave early in the morning and I had to go to work, I would be so sad. I am so glad to have those days behind me! I hope everyone has a great weekend and WAR EAGLE!!



Congratulations to Jennifer, A.K.A. Dougie, and Ryan on their engagement!
Here they are with Andrew back in March.


As Andrew and I were leaving his school yesterday, we walked through the lobby and I said "Bye! See ya'll tomorrow" and Andrew waved and SAID "bye-bye" in the cutest little voice! I was so proud! That can officially be his first word. He used it in the proper context and was not prompted to say it. He has said Hi, mama, & daddy too, but i think they are just more babbles that sound like the words I want to hear. (He only says "mama" when he is crying, so he couldn't possibly be talking to me, right?) One of his new tricks is to hold one hand with the other then pull his arm back and forth over his mouth to say "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-" It is pretty funny. Everyday is a new adventure! He is getting quicker and quicker with crawling. In fact, yesterday morning he crawled right off the bed in the span of (not kidding) 2 seconds as I turned to get a baby wipe. It scared both of us, but he was fine. His smile is more heart melting than ever and his laugh makes me laugh. Monday, Bo picked him up from school and Andrew laughed at everything Bo did or said for about an hour. I wish I could bottle that little laugh. It makes me feel free and happy every time I hear it!


Role Reversal

Do you ever have a conversation with someone and feel like you are in "The Twighlight Zone"? Well that is what happened last week as my mom was showing me how do download aps to her iphone. Again... MY mom was showing ME how to do this. Shouldn't this be the other way around? She just got an ipod (shuffle) for Christmas last year and she has already upgraded to an iphone? Seriously... Oh and she is on Facebook too! What will be next? I guess I should just be glad that I have a cool Mom! The last gadget that I bought was a childproofing cabinet lock. My, my, times have changed.

P.S. She has a convertible too!