Bo & Whit +8

8 Years! Bo and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. We warmed up chili and ate it in about 15 minutes while dodging flying cheerios and a sippy cup, then I was off to bible study. Last year we ate at Ruth’s Chris and I got a diamond ring. Hmmm. Things have changed… for the better. Not that I don’t love Ruth’s Chris or diamonds, but there was nowhere I’d rather be than at our house with the 2 men in my life enjoying a “family” dinner. Bo and I have accomplished a lot in our 8 years of marriage. We have built a house, bought a new car, traveled all over the US, and to London & Paris, attended countless Auburn games, concerts, sporting events, beach trips, concerts (did I say that already?) and more concerts! Our greatest accomplishment came into this world on December 8th last year. Andrew has been such a blessing to our lives. We have laughed more and slept less this year than any other. I love that I am married to my best friend! I love that he gets me, the good and the bad. I love that he can ALWAYS make me laugh. I love the way he takes care of me. I love the way he is with Andrew. I love thinking about our family’s future together. I love that he is an amazing friend, fantastic husband, terrific son and brother, unbelievable uncle and fantastic father! (He is so much more, but I have run out of adjectives) I love my life and the man who shares it me. Bring on year 9! This is going to be fun!!


Our First Trunk or Treat (Trick or Trunk?)

After the wedding on Friday night, Bo got up on Saturday and flew to New Orleans, rented a car went to the Auburn/LSU game. He and a friend drove home after the game and he got home about 4AM. We were at church by 10 and forgot that it was our Sunday to help in the nursery. After learning of Bo's night, one of our friends nominated him for Christian of the Year. Such dedication to be at church after driving 5+ hours AND keeping a bunch of 3 year olds! After church we went to lunch and then I put both of my boys down for a nap.
Sunday afternoon was Trunk or Treat at our church. This is where lots of people decorate their cars with different themes and the kids can dress up and they get candy. The best trunk in my opinion was the one giving out balloons with a big "flying saucer" on top of the car with a sign that said "Have you seen Falcon?" Creative and very funny...
Cory, who went as "a kid"

Melony who was Sharpay from High School Musical

Raven was a cat witch (a witch with a tail)

Real men wear tights.

Trick or Treat

Sweet little pumpkin. (standing on his own!!)

Family picture
My happy little pumpkin

Whew! All this fun has worn me out!

And They Lived Happily Ever After...

Bo's sister got married on Friday night at a BEAUTIFUL wedding at Gabrella Manor. She was a gorgeous bride and everything was perfect! The weather cooperated and we all celebrated the start of a new family. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Williams!!!

The Beautiful Bride

Raven was a flower girl.


Dancing with Daddy

Melony & Bo

Visit from Grandmama & Grandaddy

We had an action packed weekend. It all started on Thursday with Bo's Dad & step mom coming in town for his sister's wedding. It has been way too long since they have been here! They went with Bo to pick Andrew up from his school and after a not so enjoyable ride home, Andrew warmed right up to them.
Grandaddy and Andrew in their Airplane Shirts
"Hey I like these two! They are fun!!!"

"Grandmama, you are only staying for 2 days? Please stay longer..."


Poor Baby

Last week I took Monday off because Andrew’s school was closed. We had a fun day, but he was not his usual self. So, I thought maybe he has an ear infection and I might as well take him to the doctor when I am off work. So we went. Good news, no ear infection. Bad news, it is a tooth coming in. I thought, Great! Another tooth! This is exciting. I am ready for him to have more teeth because he is not real excited about normal food yet, but if he could chew more, maybe it would help. So we were told to just give him Motrin when necessary and let him chew on something cold. He did pretty good the rest of the week and over the weekend, but on Sunday night he started getting worse. I could still see the little white dots on his gum but no tooth had broken the skin yet. Sunday and Monday were the worst days. He just cries. He was up 4 times during the night crying. It is so pitiful. He does not usually cry about much of anything, and I can tell (because I am his mom and I know these things)that he is just in pain. He has been a little drool factory this week too. He went through 4 shirts and 2 bibs one day alone. His cheeks are all red and chapped again from all the drool. Last night he did sleep all night for the first time this week. (YAHOO!). I hope that we are on the home stretch and he will get back to being our happy little boy very soon. I know I usually post pictures of him being happy and smiling, but these pictures were from dinner earlier this week. He was not happy at all and did not want to eat anything. I felt kind of cruel taking them, but have a record of this painful experience.
*Side note, Tuesday was the night he was up 4 times and Wednesday morning came all to quick. I rushed to try to get ready and get Andrew ready and get out the door. At about 9:30 as I was walking down the hall AFTER a meeting, I noticed that I had my shirt on backward!!! I really hope that we get this tooth soon so we can all get back to normal (at least for a little while, before the next one starts coming in).


Toys~well sort of.

We have a nice little bin to store all of Andrew's toys in, however this Pampers box is his favorite place to put them for now. Sometimes we put him in it and drag him around the living room. It's like a little redneck wagon. Hopefully he will get a real wagon for his birthday.*hint*hint*.
Melony & Cory came over to play last weekend. We got one of Andrew's toys out of the attic because he is now big enough to enjoy it. Problem was, the big kids enjoyed it too! I think they played with it more and Andrew hung out in the Pamper's box! Oh well. At least he is easily entertained. He is super lucky to have such wonderful cousins to play with. We love them so much!
" Hey, this thing is pretty cool..."

"See Andrew, you put the ball right in here..."


Watch me pour this cup of water outside of the tub...

Andrew loves his bath! It helps him wind down at the end of his busy day. He is so busy everyday crawling, exploring, wondering, opening, closing, pulling, pushing, learning, laughing, fussing, shaking, bouncing, eating, drinking, riding, playing, rolling, talking~busy, busy, busy.


These are a few of my favorite things...

In honor of Andrew turning 10 months old today, I will share with you my 10 most "can't live with out" things.

1. Video Monitor
This has to be my favorite thing of all! I definitely would have been up a lot more at night with out it. It has been wonderful to be able to watch him sleep or check on him if he makes some noise. Bo and I love to look at him right before we go to bed each night, just to be reminded that a sweet little angel lives right down the hall.
2. Passy Medicine Dispenser
We would have never made it through his only ear infection or the staph infection without this little gem. It makes taking medicine a breeze. What a great invention!!

3. Bouncy Seat
This was a live saver. It was Andrew's hang out from birth till he could crawl out if it. He was so comfortable in it and really loved kicking and watching the lights and listening to the music it plays. I can remember putting him in it every morning while we were getting ready and he would just stare at us. (Those days are long gone!) The best part~ it was a gift from some sweet friends, The Wallace's. I knew it had to be good if all 3 of their kiddos used it!

4. Boon Spoon
Another "why didn't I think of that" invention. You pour the baby food in the orange part and squeeze it out onto the spoon. Neat and clean, no drips. It is great for being on the go and perfect for us!
5. Butt Paste
Never had a diaper rash, not once, ever. This stuff has got to be good. Andrew's buns agree.
6. Praise Baby DVD's
Thank you to my dear friend, Barkley, who gave us this at our baby shower. I know I have written about it before, but we really, really loved the music and pictures on this DVD. Andrew would sit in his bouncy seat while we washed bottles or did a few chores around the house. (again, those days are over...)We must have watched this 1,000 times! It was like worshiping while washing.
7. Dr. Brown's Bottles, Brush, Drying Rack & Mixing Pitcher
We liked these bottles. Andrew never had any real tummy problems and I don't know if these guys are the reason or not. I do know that they are a pain in the neck to wash, so if you use these, you should get the Dr. Brown's bottle brush. It held up better than any we used. Also the formula mixing pitcher was wonderful. We used to make 32 ounces of formula every day and it was a big help. Also, if you use these bottles, you should get this drying rack. It is the biggest and best for all the parts.
8. Car seat Toy
Andrew loved this thing while he was in his "pumpkin" seat. He loved to stare at it at first, then at about 3-4 months, he started hitting and spinning it. It definitely kept him entertained while we were out and about.
9. Marathon Car Seat
Here he is in his big boy car seat. I really like it. It is very safe and so easy to get him in and out of. He likes it too and usually goes right to sleep if we are driving more than about 10 minutes.

10. Stroller
We got this baby off of ebay. It is light weight and folds up pretty small. It is a Quinny, which means it is European and we probably paid too much for it, but I like it and so does Andrew. Hopefully we won't have to buy another one for a VERY long time.
I didn't want to post any pictures here and risk leaving anyone out. We couldn't do this without the love and support from our wonderful parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Thank you all for loving us and most importantly for loving Andrew. We are all so blessed. We thank you for your advice and love and patience and laughter and generosity over the last 10 months. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
If I were Oprah, this is the part where I would say that you all get the wonderful products listed above...


More weekend fun...

First french fry at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries after church this past Sunday.


Playing with one of his favorite toys!

Handsome boy.

War Eagle! (& Go Dodgers!)

Our sleepy little man woke up at 6:30, just for a snack of Enfamil, then we all went back to sleep till around 8. I am glad Andrew knows about snuggling in on Saturday's! He definitely gets that from me. We had a lazy morning and kissed Bo good bye on his way up to Knoxville for the AU/Tennessee game. Andrew and I went shopping. We went shoe shopping and baby shopping and more shoe shopping. He was a trooper. It is fun, but more challenging, to run errands with a 9 month old. He grabbed at all the shoes and flirted with all the people we ran into. I don't think I even went to the bathroom while we were out. Way too much trouble. (sorry kidneys) One man stopped and told me how "very blessed" I was to have such a beautiful little boy. I have to agree. We visited with my sweet friends Natalie and Laura and their husbands and kiddos then went to Jim & Shea's for dinner and football. Sunday we all went to church and then out to lunch. We are starting to feed him "real" food, which is so messy. YUCK. He did well with the fry. Hopefully he will have more teeth soon and that will help with chewing. He still just has the bottom 2. He has been drooling like crazy lately so maybe they are on their way in.

Fun Family Friday

What a fun weekend! I really hate it when Monday rolls around again. Especially this week because I will work on Saturday again. Hopefully this is the last Saturday I will have to work for a long, long time. Our weekend started with a very happy boy getting picked up from daycare. He talked the whole way home (I think about the wagon he was riding in when I got him). We decided to go to the Hoover/Spain Park football game that night. Andrew had so much fun. He clapped the whole time! He loved all the action and the band. We ran into a few people we knew so that was fun too. Spain Park almost pulled out a win, but the Bucs proved to be too much for them. We got one little sleepy linebacker in bed at about 9:30. I am sure he dreamed of goal line stands and blocked punts.
Wow! This game is a real nail bitter!

Bucs Win!! Yahoo!!

Food and Family

Andrew trying a biter biscuit for the first time. He loved it, but it sure is messy!

Visit from cousin Gabe.

He crawled onto the bottom shelf of this table behind the couch to get to the pictures.