1st 2 Thanksgivings

We started early this year making the rounds. We had a late lunch/early dinner at Bo's mom's house with all our nieces, nephews and Bo's sisters and Uncle Ryan. Delicious meal! Turkey, Nanny's famous dressing, sweet potato casserole (made by me), green beans, squash, mac n cheese and rolls! Then it was off to Kristin and Alan's for Dinner. This was our second annual meal with our friends from church. Next year there will be one more little one in the picture! I can't wait to watch all these babies grow up! Last year, Sawyer was nearly a month old.
Alan & Kristin Mathis, Sawyer, Matthew & Brooke Burgess, Me, Andrew & Bo


Say Cheese!

Last weekend we went to Atlanta to visit with Dad and then Bo & I drove over to Athens for the Auburn/Georgia game. Although the game didn't turn out quite the way we wanted it to, the weekend was a lot of fun. We enjoyed getting to spend some time with Dad and I know he loved having both of his grand kids together for the weekend. My dad wanted to get a good picture of the two of them together for his Christmas card. We tried to get a picture this weekend of Andrew (11 months) and his cousin Hannah (6). When one is smiling, the other is not, when one is looking, the other is not, you get them both looking and smiling and the darn camera won’t take, etc. It was a mess! I think we finally got a couple of good ones.

I think this was one of the best ones we got.

They each did great on their own...

Pretty girl
"What? We are going to see Santa?"
Daddy is funny
Okay, Okay! I think we have had enough!
My mom had the idea of getting all of her grand kids together while we were at the beach this past summer.
Here is how that turned out…
On the way home from Atlanta we stopped in Leeds at the Bass Pro Shop because my Dad told me that he read somewhere that Santa was going to be there. Perfect, I thought! Who is going to drive all the way out to Leeds to see Santa on a beautiful Sunday afternoon? Answer: A whole bunch of people! Bo went in and waited in line (which means he really loves me because he HATES lines) while I woke Andrew up from his nap in the car and got him dressed in his smocked Christmas costume (side note: According to Bo, boys wear 3 things, pants, shirt and overalls… anything else is a costume. Also, Andrew owns 1 smocked costume and it was just given to us by my dad the day before.) He was all dressed in his manly turtleneck, and white saddle oxford shoes looking too cute! The line moved pretty quick and he was so interested in everything (and everyone) around him. He did great when he met Santa for the first time. He clapped a couple of times and sat in his lap. Andrew told Santa everything he wanted for Christmas and Santa told Andrew how proud of him he was and that he knew that he had been a very good boy this year. I have no doubt that he will get what he asked for. Of course, only Santa could understand him.

And I must say that Bass Pro Shop is worth the trip. It is and AMAZING store. They had activities all over the store for kids to do and have a HUGE fish tank with some giant fish and lots of stuffed animals. Not liked teddy bears, but like elk and deer and hogs and bob cats!

Yeah!! Santa!!!

I really had no idea what people went through to get a good Christmas picture of their kids, until now. So this year when I get those cards in the mail, I will wonder how many were taken before they got the “money shot” and I won’t be so critical of those where the kids are not smiling or looking at the camera!


New Addition

Allow me to introduce the newest addition- Mr. Top Tooth. It is barely in, but it is there.


Last Friday night I was invited to a clothes swap party. You basically raid your closet of all the things you don’t want anymore and everyone else gets to pick from all the clothes. Anything that was not taken, will be donated to GoodWill. What a great idea, right? I got a pair of brown pants for work, a pair of white jeans for summer and the best thing of all… a pair of Rock & Republic jeans. Whoop, Whoop. Oh, and I got a top that I will probably wear to my office Holiday party. Too Cute! Thanks Kristin for inviting me. I am glad that some of my old things have a new home and I am definitely glad to add a couple of FREE things to my wardrobe. We should do this more, especially in this economy! Our hostess also made delicious Party Tomato Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, homemade bread, salad and a delicious spice cake- All made from SCRATCH! It was a fun evening with the girls.


11 Month Update

Eleven Months! Let the planning begin for the big 1st Birthday celebration! Andrew is really starting to develop his personality and his temperament. He is forming an opinion about certain things (like what he wants to eat, and what he does not want to eat). He is constantly making us laugh. He talks and babbles a lot! He can say- Mama, Dada, Hi, Hey, thank you, bye bye, & uh oh & juice. He can do sign language for “more” and we are working on teaching him “please”. He likes to open and close our bathroom door in the morning. He is very close to walking. He loves his push toy and will push it until it runs into something then he shakes it like it is broken when he can’t go any further. He still loves taking a bath and splashing. He will even put his face under the water and blow bubbles. He plays with cups and likes to stack them together while he is in the tub. He has tried all sorts of new foods this month. He likes grilled cheese sandwiches and goldfish the best! He has mastered the art of the sippy cup too. His schedule has not changed all that much over the last couple of months. His day goes something like this…
6:15-6:30- Wake up
6:30-7:30- Bottle and play while mom and dad get ready for work
8:00- Eats breakfast at school
9:30-10:30- nap
10:30-11:00- lunch
12:30- bottle
2:30-3:30- nap
5:00- wagon ride at school till mom or dad picks him up
5:60-6:00- Dinner w/ mom & dad
7:30- Bath
8:00- Bottle and rocking chair time w/ mom (or dad)
Every night we thank God for our little angel. We are so proud of him and love him so much. I asked Bo last night… “Do you think we will talk about how awesome he is every night? We have for the last 11 months!” I am so thankful for this healthy, happy little boy. We are planning a small, family birthday party for him. Here are some pictures from November, 8th.
Going upstairs to the playroom

Playing with his blocks

Touchdown! (Getting ready for the Dawgs this weekend)

Sweet profile pic.


Accident Report

Well Andrew came home with his 2nd accident report today. He fell and bumped his head and has a little knot above his eyebrow. He didn't miss a beat though. He was back playing in no time.
If someone was going to fill out an accident report on me, they would have had to have done that last night after I missed a step and fell down the stairs. I thought I immediately had broken my ankle. Turns out it is JUST a sprain. I was walking down the steps (with Andrew in my arms) and turned my ankle and landed on it with all my weight. OUCH! Andrew was fine and woke up as we hit the ground. He just looked at me like "how did I get on the stairs? I'm not even supposed to BE on the stairs." It hurt really bad and still does, so any sympathy is appreciated. Then today the pain medicine and anti-inflamatory medicine made me so loopy, I had to have my mom pick me up and take me home from work! Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I am just SO thankful that it was not worse. It could have been much, much worse. Whew!

The wait is almost over

I think he might start walking any day now. He is great at pushing his walker around the room and stands up by him self all the time. We will REALLY be in trouble once he is walking. He is so proud of himself as you can see in the picture below. You are doing great Andrew! We love you so much!

See ya later, alligator!

One of Those Days

Do you ever have those days that are just about perfect? Saturday was one of those days. We took our niece and nephew to Auburn for the Ole Miss game. They had never been before and both were excited. We had a fun car ride down. We ALL danced and sang to songs on their ipod. No one asked “ARE WE THERE YET?” or complained about traffic. We were all prepared with rain gear~just in case of bad weather. We did miss the eagle flying, so that was the only bummer. For those of you reading who may not be familiar… Auburn has an eagle that flies from the upper deck and circles around the stadium and lands on the field while all the fans yell Waaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr Eagle, Hey! It is a really cool tradition and lots of fun to see in person. So back to the game. The kids thought it was so cool that they could yell and scream as much as they wanted when we were on defense. (Especially 3rd downs) And let me tell you, Melony has some pipes! That girl can yell. They were both very instrumental in our win over the Rebels.
During half time, it started to rain a little, so we went down to the concourse. The kids had the idea that they wanted to see the view from the upper deck, so we hiked up there. Then once we were in the upper deck, they wanted to see the view from the TOP of the upper deck, so we hiked up there. Don’t they know that Aunt Whit is seriously out of shape? My quad cramped up on the way down and my calves are KILLING me today! Oh well. The view was worth it and it made the cookies and nachos that much more delicious!
And guess who got on the Jumbo-Tron during the game...? Notice Cory above the person in the hooded sweatshirt and Melony off to her right. Not bad for their first game...After the game we went to the book store and each one got a T-shirt. We didn’t roll Toomer’s corner because we had to get them home to Trick or Treat. Cory wanted to know when the next game was and if he got to come back. Unfortunately there will be no more games for them this year, unless someone hands us two more iron bowl tickets. I hope that we can get them to at least one game every year as long as they want to come. They are such sweet kids and proved that they can hang for an entire game! However, neither lasted very long in the car. They both zonked out about 30 minutes into the drive home. The clear sign of a very fun day! There were several times during the day that Bo and I looked at each other with the same look of “This is so much fun” We are so blessed to be able to take them with us to share in one of our very favorite things. I sometimes wish I could freeze time and really hold on to it for longer. Luckily God (actually the government) gave us one more hour to enjoy on Saturday. Thanks daylight savings!
Thanks to Mimi for keeping Andrew all day so we could enjoy being an Aunt and Uncle to two of the best kids ever.