Christmas 2009

Even though this is our 2nd Christmas with Andrew, it was his first time to actually participate. As you can see below... Santa made a stop by our house. He actually came on Christmas Eve in the pouring down rain in the fire truck. I can't wait for the next couple of years when Andrew really knows what is going on and can get excited. When he got up, I let him walk into the dining room and this is what he saw. He immediately went for the blocks and the basketballs. He really likes his riding bulldozer too.
What Santa brought Andrew...

Cool stuff!
Lets build something!
Merry Christmas to Me!
Some of Andrew's loot

My Future is so bright...

I guess I thought if I didn’t write this, then he wouldn’t actually be a year old already. So here is the 12 month (& 3 week) update.
Andrew is doing awesome. He has adjusted to his new class at school and is already the teacher’s pet! He must get that from his dad. At his check up on the 17th he weighed 21lbs (30% percentile) and was 29 inches long (70% percentile) and his head measured (10th percentile~ big jump from the previous 3rd percentile!) I think all the compliments are giving him a “big head” He has 6 teeth- 4 up top and 2 on the bottom. He is eating all sorts of REAL food now including ice cream, graham crackers, goldfish, ham, cheese, chicken, bananas, yogurt, grits, oatmeal…just to name a few of his favorites! He is walking all over the place now! I guess he really started right around his 1st birthday. He continues to amaze us with how fast he learns things. If I ask him to “go get the ball and bring it to mommy” he will do it! Every morning when he gets up, if he has his passy, we will ask him “What do you need to do with your passy?” and he will throw it in his crib (then clap or laugh with delight at how smart he is!) He knows sign language for "please" and "more" He can point to something or someone, but he uses the back of his wrist, not his finger. He can also blow kisses~so sweet! He is working on getting rid of the bottle, but there are only certain sippy cups that he will use, so we are continuing to experiment with which ones he likes. He still sleeps like a champ! He goes to bed around 7:30 or 8 and sleeps till 6:30 or 7. AND HE SLEEPS IN ON SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS!!! How does he know? I have no idea, but I LOVE it! We were late to church one Sunday because he didn’t get up until 8:00! His favorite toys are his blocks he got for Christmas and anything he can open and close (cabinet, drawers, doors etc.) He also LOVES to play “Where is Andrew?” He will hide and pop out and scream at how funny he is! It is too cute and makes me laugh out loud. He also likes balls- basketballs, footballs, big, little. He likes them all. He is putting all of his words together too. He can say: mama, dada, daddy, papa, chicken, ball, bye-bye, hi, hey, baba… and now he is saying things like pa-da ma-pa, hi-dee. It is so cute, he has his own little language and he talks all the time. I think about how much he has grown and developed over the last year and it amazes me! He is just the most wonderful little person! (I can say that, I am his mom!) Bo and I have had so much fun this year. Our house is usually a disaster and there is ALWAYS a mess somewhere (OK, OK, most of the time it is mine) but we lay down each night and thank God for all of our blessings and for a healthy (& happy) child. We look forward to 2010 and what we will encounter as a family. Thank you for keeping up with us through Andrew's 1st year on this blog.


First Haircut

We took Andrew to get his first haircut this weekend. He did great! We just cleaned it up a little and cut of the shaggy pieces above his ears and around his face. He looks so cute and grown up! I think this was his first sucker too. He loved it!
Daddy explaining why he has to wear a cape
Just take a little off the top, please.

Andrew and Kelly (our old next door neighbor)

Look who's walking!!!


This was shot on 12/14~last weekend. He has really started to walk a lot. Bo and I just watch in awe. I really can't believe he is walking. He is so proud of himself! I think about how much he has grown and developed in this year. It is amazing.

Deck the Halls...

Last weekend we FINALLY put up our Christmas tree. It is probably the latest that I have EVER put it up. I am usually doing it the day after Thanksgiving. Andrew helped me decorate the tree while Raven and Melony came over and painted ornaments. I love Christmas and miss some of the decorations that I did not put up this year because I didn't really know how Andrew would do with them. So far, he really doesn't care about the tree. He will point to it and likes it when I hold him so he can see the ornaments. I can't believe Christmas is only 5 days away! Oh boy!
Mommy and Andrew decorating the tree


Andrew's Day Off

After being home & sick for 3 days, going to his new class for 2 days (still not feeling great) then the whole weekend with mom and dad, Monday morning Andrew did NOT want to stay at school. He cried a little when I dropped him off, but all the teachers say that is completely normal for that class and his age. But at 10:00 he was still fussing and the school called me because they thought that he might be sick. He was pulling on his ears and had cried and fussed the whole morning. He has a reputation at school for being a happy boy, so this was definitely out of his character. I called my mom, and she was there within the hour and took him to the doctor. He had his ears checked and there was not one thing wrong with that boy! He just had a case of “the Mondays”. He got to stay with Mimi and his cousin, Anniston all day and had so much fun playing. He has done great all week and is getting used to his class and teachers. I think it was all just too much for him on Monday. Bo started calling him Ferris Bueller!


Sir Charles

Charles Barkley got to meet Andrew at a UAB basketball game a couple of weeks ago. He was so nice! The picture was taken with Bo's PDA, so its not the best, but it is proof that they met.


Thanks Aunt Grace!!

One thing that we can count on for every birthday or anniversary is a card from Aunt Grace. She is Bo's Grandmother's sister and she is AMAZING!!! We have been married for 8 years and she never fails to send us cards on our special days during the year. Somehow she usually gets them here on the EXACT day too! The most amazing thing is that she also makes ornaments for each of her sisters grand children (& spouses) and great-grand children. We are talking somewhere in the neighborhood of 30+. I just tried to count everyone in my head and couldn't! We all look forward to see what the ornament will be on Nanny's tree each year. They are all lovingly made and are special to each of us. Aunt Grace is also a faithful follower of this blog so I hope you will take this as a great big THANK YOU for all you do for all of us!

Andrew's 1st Birthday card from Aunt Grace
Andrew's 1st Christmas Ornament from Aunt Grace- 2008
(Pretty amazing since he was born 17 days before
Christmas and didn't even have a name right away!)


Guess who's a WOBBLER?

Mrs. Sondra & Miss Heather
Infant 2 teachers

Yep, Andrew has moved up again. Things have been so busy around here that I completely forgot to post that he has moved up to a new class~ the Wobblers! This means that he has started to walk. He moved up the end of last week and was out for 3 days this week, so hopefully next week he will really get the hang of things. His old teachers miss him a lot and love him so much. I took him by to see them today and he cried when we left. All the kids in the new class are walking and his new teachers say that he has done great so far. He has a reputation at school for always being happy. One teacher calls him "smiley". We are so thankful that he is in a really great place!

The worst birthday present ever!

Here is one of the very first pictures of Andrew on 12/8/08. Don't let it fool you... Although it looks like he was screaming, he was not. The child didn't hardly make a sound for about a week.

Here he is on his birthday this year. You may notice some red bumps on his face...

We spent the morning of Andrew's birthday (12/8) in the doctor's office. He had a fever late Sunday night, but it came down on Monday. I went ahead and stayed home with him, just in case he was getting sick. That afternoon it went up again to 102.4, so I made an appointment with the doctor. I planned on being off on Tuesday to help Bo with some bowl game things, so instead, Andrew and I went to the doctor. Monday night he screamed more in about 5 hours than he has his entire life! We were up all night. He looked AWFUL by Tuesday. He had red bumps ALL OVER his face and hands. Dr. Dudgen said "It's probably the worst case of hand, foot and mouth disease I have seen in a long time". Great. This would explain why he was up the entire night before screaming! He had blisters all over his face, hands and even inside his mouth, not to mention the rash all over his legs. This is some sort of virus and it was terrible! He was so pitiful for about 3 days. I am hoping that by tomorrow he will be back to himself. What a lousy way to spend a birthday! Hopefully #2 will be better.

The Big Birthday Party

Well it has come and gone. We have had a crazy week and I promised Bo I wouldn't post anything about Andrew's birthday until his ACTUAL birthday. Luckily we celebrated over Thanksgiving weekend because our little man was super sick with hand, foot and mouth disease on his birthday.(That is a whole other post) I can't believe he is 1. Really, where did the time go? We celebrated with family and had cake and pizza. A perfect afternoon for a perfect little boy. Here are some pictures from the day.

Our wonderful photographer, Kristin

This is what his invitation looked like. I thought the cake turned out so cute.


Happy Birthday to ME!

Loving from Uncle Cory

YEAH!! This is SO much fun!

Bring on the cake!

Lets get some in my hair!

Happy Birthday!

Playing with new bath toys! Oh Boy!!

Andrew's Cousins
Cory, Melony, Raven, Anniston, Alyssa & sweet friend, Morgan

Sweet Birthday Boy!!


Here we go again!!!!

The 4th annual Papajohns.com bowl is just 36 days away. This year we are going to have UCONN and SOUTH CAROLINA. Get you tickets now by visiting the link on the right side of the blog. It should be a great game and we are so excited to have such a good match up. I am super proud of Bo and all the hard work he puts into this game ALL YEAR LONG. It is fun to see it all come together. So pray for him over the next couple of weeks to be free from stress and focused on getting all the things done that need to get done. Welcome to Birmingham Husky and Gamecock fans!!

SEC Championship Game

One perk of Bo's job is that we got invited to sit in a suite for the SEC Championship game this past weekend. Unfortunately, it was not a very good game, unless of course, you were an Alabama fan. Alabama played great and whipped Florida. We got to meet some people that are with most of the other bowl games associated with the SEC. Announcements were made yesterday, so we are in full bowl mode.

You just have to laugh.

Friday night Bo and I took Andrew to the UAB game. Friday after work, I had to get home, get Andrew's dinner ready, feed Andrew, clean him up, get him ready, unload some clothes from the dryer, brush my teeth, decide what to wear, run a brush through my hair, pack his bag for the game and get out the door! (All in about an hour) Whew!
Don't I look cute?

Take another look...
Yep~ I wore 2 totally different shoes to the game. I was trying to decide which one to wear when I was apparently side tracked then ran out the door. It wasn't until about half time of the game that Bo looked down and said "Whitney! Look at your shoes!!" We both died laughing. What else can you do? I am sure that some people noticed and thought I was trying to start some sort of weird, new trend. Nope! Just a crazy mom trying to get ready too quick! So if you see me out and my shirt is on backwards or I have on two different shoes, just know that we must have been in a hurry to get there. Now if I show up WITHOUT a particular item of clothing (ie shirt, pants) please bring it to my attention.

Who needs a snack?

Andrew is getting into EVERYTHING these days. Fun for him, work for Bo & I. We have child proofed some things, but he still gets into our cabinets. One of his favorite things is to get out the bunt pan and hear it go crashing to the floor. It is usually followed by a sweet and innocent "Uh-Oh". He has also discovered where we keep the chips and cereal. He doesn't really care about eating it, but LOVES to take things out and put them back in. And I think he really likes the crinkly noise the bags make. He is really into opening & closing and taking out and putting back up. I love to watch him explore and discover new things. He is so much fun!

"crash, bang, boom"
" Cheerios anyone?"

Future plumber?


"Decisions, decisions!"


So much to be Thankful for

We took Andrew to visit Nanny and Papa a couple of weekends ago. Nanny has just finished re-doing her kitchen and was in the middle of getting new windows! What a project. We are so thankful that we live close enough to run by on a Saturday afternoon. As you can see Andrew enjoyed Nanny reading to him.
"Where is Baby's Birthday Cake?"

We celebrated Thanksgiving early with Bo's family. We also celebrated Melony's (11th) birthday. Andrew got his first birthday present too from Aunt Dougie and Uncle Ryan.
"oh boy! "
It was a vacuum and he LOVES it. (At least someone at our house will be using it)
Sweet Birthday Girl
This is the only picture I have of Andrew on his 1st Thanksgiving. I do love those boys in their plaid shirts! Too cute.
We spent the day with family in Tuscaloosa and had another delicious lunch. Thanks to Chris and Tammy for having us. I am so sad that I didn't get any pictures from there. Oh well....
(Black) Friday was the Iron Bowl. Andrew stayed with a babysitter and Bo & I went to the game. Another thing that we are thankful for was having the opportunity to attend the game. It was a BEAUTIFUL day for football. Auburn played the #2 team in the country very tough, but we were disappointed with the outcome. Oh well, on to the bowl game...