Goodbye old guys

These were the shoes that Andrew took his first steps in. Now he has outgrown them. I wanted to remember them so I posted them on his blog. It is amazing how fast he is growing and how much he learns every day. I think about where those little feet will take him one day. These shoes were the ones that started it all. Thanks guys. You've been good to us.

Jan. 28, 1986...Where were you on that day?

My dad emailed me this morning (as he does most every morning) and said that he had been watching CNN and they were talking about today being the anniversary of the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle. The anchor asked "Where were you on that day?". I remember that I just so happened to be sick and I was in my parents bed watching. I remember seeing the astronauts walking into the space shuttle. I remember the school teacher, Christina McAuliffe, who would be on the trip. I remembered thinking that it would be neat if my teacher got to go into space. Then one minute after take off, the unthinkable happened. I remember the shock and sadness of the voices on the TV as they reported this live. My dad recounted his remembrance of that day. "Daddy, you better get up here now"....He stopped grading papers and we talked for hours, about the terrible incident....we talked about heaven, our God, and death and dying....and I curled up in his arms and went to sleep.....safe....... 23 years later, he is still teaching me. I know there will be sad days in the future for our family & our country. I hope I will take those opportunities to teach Andrew during those times about God and life and living and hope and love. crew: (front row) Michael J. Smith, Dick Scobee, Ronald McNair;


Hello Cheerios!!


He is into EVERYTHING these days!! He found a pack of saltine crackers and when he got quiet, I found this. He had opened the pack with his teeth and was having a little snack.

Upward Basketball 2010


A couple of weeks ago, Bo told me that he was going to take our nephew, Cory, to basketball practice. When he came home, he had a coaching shirt. Bo is the new assistant basketball coach for the Hunter Street Jazz. I was a little worried because I know how competitive he can be. My nephew scored 14 points at the next game. (A career high!) I think they are going to finally win a game this year, thanks to some good coaching and a lot of luck! Way to go Cory! We are so proud of you!!


4th Annual Papajohns.com Bowl

BURRR!! Wow, was it cold on Jan.2nd. It was a great weekend though. The street festival on Friday was a success and the crowd at the game was a bowl record of 45,254. I am so proud of Bo and all the work he did for the game. Enjoy some of the pictures from the Birmingham News.

*The Fourth Annual Papajohns.com Bowl produced an economic impact of
$18.4 million for Birmingham, according to a report provided to ESPN Regional Television by the
Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Christmas Day

These are my favorite presents this year...
This book was actually for Andrew from Mimi & Papa. They took it with them to Texas a couple of weeks ago and surprised me when we opened it. It is a recorded story book. My mom, miJ, and my Grandmother and Grandfather all read a page or two. It is so great to hear their voices! I recommend everyone getting one of these books so grandparents(and great grandparents) can read it to your kids!
Bo gave me this picture frame and cute hat.

Every year, we get up early on Christmas morning and go to Bo's Mom's house to watch my nieces and nephew open their gifts then we all go to Bo's grandmothers for a DELICIOUS Christmas meal and of course, more gifts. This year was no different. The kids are getting so big and their presents are getting to be fewer, but much bigger and more expensive! After a visit whit everyone at Nanny's we were off to my mom's house. My brother surprised me by showing up there with my sister in law and niece. I don't remember the last time we all actually spent Christmas day together. It was fun.
Mom and Andrew being silly
Check out my new bean bag chair
I love my cousin Hannah!
My brother, Tyler