We were walking to the car after another BIG win by the Hunter Street Jazz on Saturday, when Andrew discovered his shadow. He was not a big fan!


Good Report

Today Andrew went for his follow up visit for his tubes. I am pleased to say that BOTH EARS ARE FINALLY WELL!!! Yahoo! He has had infected ears since December 12th, so this is kind of a big deal. Tomorrow will be the first day in a long time that we will not have to give him some sort of an antibiotic! We celebrated by reading some books tonight after his bath and watching some basketball together.
One of his new favorites!
Classic- Where is Baby's Mommy?
We have read this one at least 1,000 times and it never gets old for him. You may notice that the spine is all chewed up and all the flaps are now taped back on because they have been ripped off so many times.
My sweet boy!

Busy, Silly, Bully

We had such a fun weekend last weekend. The weather here was so beautiful. It REALLY gave me spring fever. We were very productive around the house~although you wouldn't know it if you saw it right now. That is because we have the sweetest little tornado that lives with us. He can seriously make a mess quicker than I can pick up the last one! Busy, Busy, Busy!!! And he doesn't even like toys. We have tons of them. Every morning he plays with my hairbrushes and my deodorant. It is a step up from our dirty clothes though!!
Silly Boy!! I think my favorite part about this stage of life is that Andrew laughs at himself! He will do something that he thinks is SO funny and throws his head back and laughs. He will clap and smile and crinkle up his nose too. I guess he gets this silliness from his daddy.
Bully... Can you believe that this sweet face is the class bully? OK, maybe I am overreacting, but he got an accident report last Friday and I looked at him and didn't see any bumps or bruises. Well it was not because he had an accident, it was because he was the accident. Apparently he did not want one little girl to sit next to him and he said "no, no ellie" and scratched her~ He did some time in time out for that little move. Don't worry, after signing the accident report, I told him "Wait till your father finds out about this!!" He didn't seem too worried...


Cookie Monster

We had this cookie jar when I was growing up. My dad saved it (and everything else from my childhood) for me. He has been hanging out on the shelf above the cabinets in the kitchen. Yesterday, Andrew saw him and waved and said "Hi!!". It was too cute. So we decided to get it down and put some cookies in it for Andrew (and us too!) First, I had to get his picture with it.
Hi Cookie Monster
Caught with his hand in the cookie jar


Andrew has had a double ear infection since the middle of December. We finally went to an ENT last week and scheduled to have tubes put in his ears on Monday morning. You would think that I was the only mom on the planet who ever went through this. I wanted to have everything prepared for that morning. I called friends who went through this before and read the hospital pamphlet 3 times to make sure that we had everything we needed. I couldn't really sleep because I was too nervous that we would oversleep (we had to be there at 5:30AM). Andrew did great. He said "hi" to everyone in the waiting room and didn't even remember that he didn't get any breakfast that morning. They nurse took him back at about 6:40 and the doctor came back at 6:58. He did great! They brought Andrew back about 10 minutes later and he was pretty fussy for about 30 minutes. By the time we got in the car, he was laughing and smiling again. After a 3 hour nap, he was back and better than ever! Let's just hope these ears stay clear now and he can be well for a while!
Buster ready to go to the hospital.

Waiting on the doctor. Playing with Buster and reading a book
Yes, we took him in his Christmas jommies. Poor planning, but he rocked them.
Ready for bed that night! Happy boy!

Bowling Birthday

Aunt Dougie celebrated her 30th Birthday this weekend and decided to have a family birthday party at the bowling alley. It was so much fun. (I am a little sore today!) We had 2 teams: Me, Bo, Melony & Cory vs. Meme, Dougie, Ryan & Raven. Cory was so sweet and encouraging... but on the inside I think he just REALLY wanted to win. Andrew did great! He stayed in his stroller for about 30 minutes and just took it all in. There was music and lights and noise. He was in his own little world. Bo, Doug & Ryan all had their own bowling balls and bags with bowling gear.
Cool Dude

When do I get to bowl??
Andrew and his Awesome Aunt Dougie!!


It snowed on Friday... After much speculation, it actually happened. To anyone who may be reading this and live North of us, sorry but snow isn't an every day kind of thing for us... but it is becoming quite a nuisance. Luckily for us, it all melted by the afternoon or next day and things were back to normal. Here was a picture from Andrew's first snow, last March.

Here are a couple of pictures from Friday.

OK, we have seen the snow... now I am so ready for some warm weather!!!


Bucket Head


Andrew loves this bucket! He will put it on his head and walk around the room and thinks he is so funny! We think he is pretty funny too!

12 Month Pictures

Sorry these are a little late getting posted. Here he is at 12 months! Such a sweet boy. Thanks to Bonnie at Blink Photography! She is great!


Andrew has basically had a double ear infection since the middle of December. We saw an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor on Tuesday and he is scheduled to get tubes in his ears on Monday morning. Please say a prayer for him! I know the surgery will be quick an uneventful and hear great things about tubes. It still is scary for me to know that he will be put to sleep, even if it is for a short while. Thanks for the prayers! Looking forward to getting his ears back to normal.

Super Sunday

The weekends go by too fast! Sunday was super busy and was also Super Bowl Sunday. Bo and I kept the nursery. We had 4 little boys, including Andrew. 3 of them sat in our laps the whole time and Andrew had free reign of any of the toys. Here is Bo reading to Hayes and Andrew a great book about Elmo.

After church, we had to come home and make brownies for our super bowl party. See the above picture of my brownies. (Sorry they are out of order) They turned out so cute and was a big accomplishment for little ole me. Bo had to get a shot of me in the kitchen. Here I am! Looks like I really know what I am doing, right?
We also had a surprise visit from Mimi and Papa. Andrew loves his Mimi and Papa. He thinks Papa is so funny! Poor Mimi. She only gets attention when he is through playing with Papa. Papa was one of his first words.

We all had a nice 2 hour nap and were late for the party. It was great to sleep though! I have missed my Sunday naps. I stole these pictures from my friend Shea's blog. They were just too cute not to share.

Who Dat?

Andrew and my future daughter in law, Ann Rogers.

"Lets go to the mall"

That was our big plan for the day on Saturday. Funny how your priorities change when you have a kid. Usually I avoid the Galleria at all costs, but I actually planned to go there...as a family...just so Andrew could ride the carousel. First we went to Cory and Bo's basketball game. They one by one point... with a last minute buzzer beater by the other team, only the kid walked and it didn't count. I guess I should have felt bad that he missed it, but I was so glad that the Jazz finally won their first game!!! So, off to the mall. We get parked and go to the food court, because we need to feed Andrew. No tables, so we cop a squat on an empty kiosk. Not an easy lunch with a 14 month old (Yes! He is 14 months this week!!). He does not want to be still. After a chaiotic lunch, he needs a diaper change, so we head to Parisian (or Belk). There was an ottoman behind a partiion for me to change him on. I am so horrified of public diaper changing areas. I can pretty much see the germs on everthing, especially a cloth ottoman that has never been cleaned. So I covered every inch of it with old clothes and the changing pad, praying that Andrew didn't pee on me because neither of us would have anything else to change into. I focused his little hands on a set of keys while I speedily changed him and got him up. Mission one: ACCOMPLISHED. Next, I have to pee. So I get him back in his stroller and wait for the handicap bathroom because it is the only one big enough for the 2 of us. Once I get him in there and wheel him to where he can't touch anything, I do my business, hoping not to sprinkle on anything...and keeping him from touching anythig. Mission two: ACCOMPLISHED. On to the carousel. We were 1st in line and Andrew and Bo picked the tiger to ride on. It took about 5 minutes or so to get everyone loaded and buckled on their respective animals. Andrew did great while they were waiting and by the time the thing started moving, he was pretty much done. Mission three: ACCPMPLISHED. Galleria, I will probably see you again but not until the Christmas holidays.
Hey Mom!! Look at me!! I am on the tallest animal out here!!!
OK, that was fun. Whats next?
Nope, I don't want to get back on this thing! Get me out of here!!


Doing some laundry

Where's Andrew?

Hey Coach!

The Jazz got creamed last week (not that the score matters, yeah right! Try telling that to a bunch of 3rd graders who never won a game). I saw some real improvements and then there were times when they completely lost focus. I think we will be better next week. Good Luck!
Coach Bo and the star of the Jazz, #41

Raven turns 6

Pure Joy!
Sweet Freinds
Happy Birthday to you!!
Thanks Grandmama and Granddaddy!

We celebrated Raven's 6th birthday this weekend. We had a fun "Hannah Montana" party at her house with a couple of her friends and family. The birthday girl was especially beautiful in a new party dress. She was so excited about all of her gifts, even the clothes! She is growing up so fast! We love you Raven!