Good News, Bad News

Good News- I got my camera back. Bad News- It will not take a picture. Looks like I am going to need to get a new camera VERY soon. Good thing my birthday is right around the corner... Hint, Hint!!

Prayers for my Papa Needed!!

My sweet, wonderful, hero grandfather has been in the hospital for about 10 days. He is doing much better and expected to get to go home on Thursday. Please say an extra special prayer for him to continue to improve and to do well with his rehab so he can go home. My Gigi misses him so much! I love you Pops. See you soon!

Going out to eat...

Last week, we met my step dad and nieces for dinner. Andrew is usually so good. Now that he is mobile, it has become abundantly clear that we are not going to be able to take him back to a restaurant for a while. He is WILD. He is so sweet, but he just can't sit still. He wants to go up to every one and say "HI" and run around. So, thanks to those of you who have invited us out to eat, but for the sake of everyone else being able to enjoy their meal, we are going to stay at home for a while. We did make a trip to Taco Casa after church on Sunday and he did OK. But he did say "Bye Bye" to about 8 different people on the way out. This boy is not shy!


Happy Birthday Meme!!

We celebrated Meme's birthday at Bo's grandmothers house last week. I just love this picture. Meme and all her sweet kids! Thanks to Nanny for a delicious dinner.
Melony, Gabriel, Cory, Raven & Andrew

Getting a buble bath at Nanny's


2 weekends ago we went to Nashville for the SEC Basketball tournament. Usually the game is in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome. (You may remember seeing us on TV 2 years ago when the tornado struck the dome during Alabama's game- we got some serious TV time because we were sitting right behind the announcers) So Nashville was great! I really like Bridgestone Arena. It was a great place for a game. I would love to go back for a concert soon. While we were in Nashville we got to meet our newest friends~ Brooks and Maddie Hollis. Sweet little twins that were born in February. They are home and doing great. Both babies look just like their parents. The are absolutely adorable! Congrats to Brad and Margaret!
Happy Brooks

Sweet Maddie

Proud Uncle Bo and Aunt Whit
Welcome to Section 38 Hollis Twins. We are going to need a bigger row!

Kentucky ~ Mississippi State
Overtime win!
Cats getting some coaching by Coach Cal.

Thanks to our sweet Mimi and Papa for keeping Andrew for a couple of days. We had lots of fun!


Missing Camera

I have a lot to post, but have lost my camera... as soon as I find it I will up date you on this past weekend and week.


15 Month Check-up

15 months and still rockin'!!
We went to the doctor this week for his check up. He is 24lbs, 13oz (50th percentile) and 31 inches long (50th percentile). But there is nothing average about this boy! He is so much fun!! We are officially off the bottle (as of Wednesday) The first morning was pretty tough, but he has done better the last 2 days. I am actually kind of sad about it. I think back on all those hours I spent hunched over the sink with scalding hot water and my rubber gloves washing those bottles. I think i might miss it. Naaah. Probably not. I do miss having a baby that will actually be still for longer than 3 seconds. The only time he will be still is right before bed. I cherish our time together at night when I can rock him and sing to him and give him his milk. (He calls it MALK). He will look up at me and pat my face and say Aah-paa. I have no idea what it means, but when I say it back to him, he just laughs! The mornings are crazy. Our room looks like a tornado went through it every morning. There are brushes, toys, clothes and all the contents of our bathroom drawers all over our room and bathroom. He has figured out that he can cary more than one thing in each hand. He will get about 4-5 hair brushes in his arms and cary them to the other side of the room. This does not help me in the mornings! He has learned how to turn the TV on and off and knows that this is a "no,no". This morning he turned it off then spanked his own hand and said "No,No". Too Funny! He is starting to use that word more and more. I know he understands it now. He talks way more than any other kid his age (according to his teachers) He can say purple and circle and can point each of them out. He also learned about the letter "E" last month at school. If you ask him the letter of the month, he will respond with a big "EEEEEEE". Now we are on to "F" which is a lot harder to say. He really likes his school and sometimes does not want to come home at 5:00. He wants to show me all the toys and his friends. When I pick him up, the infant II teacher is usually pulling her kids in a wagon. Andrew will take over and pull them down the hall. He thinks he is so big.
I am loving every minute with him, even the challenging ones. He has started to throw temper tantrums. He was super mad at Bo on Wednesday morning because he didn't get a bottle. And when we get home from school he is very hungry and ready to eat. If we don't hurry, he gets mad and whiny. I really can't complain. He sleeps great and eats great and is in a good mood 99% of the time. He is just easy going. I can't believe the time is passing so quickly.


Thanks PawPaw!!

We could have not gone to the game if it were not for my sweet Dad coming over to keep Andrew for a couple of days. We all went out to eat on Friday night and Andrew tried 3 new things: Onion Rings-Loved them!, Fried Spinach-Loved it! and Jello-Really Loved it!
We really appreciated Dad coming over so we could go to the game. Andrew is a handful these days and is just so much fun too. I was glad that Dad was able to spend time with him and watch him grow and learn. I know that they both had fun together because they were both exhausted on Sunday night. Andrew will be going in the guest bedroom for weeks now saying "pawpaw?"

C-A-T-S Cats, Cats, Cats!!!!

March Madness has officially begun at our house! It started last weekend when we took a road trip to Lexington, KY to watch the Cats take on the Florida Gators on Senior Day. A great big THANK YOU to Bo's Uncle Paul & Aunt Cindy for inviting us to join them. We also saw Bo's cousin Neal and his beautiful new bride, Emily. We all had so much fun. How can you not have fun at Rupp Arena, right? The game was on Sunday, but we drove up to Russellville, KY on Saturday to visit with family. We had a DELICIOUS dinner at The Cattle Pen, Russellville's newest and best eating establishment. Thanks to Uncle DayDay and Stephen for the delicious Steak and Hamburger. We can't wait to come back.
Senior Day
Me and Scratch! He made me get up and dance with him!
(OK, there was not that much persuasion needed...)
Kerrs with the Cats
One secret about Rupp Arena- You gotta have the ice cream! It is delicious!!

Me, Paul, Cindy & Bo


UGRS Christmas Party... In February!

I am so blessed to have these girls in my life. We are all Zeta Tau Alpha sisters from the pledge class of 96! Every year we have a Christmas party and go to the beach together in the summer. There are 9 of us spread between Birmingham and Atlanta. These are the girls that I know that I will be friends with for the rest of my life. 5 of us went to see Harry Connick Jr. at the Alabama Theater on Friday night and we had our annual Christmas spend the night party on Saturday. We all make appetizers and desserts and sit around a talk and look at old pictures and laugh about what we wore in college and how smokin hot and skinny we were. (Don't get me wrong, we are all still smokin hot, but after 7 kids between us, not quite as skinny!!) Can't wait for the beach trip this summer!! Love you girls!
Natalie, Laura, Nicole, Leighton
Leighton, Natalie & Me
Laura, Mandy, Jennifer
Leighton, Me, Rebecca, Natalie, Ashley
Leighton opening her dirty Santa present. An old sweater. Notice that I thought it was Hilarious! Love the expression on Natalie's face too.
Rockin out with some Rock Band. We will go on tour this summer so look out!