Shootin Hoops

We got Andrew this basketball goal a couple of weeks ago. He was so excited when he woke up from his nap and it was in his playroom. He played with it for a few minutes and that was it! Now, he won't even put the actual basketball through the hoop. He will put the football and all the little balls he has through the hoop, but he will not let go of the basketball when he has it. Maybe basketball is not in future, who knows! He will definitely be a UK fan, but he is going to have to figure out how to shoot sometime!
He Shoots....


Happy Birthday to ME!!

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I LOVE my birthday. I mean, it is a day (or week) totally about ME! Bo always has some surprises and this year was no different. I really wanted an iphone, but didn't actually NEED an iphone. Bo had been talking about one for several days before, so I thought that there was no way that I would be getting that. He wouldn't be that obvious. (One year he had me convinced that he was getting me a puppy for Christmas. I am so allergic to dogs and we have both talked about how we just wouldn't ever get a dog. He is super tricky!) So we met for lunch at Johnny Rockets last week and he took me over to the AT&T store to get my new phone. I was really surprised and so excited. It is so cool!
We went over to Atlanta on Saturday to see David Gray in concert. My Sister in law and sweet niece kept Andrew that night. But first Andrew and Hannah got to play at Hannah's new house. She was so excited to show off her new playroom. They had so much fun together.
Hanna said that Andrew asked her to prom and that we needed to go rent him a tux!
Playing outside with Mickey. "Hot Dog!"
This is a picture Liz sent me while we were at the concert. How cute is this?
David Gray
We had 7th row seats! It was a great show at the Atlanta Civic Center. We even ran into one of my sorority sisters and her husband. It was a fun night. I can't wait for summer to get here so we can go to more concerts!!
When Andrew woke up on Sunday, PawPaw was home from a vacation in Florida. They were both so excited to see each other!
The celebration continued with a family fiesta at a local Mexican restaurant on Monday night!
My little muchacho!
The birthday celebration ended on Thursday with a joint party with some of my sweet girlfriends at a local restaurant. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful week. Lets start planning again for next year.


What A Day!!

Easter was such a fun day! Andrew and I were by ourselves because Bo was at the Final Four. We really missed him!! Andrew got a visit from the Easter Bunny and we went to church. Then we went to Bo's mom's house and Andrew got to see all of his cousins and aunts and uncle and 2 sets of grandparents. Then we went to my mom's for more lunch and an Easter egg hunt with another cousin. He didn't take his nap until 4:45! (normally he goes down at 12) He was great all day though. He had so much fun and thought he was so big like his cousins. Here are some fun pictures from the day... The first one is him last Easter. He was so little!!
Andrew- Easter 2009

Sleepy little bunny.
The Easter Bunny came!
Oh boy! a shakey thing and some juice cups and some books and some new clothes and a ball!
Handsome boy ready for church.
Meme and all her kids!
My sweet boy
Andrew and Anniston hunting Easter eggs.
Cool dude.
Getting some more eggs.
Handsome Boy.
(My dad gave us this hat the night of our rehersal dinner... just a little hint about him wanting grand kids. It is so fun to see him wear it. I think he looks just like his daddy)
Andrew's new "Jump~Jump"
This was a hit with he and Anniston. They played in it for a couple of hours.
All that jumping and egg hunting has made me thirsty! I need 2 juices!!
Celebrating Mommy's birthday with A LOT of candles! (2 too many, but who's counting?)
" Eggs-hausted"
I don't know who went to sleep first. Thanks Mimi and Papa for a fun day!


Bo was gone on Saturday morning, so I cooked breakfast. No, I did not cook Cheese Puffs! I was making an omelet for Andrew and I and he was playing with his fridge magnets. I heard a crunch and turned around and this is what I found! Good thing my camera was right on the counter so I could get this surprised look. I think he may be a Ninja when he grows up because he was so quiet and I have no idea where he even got the bag from!
Uh oh!
Mmm. These are good!
Mom, lets have these for breakfast instead of that ham and cheese omelet!

Practice makes perfect.

We had our Easter Egg hunt last weekend at church and Andrew did great. He snatched a few out of some other kids' baskets but all in all he go the hang of it. He can say egg too!

Hmmm. Here is one!

Got cha!