Play On

We came home from the beach a day early so we could go see Carrie Underwood. Bo got us GREAT seats. (Which should come as NO surprise to anyone...) He said that he was going to see her not to hear her. She did not dissappoint. It was a great show and she was beautiful. Much to his dismay, she only wore a skirt once... Here are some pictures from the show.


Beach Trip 2010

Beach trip 2010 was a success. No sunburns, no oil, great food and no major drama (except for Andrew walking out of the front door of the condo and no one knowing where he was for about 3 LONG minutes). Andrew was a great traveler. He slept most of the way down and back and watched his DVD player in the car and had snacks during the time he was awake. The beach was beautiful. It makes me sad to think of it all covered in oil. I am glad that we go to see it one last time before it potentially gets ruined!! Vacations have definitely taken a different turn. It takes A LOT longer to get ready to do anything like go to the beach or dinner. I am not sure that there was that much "relaxing" going on either. I really took for granted being able to layout and read a book. Now I can't take my eyes off my little guy for a second. I am so nervous around the water and at restaurants. I am definitely looking forward to a vacation with just Bo and I later this summer. This little boy is wild, but so much fun. He keeps us laughing all the time.
Relaxing under the umbrella.
Andrew liked the water and we stood ankle deep and let the waves wash over out feet.
There was lots of seaweed in the water so we didn't get in.
Here is Andrew at Stinky's Fish Camp. We had awful service, but a great meal. Dinner took about 2 hours and he did great!! toward the end, this table of girls sat down and fell in LOVE with Andrew. He was telling them "touchdown" and the sound a tiger makes "Rarrrrh!"
Andrew and Mimi before dinner.

Beach Baby
Playing in the pool.
Splish, Splash
This was Andrew's favorite part of the pool... the shower.
He could have stayed under this all afternoon!
Family shot at sunset in Baytowne
We had a great meal at Graffiti and went dancing at Poppy's.
Cuttin' a rug with my Mimi.
Hmmmm...Does this thing have Old MacDonald???
Playing in the sand.
Mmmm. Snack!
Andrew had more fun playing outside the pool than in the water.
Sunset Photo Shoot
Thanks for taking me to the beach Mimi & Papa!!!
I love my mom!
My dad is so funny!
Andrew and Max...
This was about as close as they got the entire trip. Andrew ALWAYS wanted to know where Max was and what he was doing. He just didn't want to be TO close to him.

18th Month Check-Up

Length: 33.5 inches (80th Percentile)
Weight: 25Lbs,4Oz (40th Percentile)
Head: 18.5 inches (25th Percentile)
Waiting to see the Doctor.
Andrew & Dr. Dudgeon

Andrew had a great check up. We are very proud of his development as he seems to be doing very well. For example, the doctor said that he should be saying at least 10 words and his vocabulary consists of at least 50+ words including ALL of his family members, animals, sports, toys, colors, shapes, foods and friends. He should be able to stack 3-4 blocks and he can stack them as high as he can reach. He can run, kick a ball, throw overhand, and is great at hitting a golf ball. According to the doctor, he should be able to point to at least 4 body parts and he knows at least 14 different body parts. I am telling you, he is super smart!! We are so thankful for his school and his teachers. They deserve so much credit for teaching him so much everyday. He loves his teachers and has to hug them everyday before he leaves. He is talking in 2-3 word sentences a lot and can repeat ANYTHING. He loves grapes and strawberries (grates and straw-aubies) and cheese puffs. He also likes chicken (chickchick) and corn (torn). When he wants you to hold him, he will stand by you and say "happy" which means pick him up. His favorite number is #2. He wants 2 of everything. (especially cheese puffs). He loves being outside (out-dide). He likes to sit in one of his chairs and looks at his books. He also likes to sort thinks or stack them up. He is sleeping in the chair in his room most of the time. He may start off in his crib, but every morning when we go into his room, he is snuggled up with all his blankets in his chair. He will give you a hug or a kiss if you ask him to. He also is good about following directions (give this to daddy, go get your shoes, etc.)


Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys

Last weekend we took our annual trip to Texas to visit my grandparents (the ones that Andrew is named after). After weeks of packing and planning we got up REALLY early to catch our 7:25 flight on Friday. I was more than a little nervous about Andrew flying. Last year he was 7 months old and was perfect. This year almost 18 months old and mobile! I thought if we needed to stow him in the overhead compartment or under the seat I would check to make sure he would fit...
Yep. We were all set. On this flight he had to sit in our laps because it was a full flight. Andrew did great! He watched Baby Einstein and looked at some of his books and had some snacks.
Checking out the view from 30,000 feet.

Making himself familiar with the emergency procedures.
The good news about the early flight was that we got there before 10AM and had practically the whole day to visit with my grandparents. We spent most of the morning outside helping Pops. He has a beautiful yard and was busy watering all the flowers. Our Mr. Busy was happy to have a partner.
Watering the plants
Putting everything away.
The next morning we went to Dallas to visit Uncle John & Aunt Carol. We met for breakfast and then went to a children's clothing store where they bought him two adorable outfits and a toy turtle (which turns into a sprinkler when you put it in water and Andrew LOVES it!) We went back to their house for a short visit then it was back to Colleyville for more family fun. Thanks Uncle John and Aunt Carol for a fun morning!!
Uncle John helping to put together the Mickey puzzle.

Andrew got to pick a couple of radishes out of Aunt Carol's garden.

Andrew and Uncle John saying a prayer...

When we got back to my grandparents my other Aunt and Uncle were there along with my one and only cousin and her little boy. We played again outside and the boys were so cute. They started by playing in the fountain which led to making some mud and digging in the dirt and eventually lots more water.
Andrew's 2nd Cousin- Ty Purcell
Playing in the dirt.
mmmmm. DIRT!
playing golf in Pops' awesome yard.
Uncle Ralph helping Andrew.
Back Row: Mom, Gigi, Pops, Aunt Nan
Front Row: Me, AMK, Ty, Ryan
Saying "Cheese"
Which he learned that day because we took about 100 pictures trying to get
one good one of everyone
Surfer Cowboy
This is SO much Fun!!
Sunday we went to Neen and Walf's house. (That is how Andrew says Nan and Ralph) We had a great lunch and spent more time outside with Gage and Ty. Andrew thought he was just as big as the other boys and loved being in the water.
Sprinkler Fun
3 sweet boys!
Ty getting ready to make a big splash!
Cooling off
Sunday night Bo & I got away for a quick date and went to a movie.
Andrew and Pops stayed in and watched a movie with M&J and Gigi.
We got to spend Memorial Day with a true hero, My Pops! He fought in WWII.
Trying to get a good family picture...
Our flight was delayed about an hour so on the way to the airport we stopped in downtown Dallas. We happened to stop at the spot where President John F.Kennedy was assassinated. We looked at some of the sights around there got a quick refresher on that day in history.
Andrew on the Grassy Knoll (don't you think they could get a plaque or something??)
Andrew on the way home.
Other than TWO stinky diapers, he was perfect once again. A real trooper when it comes to traveling. I was so proud. He did make some friends with the people sitting behind us as he kept popping his head up over the seat and saying "hi" and giving them high 5's. The only unfortunate part of the trip was that our luggage didn't make the flight home so we were stuck in the Birmingham airport for about 2 hours dealing with that, but Andrew took a small nap and wasn't too fussy. (Wish I could have said the same for Bo!) Great trip! Can't wait to do it again next year.