Parrot Head in Training

Jimmy Buffett held a live concert on CMT on Sunday night. You know us, we love to watch a concert. So we got out the beach balls and dressed Andrew in his beachiest outfit and were ready to rock. After the first song, where he danced and played the air drums, he looked at Bo and said "more?more?" Yes, sweet boy, there was 2 hours more to come. He watched the whole show. At one point Bo took the broom and played it like a guitar. Well that was it. About 2 songs later, he comes running into the kitchen knocking on the door where we keep the brooms saying "ditar, ditar"... So I shortened the Swiffer to be just his size and he rocked out the rest of the evening with his own guitar. It won't be long before he gets to his first real concert... wonder what it will be? (DMB is not touring next year, but maybe in 2012??)
Having a ball at the concert!
Fins to the right!
He is the son of a son of a sailor!

The Help

"Hey-yelp?" - That is how Andrew says help. He calls the broom-"Hey-yelp" because when ever I am sweeping (which isn't that often) he always wants to help. He will push this around the whole kitchen. I'll ask him. "Are you through?" and he will say "No, No, No". After about 5 minutes or so I will ask him again and he will say "yep" and then puts it back in the closet.
Here he is right before we are leaving the house for school one morning.
This is the first thing he picked up as soon as he got home that afternoon!
Sweetest "Hey-yelper" in the whole world!

4th of July Cook-out

We hosted a traditional 4th of July cook out on Monday. We were fortunate to have Bo's dad and step mom in town too! Andrew calls them G-DaDa and Gigi. He made that up himself! He loved all the attention he got over the weekend. We had a fun day with all of Bo's family. Hamburgers, Hot dogs, chips, slaw, pasta salad and a festive dessert with cake, strawberries and blueberries... YUMMY!
G-DaDa & Gigi
The Whole Gang!!!
This was a hard one to get as we had to balance the camera on the TV and use the timer.

The boys getting a little PlayStation in before the big cook out.
Notice that there are 3 chairs because Andrew wanted be be right there with Cory. But unfortunately he can't sit still for more than 3 seconds so he is not in the picture.
This was probably my favorite moment of the weekend. Cory was helping Andrew with all the words in this book. They probably read it together for about 5 minutes...which is an ETERNITY in toddler time. Andrew LOVES Cory so much and thinks that he is just the best thing in the room. Cory is so sweet to him and so good to play with him too.

Bo's 2nd Birthday

July 4th weekend was a busy one. We started it off with a birthday party for our friend Bo Armstrong. He turned 2! I hope that he and Andrew will be good friends one day just like their dads are good friends. They live in Oxford, MS so we don't get to see their family too often and it was great fun to catch up with everyone. The kids had a blast playing outside in a pool and on the slip and slide. Andrew LOVED it. He thought that he was just as big as all the other kids. He would watch them run and slide down then he would lay down and crawl on it. Bo tossed him down the slip and slide a couple of times. It was a great day! Happy Birthday Little Bo.
Andrew & Ella
Andrew sneaking in some cake.
Loving the water
Whoo-Hoo! Slip & Slide!!


Keep Checking Back...

Our computer is on the fritz... so there will probably not be very many posts for the next week or so. Keep checking back because I have lots of pictures and funny stories to tell you about!


Dear God:

Every night when we all sit down for dinner, Andrew clasps his hands together and shakes them up and down as if to say…”Don’t forget the prayer!!” Last night was no different. Although he is usually about half way through his meal, he waits until we are all sitting down together before he reminds us. I usually start by saying Dear God, Thank you for…. and look to Andrew for him to fill in the rest. Here is how it went last night.
WK: Dear God, Thank you for…
AMK: Straw-aubies (strawberries)
WK: and what else?
AMK: Boo-aubies (blueberries)
WK: and what else?
AMK: PawPaw!!
WK: and who else?
WK: and who else?
AMK: Hannah na na na (Hannah Banana, which he thinks is so funny to say)
WK: and who else?
AMK: Books!
AMK: A-Nen!
WK & BK: Amen!
I love these sweet prayers and I love that he is learning to pray at school and at home. You never know who or what he might be thankful for that day. Sometimes he will go through the whole family (which means we have to re-heat our dinner because there are so many cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents) It is worth it though!

A day at the Lake

Our sweet friends Mandy & Gary invited us to the lake along with some of my other sorority sisters from college. It was such a fun day. Andrew was not too happy at first about having to wear his puddle jumper life jacket, but eventually got used to it and didn't even take it off when we got off the lake. The highlight of the trip was seeing Natalie get in the water. This has NEVER happened, ever. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it!! Thanks to Jenn and Natalie for bringing so many delicious snacks and for Mandy for having us down. Hopefully we can come back again real soon!
Cruising with Daddy

Chillin with Mom
Hey Gilligan!
Playing inside, in his puddle jumper.

Father's Day Weekend

My dad came over from Atlanta and brought my niece, Hannah for the weekend. We had a great time. Andrew LOVES ice, so I have been wanting him to have a snow cone. We found a Sno-Biz place Friday night and tried it out. He really liked it... I mean, who doesn't?
Yummy! Cherry!
Hannah, PawPaw & Andrew

Saturday we got up early (too early for a Saturday) and went to the Ross Bridge Farmer's market and then to a couple of shops that we like to go to. Dad bought Andrew the cutest chair & ottoman that look like a baseball. We went to the pool Saturday afternoon. Sunday we went to church and out to lunch afterwards.
PawPaw and Andrew playing.
This was my old table and chairs set. It is such a perfect size for Andrew now.
Cheese! I love my PawPaw!!!
Bo went to the Lake for the first part of the weekend but was home for church and lunch on Sunday and he had a fun father's day playing with our sweet little boy. Here they are getting ready to go to bed.