Weekend fun

It is so much fun to have a laid back and relaxed weekend. We didn't really have many plans. The only thing on our list was to attend a fundraiser for the Bell Center which included an appearance by Aubie. We had talked to Andrew about it all day and he was so excited... right up to the part where we actually got close to Aubie. I think he was terrified. He was fine as long as we were a safe distance away. He would wave and blow kisses to Aubie...but when we got close, he did not like it one bit...
The fundraiser was all about tailgating and each tent represented a different school. Everyone had great food from nachos, to hot dogs, to bbq, to cupcakes & cookies. The Florida tent even had a real gator~Yikes!
This one is for you Aunt Shea....Andrew as Colonel Reb.
After the fundraiser, we needed to go by Bed, Bath & Beyond to get an iron. Andrew found a broom that was just his size. He was so excited!! He started sweeping the store...
Sunday, we went to church and we both worked in the nursery. Big thanks to all those who work in the nursery. We were whipped after church...exhausted!! Andrew decided that he would wear his backpack instead of caring it. He felt so big.
Walking with Raven.
Happy boy playing in the nursery!!


Popsicle at the pool

Doesn't this just look delicious? Normally, I hate messy stuff, but I let Andrew have a Popsicle at the pool which he quickly devoured. Unfortunately, he had to have a shower before he was allowed to get back in the pool. Looks like he got more on his face than in his mouth, but he loved every bite... listen to him say "MMMMMMMMMM!'

Last Weekend...

Last weekend was fun. We didn't really have anything planned, other than AR's birthday (see post below). We had our friends Kristin and Alan over for dinner on Saturday night and they have a new baby girl, Lillie or "baby Yilyee" as Andrew calls her. She is so beautiful. I can't remember Andrew being that small. She is starting to "ooh and aah" and smile. It is so much fun.
Happy boy, on the way home from church.
Helping Dad grill some chicken.
sweet baby Yilyee

Ann Rogers Birthday Party

Our sweet friend, Ann Rogers is turning 3 soon, so we celebrated with her at her birthday party at Veteran's park last weekend. It was HOT, but Shea had the fans going and it was a nice party under the pavilion. It was "wear your favorite team" themed. Too cute. It was so fun to see everyone in their Auburn gear... except for AR...her mama is a big Ole Miss fan and this apple didn't fall too far from that tree. Hotty Toddy and Happy Birthday Ann Rogers!!!!
Bo and the beautiful birthday girl and Col. Reb.
Andrew's first whistle. I knew where he was at all times!
Getting some throwing tips from Clayton.
AR and Andrew with some Homewood cheerleaders and a football player.
Make a wish sweet girl!!!


Ice Cream with Mimi & Papa

We finally got a new computer!! We (I) decided that we needed a Mac. Bo and I went to the Apple store to get it, and Mom and Mij came and took Andrew around while we were getting suckered into upgrading from a laptop to a desktop. Anyway, after the big purchase, we all went to Dairy Queen for a bite of ice cream. I love Dairy Queen ice cream. It is so creamy and delicious. Andrew loved it and ate every bite! There is just something about ice cream in the summer! It tastes so much better when it is over 90 degrees. Thanks for the treat Mimi and Papa!

mmmmm... delicious
Soooo good!
No way Mimi!! This is mine.

Our Little Rocker

EVERY DAY after school Andrew wants to come home and watch a concert. He usually gets Jimmy Buffet or Dave Matthews Band. It is so funny. He will get his 2 guitars (one guitar and one swiffer) and blocks or buckets for drums. He can actually sit and watch the whole thing! Well, he will only sit if he is not dancing or playing the guitar. Here are several shots from several different days last week.
Wasting away AGAIN in Margaritaville.....
Playing the drums with Dave Matthews Band. (Notice the swiffer on the couch)
This kid has a serious drum kit: 2 buckets, 2 spatulas and about 8 blocks.

We met our friends Laura & Will for dinner one night and there happened to be a Guitar Center store next to the restaurant. Laura and Will's little boy loves music, so they said that they were going to walk over to the store and look at the guitars. I knew Andrew would like it too. I wish I had it on video! When we walked into the store, Andrew's mouth dropped wide open in amazement. There were guitars EVERYWHERE! "Gee-Tar, Gee-Tar" He loved it!
Andrew's Billy Idol Face
"its a nice day for a white wedding...."


Boys Weekend

(August 6-8)
While I was gone to the beach, Andrew and Bo had a boys weekend here. Bo said that he was great all weekend. Bo woke up one morning and heard Andrew in his room talking. When he went in there, Andrew was sitting in his chair holding his little toe saying "Wee, Wee Wee Wee all the way HOME!" He can entertain himself during the morning until we come and get him out of his room. He will talk to his dalmatian (Spot), his other dog (Bubba) or Curious (George). He will say "Alright George" and hold his hand up and give George a high 5. Then he reads his "bible book" to them. Tells them all about the Giant Goliath and boat rides with Jesus. I missed them both so much, but I am so thankful to be able to get away each year and spend time with my girlfriends. I know that they had fun. Andrew did miss me too... Bo said that one morning he grabbed my bra and walked around the house saying "mama? Mama?" Guess that should teach me to pick up after myself!
This is where I found Andrew when I got home on Sunday. He will get up from his nap and get all of his friends and blankets and pillows and snuggle up in his chair. He is happy as he can be!
We had to make a quick trip to Publix to get a few things, which is always a challenge with Andrew. Or at least it used to be a challenge, until we discovered the shopping carts that he could "drive". Whoever invented these was a GENIUS! Andrew didn't throw one thing OUT of the cart this time. He loves to "dribe" the cart. We may start spending our Friday nights cruising the aisles at Publix.
Free cookie and a space shuttle. This is AWESOME!!!

UGRS Weekend 2010

(August 6-8)
Well we think that this is our 11th year to go on this beach trip. I don't feel old enough to have done something for 11 years. But I am not too old to stay out till the sun comes up, at least once a year. These are my sorority sisters and we have been doing this beach trip since before we graduated Auburn. They are always so much fun. This year we were down 3 girls due to a wedding, graduation and pregnancy. Those that went represented well. It is so much fun to catch up and relax! Sleeping late is definitely a plus! Grilled cheese sandwiches and pizza rolls are also a bonus. We even made it to the beach this year! Most of the time we hang out at the pool. These are some of the best friends a girl could ask for. I know we will be doing this trip for at least another 11 years. UGRS... we still got it!
Me, Rebecca, Jenn
Leighton, Laura, Nicole
The whole gang..excluding Natalie, Mandy & Ashley
We actually forgot all our cameras this night so we bought a couple of disposable cameras. We are definitely spoiled by being able to see the picture you take instantly. We were so excited to get these pictures back a week after we went. They were pretty funny though because there were spots on the film and several shots with people's heads cut off. We are not used to looking through the view finder, just point and click.


DMB 2010- ATL & WPB

(July 27th, & July 30-Aug 1)

Well, if you know anything about me & Bo, you know we like to go to concerts...especially Dave Matthews Band concerts. This year, it worked out that the shows we were going to see were all in one week. Which makes for a pretty fun week, but it is all over so quick! We started the week with the Atlanta show. We were able to just drive over and come back the same night. We got to have a quick(& delicious)dinner with dad and also saw my brother and sister in law at the show. Of course it was a good show...

We had great seats. 7th row, dead center.

Then it was off to sunny south Florida for another 2 shows. Mom kept Andrew while we were gone. It was the second time we have left him for more than one night. It was really hard last time because he was about 7 months old, but this time we knew he would miss us too. But he did great at Mom's house. He loves his Mimi and Papa and Max & Xena (dog and cat). Bo and I had a wonderful time. I have not been to West Palm in probably 20 years, so it was basically all brand new. We stayed right on the beach at the Hilton on Singer Island. The hotel was great and the weather was beautiful. We went for a quick walk on the beach before we were off to the Friday night show. We had aisle seats in the first section on the right side of the stage. It is always nice to be on the end. This allows easy access to bathrooms and more room for dancing (for Bo)! Friday night's show...8 out of 10. Great venue. It was so easy to get in and out and it was really, really nice. They also had these DELICIOUS things called "arrepas" which was like a grilled cheese sandwich, but made with 2 slices of cornbread and mozzarella cheese in the middle... YUMMY!

Saturday was great. We slept in till about 10:30 or so...aahhhh! Then we hit the beach. We were able to rent a couple of chairs and umbrella right out front. The hotel had an outside restaurant where we ate lunch. We spent a lot of time in the water that day. It was beautiful. The perfect temperature to cool you off, but not too cold. Refreshing! It was also so clear. We were about neck deep and could still see all around us. Check out the view from our room.
We had REALLY good seats for the 2nd night. Dead center on the 8th row. We were sitting right next to a guy who sat in front of us the night before. He had some backstage/lounge passes he let us borrow. We were able to go and get a couple of free drinks and schmooze with some other big wigs. Just so happens that the trumpet player, Rashawn Ross, was back there while we were. We tried to take a picture with him, but he was denying everyone and said he was in a really big hurry. Here he is... Sorry it is such a bad picture...
Then he got stuck talking to someone, so Bo insisted I go and stand beside him to get a picture..
Me and Rashawn's left shoulder. Great shot honey!!! haha.. It was really cool getting to meet him. He was nice, even though he wouldn't stop for a picture. Saturday Nights show was a 12 out of 10. Seriously, off the charts awesome. (And we got more cheezy cornbread!!)
Sunday our flight didn't leave till 5:00 so we decided to sleep late, then go para sailing. We were the first ones out, so they took us around for about 40 minutes. We came down at just the right time because it started POURING right when we got back to the marina. It was so nice and peaceful when we were flying though. We could see several fish and lots of reefs. They have great snorkeling on Singer Island.

Here we go!!!!!!!!
YIKES! We were super high up!
We took the afternoon and drove to Delray Beach and ate lunch on Atlantic Avenue at a delicious little restaurant and enjoyed some shopping, then it was off to the airport. We were so ready to get home to our little guy, but had a delayed flight... we finally made it home at about 9 and mom kept Andrew up so we could see him. He was a sight for sore eyes! He did great all weekend and was super happy to see us. I took Monday off of work so we could spend the day together. It was a really great weekend. I am so happy we were able to get away, just the 2 of us.

Bible Study Party

(July 22)I have been going to a girls/moms bible study for at least a year. I have met some really sweet girls and have learned a lot. The first book we did was called Growing Kids Gods Way and I really liked it. We watched a video every week and had homework to read and questions to answer. It was always fun getting back together to see what each mom had to say about each kid and each situation. It is so nice to have other christian moms to turn to when you have questions about what to do in certain situations. The second book we are doing now is called Shepherding a Child's Heart. It is a lot more reading and searching out verses in the bible. I am learning a lot from it as well. I am just so thankful God placed this group of women in my life. We decided that it was time for us to get all our kids together so we could meet everyone. So many girls live in the same neighborhood and know each other already, but for me, it was great to meet their kids and a good chance to show off our little guy. We had a pool party at Ross Bridge. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but this is sadly all I got.
I know G-dada will LOVE This picture. He is always wanting to get Andrew on his Harley. For now, this is about as far as I am willing to let him go. Sitting still! I don't know who's bike this was, but Andrew immediately hopped on it when we were leaving.
Here are all the kids sitting and eating their pizza. Andrew was the youngest one there, but he definitely felt like he was just as big as any other kid.


Happy Birthday Bo!!

(July 18th)We celebrated Bo's Birthday with family. We took Melony, Cory & Raven to see Despicable Me. It was a really cute movie with a great story. I love Steve Carrell, so that helped. Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a large popcorn, diet coke and some twizzlers. After the movie, we came home to a cupcake party! The birthday boy got a sweet family picture, some ipod speakers, movie gift certificates and a shirt and some $$. Happy Birthday to my sweetie!! I love you!!

Hello Toddlers

(July 16th)Look out, here comes Andrew. Today he starts the Toddler Class. And it is Water Play day... What could be more fun? I can't believe how much he has grown in the last couple of months. He is really developing his personality and is SO funny.

Adios Wobblers...

(July 15th) Here we go again. Andrew is saying goodbye to his Wobbler class and movin on up to Toddlers. I have mixed emotions because we LOVE his current teachers. They are just the sweetest girls and they love Andrew! We are really going to miss them, just like the teachers before them and the ones before them... I know his new teachers will be great too. He has learned so much in this class and I know he will be learning so much more in the new class. He does seem so much bigger than all the other kids. It is definitely time for him to move on. We are so blessed to have him in such a great school. Here are a couple of pictures from his last day.
Sweet Miss Shonda
Loving on Miss Rhema
So happy with Miss Carolyn (Miss KK)
Lead Teacher, Mrs. Grace


Back in Business

We got a new Mac today!!! I have some files to transfer tomorrow, but hopefully we will be up and blogging again tomorrow...


Stay tuned...

So the computer officially died last week. We are looking for a new one. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. We don't really know anything about computers... gigs, ram, megabytes, etc.
In the mean time... Andrew continues to grow up...so FAST! This morning he came in the bedroom with Bo. Bo said "Tell mommy what you had for breakfast" He said "yuck yuck" (which is yogurt). I said "good boy" then he said "all gone, all gone!" The he said "too-brush" because he wants to brush his teeth. I gave it to him and he looked at me and said "too-paste, mama?" So smart! He is also very funny. I have loved seeing his personality develop. He does something new everyday it seems.
Keep checking back, hopefully next week we will have a new computer and I can update you on his new class room at school, our trip to West Palm Beach and a couple of other fun things.