Funny Things He Says...

WK: Andrew Who is our Quarterback? Cam Newton?
AMK: Noooo. Cam New-tey.

The other morning we were reading a book that had 3 little pigs riding bicycles. Andrew pointed to them and said: "Andrew, mama, daddy ride bi-tickle to Andrew's house. I just thought that was a pretty big sentence for him...

While in the gift shop at the train station a couple of weekends ago...
AMK: OOOH! Back-ard-igan!
WK: What?
~He found a Backyardigan doll named Uniqua. I had no idea what these things are, and had never seen the show. Apparently he watches it at school. We now TiVo it at home. It was funny to see him get so excited about this little character and we had never even seen them!

After school one afternoon we had to run to Publix. We were going up one aisle and Andrew said "John Paul Mama" and this lady turns around and smiled and said "Yes, I am John Paul's Mom" He then smiles and says "hi". She disappeared down another aisle.
John Paul is a kid in his class. He knows EVERYONE's mom and dad and calls them out when they come in his class or if he sees them in the halls. I didn't think he would do it a Publix!

9 Years!!!

Bo and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary this week. 9 years ago we were 2 young, crazy kids that had no idea how wonderful our life would be together. I look forward to the next 50 years with this guy! He is the best.. and just look how cute he is....
We celebrated by going to Firebirds for dinner on Friday night. We had such a fun, relaxing dinner. I can't remember the last time we both finished a meal together and had a REAL conversation! It was great. I wouldn't trade our crazy evenings for anything, but it was nice to get away and talk again! Then we went to Best Buy and got a new camera! Yeah! I have a lot of reading to do to figure out all the settings, but I am super excited about it. Thanks baby!

Dinner Party

Andrew had a few of his friends over for dinner last week. The menu consisted of chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries and fresh, sliced apples. The conversation was lovely and the friends were very well behaved. I am sure we will be having many more of these get togethers!
Aubie, Spot, Punkin Man & Bubba
What is for dessert?


Trunk or Treat 2010

Every year our church has a Trunk or Treat around Halloween. People get pretty creative with their trunks and the kids walk up and down the aisles and get candy. We had popcorn, snow cones, ice cream, a hay ride, bouncey things... it was a lot of fun. Last year, Andrew was so little, he didn't really know what do do. This year... he loved it! I am not really sure that he knew he was getting candy, but he liked the fact that everyone was handing him a brightly colored wrapper of some sort. He was totally into all the excitement. We rode the hay ride and he had so much fun. During the end, he just laid his head down on me and looked up with those big blue eyes. I said are you having fun? He just smiled and said yes. So sweet!
My little pumpkin last year!!!
My little rock star!!
off to get some candy....
"Hey Sawyer! you got any Skittles in there??"
Sawyer the cow and Andrew the Rocker
Playing a little "air guitar"


Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day in Auburn. The Tigers won another one! We were able to go because Mimi & Papa volunteered to keep Andrew. He had a blast at their house. He was sound asleep when we got there to pick him up. He woke up when we put him in the car and he began to tell us all about his day. He talked about everything he did. He talked about playing with the little boy across the street, the dog, the cat, what he ate for lunch, what books he read...but he so sleepy when he was talking. It was too funny. He definitely had fun!
Natalie, Mandy, Rebecca, Tina, Jenn, Me!
Victory formation!
War Eagle! 8-0!!


Train Ride to the Pumpkin Patch

We went to Calera to the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum on Sunday for the Pumpkin Patch Express. I wasn't sure how Andrew would do, but he really liked it. We had about a 15 minute ride to the pumpkin patch where we picked the perfect pumpkin, rode a hay ride and ate some delicious boiled peanuts. Mimi & Papa rode the train with us along with our friends Shea and sweet, sweet Ann Rogers! It was such a beautiful day and so much fun.
Andrew loving on AR

If you are sitting here... who is driving this train???

So sweet!
Family Picture
Hummm... I'll take dis one, no, dis one, no dat one.....
Favorite part of the day, riding the tractor.
wheee.... we are going fast!
This was so much fun!!!!



All week we would tell Andrew that we were going to see family in Kentucky. G-Dada, Gigi, Uncle Paul and Aunt Cindy. If you asked him where we were going he would say "tucky!" It is about a 4 hour drive to get to where we were going, but Andrew did great in the car. He took a great nap and we stopped at Sam's to get gas and to get him out of his car seat for a little while. We had a delicious cookout on Friday night complete with enough burgers to feed the whole town! Then we went to see G-DaDa sing Karaoke at The Cattle Pin, a restaurant owned by one of Bo's Uncles. Andrew stayed with Gigi and Cindy and his cousin, Baby Harrison. We were lucky enough to be there for the weekend of Tobacco Festival. This is small town America at it's best. Parades, Carnival Rides, potato chips made from one continuous strand of a potato, and a re-enactment of the 1868 bank robbery by Jesse James & his gang. I found out about this event the night before and made sure that we were up and ready to see it. The streets were packed with anxious spectators when the gang rode down the street. The whole thing was over in about 5 minutes. Not sure what I was expecting, I mean I guess a bank robbery can't last all day, right?
Jesse & the boys riding into town.
Bo & Andrew with Nimrod Long, the owner of the bank... also our family friend, Dave who we see at all the UK basketball games. He was a great actor!
Andrew and G-DaDa! (Sorry I cut your head off)
RahRah, Me and Jenn
After the morning festivities, Bo and I drove to Lexington for the Auburn/UK game. Another win, but a little too close for comfort. But alas we are 6-0!
Andrew on Secretariat, and Uncle Paul
Sweet Aunt Cindy and Uncle Paul
Andrew and his Gigi~too cute!!
Paul and Cindy were so sweet to have us up and let us leave our 2 year old at their house for the day! Cindy is the best hostess and we were treated like royalty (and all gained 5 lbs over the weekend!!) Andrew did great in the car on the way home too. He is a real road warrior like his mom and dad! Fun trip! Looking forward to going back again for a game at Rupp! Uncle Paul was teaching Andrew to say "Go Cats", but he would say "NO! WAAARRRR Eagle, hey!"



This past weekend we made the journey to see the Auburn Tigers play in Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington, KY. This completed my tour of all 12 SEC stadiums. I am pretty sure that this all started back my sophomore year of college with a road trip to Gainesville, FL. More importantly, I have visited all 12 with my sweetheart! Fayetteville, Starkville, Gainesville, Nashville, Knoxville, Columbia, Oxford, Baton Rouge, Athens, Tuscaloosa, Lexington & Auburn!! There have been some good times had across these stadiums as well has some heart breaks too. I saw Devin Aromashodu catch a 4th & 10 pass for a 62 yard gain then fumbling it out of the endzone to set up John Vaughn for the game winning field goal against UGA in 2005. I was also in Baton Rouge in 2007 when LSU scored on a last second touchdown pass as time was running out (and we thought Les Miles was crazy then!). I have enjoyed experiencing all the traditions, the rivalries, the tears, the anxiety, the tailgating, road trips with friends & funny stories…from “the Swamp” to “Death Valley” There have been countless games observed from Section 38 in our beloved Jordan-Hare Stadium too. While there are great things about most of these stadiums, I will have to say that there is no place like home!

Commonwealth Stadium, Lexington, KY

Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TNOn our way to Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, LA... staying at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS
Razorback Stadium, Fayetteville, AR
Wallace Brice Stadium, Columbia, SC
UGA- Trust me.
The Beautiful AUMB marcing all over the Tide's turf.
Bryant Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa, AL
Me & Aubie in T-Town
"Fear the Thumb" Getting ready to celebrate 5 straigt wins over Alabama. This is one of my favorite pictures!
The Grove, in Oxford, MS
Toomer's Corner
Taligating in Auburn
6 in a row!!!!
View from the VERY TOP of Jordan Hare (with 2 of the sweetest kids ever!)

Its' Great to be an Auburn Tiger!! War Eagle!!


22 Month Update

I think that the second year is going by quicker than the first year. There are so many fun things about our little boy that I want to update you on.

Our mornings start EARLY (5AM), and usually involve "yo-dirt with a straw" (drinkable yogurt) and the Wiggles. He sings and dances for a while then we all get up and get ready to go to work & school. Some mornings we Skype with PawPaw. It is so fun just to talk and see him!

He still LOVES his school He prays for his teachers and friends every night. He knows everyone's mom and says who's mom it is when they come in the room (Lucas's Mom!) He knows how to count to 10, he can sing the ABC song, and knows most of the months of the year. He is getting better at coloring. He used to bring home a paper with one line on it, but now we are getting lots of scribbles, so I am seeing some improvement in that area. He is learning to say "yes mam" and continuing to say "please/thank you". They have learned about "lining up" and he lines up all his books, and the soaps in the shower. I think he gets that organization gene from his mama. He just moved up today from the table with the chairs that have a buckle to the table that have regular chairs. FREEDOM! He is in a really great routine and doesn't cry when we drop him off and sometimes is not ready to come home at the end of the day. He points out every school bus on the way to school.

He eats most anything. He really likes yogurt and I think he could eat it at every meal. He loves all kinds of fruit too: grapes (dapes) blueberries, strawberries (blue/straw-aubies), pears, nanas, & oranges. He is getting better at drinking from a regular cup and using his spoon and fork. He continues to take good naps and he is great about going to sleep at night. Hopefully he will start sleeping again all night. He has gotten better over the last couple of days, so maybe it was a short phase...

He recently had his first cold since his tubes were put in, back in February. He was pretty tough though, just a little snotty and ran a fever for a couple of days. Overall, he has been very well since those tubes!

He really likes to pretend that he is driving. He will put on his seatbelt, and turn on/off the radio and air conditioner. He is still really in to music (moo-sic). He loves to play the guitar or drums, trumpet or violin when he sees it on TV. He has watched everything from Cats, the musical to an Asia concert. We have always enjoyed singing to him, but now he will sing along with us and knows the words to many songs. Jesus Loves me is probably his favorite. It is so sweet to hear him sing it!! He also sings along with Jimmy Buffet and is learning the words to several of his songs. He should know them all by now because we have watched it about 100 times! He likes to go shopping, especially at Target and Publix. He used to cry at the check out when we had to put all our merchandise on the conveyor belt, but now he knows that means that we get to take it home with us and he says "buy it, buy it!" Some of his favorite toys right now are his puzzles, drums, guitar, books and crayons/coloring book.

He is growing up so fast! Bo and I are so proud of him. He is a really sweet boy. The terrible 2's have started showing up here and there, but overall he is still a very happy boy.

Houdini Strikes Again

The last couple of weeks Andrew has been waking up in the middle of the night crying. WE ARE NOT USED TO THIS!!! He has never cried when he wakes up. He would usually go get in his chair and go back to sleep. Now he cries...really hard. He is awake enough to know what he is doing, but still so sleepy, if he would just lay down, he would go back to sleep. So I tried to hold him in his chair... but sadly, he is too big for both of us now and neither of us are comfortable. So we tried out the guest bed. I am not a proponent of letting him sleep in the bed with us and up until last week, he had NEVER slept in the same bed with us...EVER. But you pretty much throw out all rules at 3AM when you are dog tired and just want to get some sleep. So he got a free pass. This was our conversation:
WK: Andrew, it is night night time. Lay your head down.
AMK: No mama, no night night time. wake up
WK: No, everyone is asleep, daddy is sleeping, bubba is sleeping and the sun is still sleeping.
AMK:WAKE UP MAMA (with a big smile on his face) Watch Widdles!!
WK: No Andrew, the Wiggles are asleep too.
AMK: Watch Jimmy Buffett??
WK: No, Jimmy Buffet is asleep too.
AMK: E-O, E-O, E-O
WK: Want me to sing you Old MacDonald?
AMK: Yes.
After 2 verses, he was back asleep. He is so funny to me!

Another night I woke up to him crying and thought I would just give him 5 minutes and if he didn't stop, I would go in and put him back in his bed. about 3 minutes into this, I hear him coming down the hallway to our room...AGAIN. You may remember him escaping from his crib several months ago. Now he has figured out how to rip off the "child proof" door knob cover. I may have to tie a bell around each foot so I can hear him when he gets up.

Last night he woke up covered in drool and saying that his mouth hurt. Poor little fella was crying so hard. He has got to be cutting some molars. I am hoping that once these teeth get here we can ALL get back to our regular sleep schedule.

Toot, Toot, Chugga, Chugga, Big Red Car

A couple of weeks ago, my mom kept Andrew one afternoon. She told me that he LOVED The Wiggles. I remember watching them with my niece when she was a little girl. Mom and I knew every song on the video tape (yes it is a tape not a DVD). So of course, she turned Andrew on to them. At first I was a little annoyed... I mean going from Dave Matthews Band/Jimmy Buffett/Foo Fighters to The Wiggles seemed like he was going in the opposite direction of "cool". Then I Tivo-ed a couple of episodes at the house and we were all hooked. Andrew would sing and dance along. Now it has gone too far. I sing "Hoop-De-Doo" in my sleep. I picture Bo dancing around as "Old Man Tucker" And I can't get the image of the Richard Simmons look-a-like that sings "Shimmy Shake" out of my head. Seriously, I could not go to sleep the other night and all that was going through my head was the darn Wiggles songs!! It has now gone too far. Andrew has not been sleeping through the night very well for the last 2 weeks or so. He gets up around 3:00AM ready to "watch widdles" They are an addiction. Tonight we had an intervention. I turned off the TV and we actually just played...colored, read books, built a tower of blocks and did some puzzles. I think he will get to watch them in the mornings while we get ready, and maybe every now and then at night... but maybe that is what is keeping him up at night too. Andrew does have a favorite wiggle... can you guess which one?
It is Murray Wiggle! He's the one with the Guitar. As you will see in the video below, Andrew singing and dancing along to a fan favorite...Rock a Bye Your Bear. The Swiffer is his "Gee-Tar". Sorry the quality of the video is not that great. It is a little dark in spots. I was trying not to let him see me.