Greatest Comeback in Iron Bowl History

Really, it is what all Auburn and Alabama fans wait for all year... the IRON BOWL. Auburn was 11-0 going into the game and were a 4 1/2 point underdog. Honestly, I thought there couldn't be anything better than beating Alabama at their own house. Then we beat them after we gave up 24 points to start the game! It was a great game and I am so thankful that I was able to be there. It was really COLD! My rain suit pants are still "undefeated" I put them on during the start of the 2nd half, and miraculously things started to turn around for us. They are lucky!
Family Divided
Mom, Jim, Chirs, Tammy, Me, Bo
Our Boys!
Beautiful Orange sunset over Bryant-Denny


1st Ever Kerr Thanksgiving

We volunteered our house for the Kerr Thanksgiving this year. This is a pretty big deal considering that I DON'T COOK, but I did this weekend! We cooked a turkey, a ham, sweet potato casserole, apple/cheese casserole, cream corn (OK, it was frozen and I just heated it up, but it should count!) and I made a pumpkin crisp for dessert. Gigi was mainly in charge of the turkey because I couldn't handle getting the neck and guts out of it. (YUCK!) We started the day by watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I didn't think Andrew would have the attention span for it, but boy was I wrong. He was hooked! I remember that I used to love watching it every year and wondering when Santa would come. It was so fun to see Andrew do the same thing. He got so excited when he saw Elmo and Big Bird and the Mickey Mouse balloon.
Watching the Parade
Helping mom cook the pumpkin crisp.
Pretty much everything I made had a cup of sugar and a stick of butter in it, so you know it was good!
More parade watching with G-dada
Andrew coloring and Raven making place cards for everyone.
The boys carving the Turkey
Yummy spread!
I am so thankful for all the many blessings we have. Thankful for our jobs and our health, our families and friends, Andrew's school and his teachers, for our church and church family, & thankful that I don't work retail anymore, especially on Black Friday!!

you got a friend in me

Pablo has been a nice new friend around here. Last Sunday he rode with us to church, then got to go in to Taco Casa after church. He even got his own high chair and chips. There were several other kids in Taco Casa who recognized Pablo and came over and said hello. It made me laugh, but at the same time, made me kind of sad for all the other "friends" that have never been out of the house. It reminded me of Toy Story when Andy got Buzz Light Year and Woody was jealous. I thought how sad Bubba must be sitting at home. After all, he was his very first friend, and was there for Andrew when he got his tubes in his ears. But he has never been to Taco Casa. He hasn't really been anywhere fun. I am sure that this is just a phase, I mean can a kid really love a giant stuffed penguin forever? So hopefully Bubba, and Spot will stay strong and know that Andrew still loves them. Maybe one day he will give them to another little kid when he goes off to College... (Did anyone else cry in Toy Story 3???)
When Andrew got out of the bath tub, there was Pablo reading the bible book and having some milk and a ba! Andrew thought it was so funny!!
Best Buds!


Need a Good Laugh???

I love the "photo booth" application on this computer. Do we look like Aliens or what?
Take me too your leader.....
Bo has a really large head.


Busy Saturday

Ahh... I love the weekends! This one was so perfect. We got up early on Saturday and drove up to Gardendale to visit with Bo's grand parents. Nanny has about 35 years of toys from all her grand children and great grand children, so needless to say, Andrew was in heaven. We had a nice visit. Andrew found a giant "care bear" that Nanny bought for someone for Christmas. Andrew loved it and it was bigger than he was! He sang Jesus loves me and read a little of Lowly Worm to them. He was pretty busy and didn't want to take time to show them how smart he is...
Nanny, Andrew, Care Bear & PawPaw
"I wuv comin to Nanny's howse"

We made it home in time for a quick lunch and put Andrew down for a nap. Bo and I cleaned out our attic. Got things more organized. I love all the storage we have at our house. Now we can actually get to everything. After AMK's nap, we were going to go furniture shopping, but first decided to take him to the park to get some exercise. We ran into some friends that now live in Huntsville, William & Edward. They used to go to church with us when they lived here. Andrew went to their house for his first ever play date when he was about 8 weeks old! Anyway, he loved having other boys there to play with, even though he didn't remember them. We invited them to walk with us to feed the fish. The boys really thought that was cool.
William, Edward & Andrew
"Wom-yum, Ed-wad, & Androw"
Look how excited Andrew was... He was too cute and wanted me to keep taking pictures.
Fast friends!
Sweet Boys!

After the little trip to the park it was back in the car for a ride to the furniture store. Andrew needs a real bed. He is currently sleeping on an air mattress... Don't judge. He sleeps 10-11 hours a night, so it isn't all that bad. He boycotted the crib about 5 months ago and hasn't looked back. We didn't have any luck at the store. We decided to try a consignment store on our way to my mom's. Bad news, no bed... Good news...they had Pablo.
Can you see that smile right under Pablo's left arm/wing? Andrew was in heaven! This is is new, very best friend. He talked to him the whole way to Mimi & Papa's house. We went over there to help mom put up her Christmas tree. Andrew was not too thrilled about this giant green, bushy thing being dragged through the front yard and into the house. He finally came around when mom brought out the Santa hats and a little statue of Santa. This is where the magic of Christmas began...
Mimi talking to Andrew about Santa Claus and he is pointing to the Christmas tree where all the presents for the good little boys and girls will go.
So this guy is the one that says "ho ho ho, Meh-wee Ti-mas?" I think I am going to like him.
Santa hat for my best friend, Pablo.
The next morning we woke up and Andrew couldn't wait to have breakfast with Pablo.
They shared some chex and some juice.

Thank Goodness for the Winter Tour

Dave & Stefan
Last Tuesday Bo and I went to Atlanta to see DMB for the final time this year. For those of you who are counting, that makes 3 shows for the year. 2 in Atlanta and 1 in West Palm Beach. Of course, it was a great show. The set list included some of my favorites like: Pig, Grey Street, Say Goodbye, Stay or Leave, Black Jack and The Christmas Song. Bo and I had a great dinner at Ruth's Chris before the show and I got to see one of my childhood best friends at the concert too. It was a fun night.


"The Oldest Rivalry in the South"

Auburn vs. Georgia... After loosing 4 straight, we finally one against the dawgs. It was a great day! PawPaw came over from Atlanta to stay with Andrew. I knew that they would have fun. We left and they were sharing waffles. It was a beautiful day on the Plains. The UGRS planned to get together to tailgate. 7 of the 9 made it. Ashley and I stopped and watched Tiger Walk on our way to the tailgate. I knew it was going to be a great day when I saw first hand how fired up our boys were for the game! Here are some pictures from the day... War Eagle! 11-0!
Breakfast with PawPaw. These two are like 2 peas in a pod!
Cam at Tiger Walk
The sea of fans that the team walks through to get to the stadium.
Me, Ashley, Nicole, Jenn, Mandy (& baby Allen), Leighton, Rebecca (& baby King)
Our boys praying before the game. Love this sight.
Our Section 38 crew- The West Family, The Hollis Family, & The Kerr Family
We have had these seats since we graduated. We all look forward to each season and sitting together. We know the people in front of us and behind us and we all are truly part of the Auburn Family.



Last Thursday Andrew went to bed and about 2 hours later started coughing. Another 30 minutes and he sounded just like a barking seal. It is crazy to hear this big noise come out of such a little boy! It was kind of scary, but luckily I talked with my friend Shea earlier that night and she over heard Andrew coughing through the monitor. She said, it was definitely croup. We got up twice during the night for a little sauna treatment in the bathroom, and he went right back to sleep. Thankfully, Mimi came right over Friday morning to keep Andrew and get him to the doctor. Of course Friday, he felt great, had no fever and his cough was all but gone. I love going to the doctor and claiming all these symptoms, yet I have a happy boy with none at that moment...They prescribed a steroid and we were all on our way. Funny thing about steroids, they cause "roid rage". Well Andrew got in on Saturday. He basically laid in the floor crying all morning (while I was out shopping at Christmas Village with my friend Elizabeth). Needless to say, Bo was ready for me to come home. We went over to our neighbors later that night and he was PERFECT! Sunday he did great, but we laid low and didn't go to church just to make sure he was well. It was a fine weekend, but I am glad to have my sweet little boy back! Here are some funny pictures from this past week.
He put his monsters and duck in "time out" Notice how they are facing the wall. They were not doing what he told them to do...
Everyone lined up to get their hair washed.
Happy boy in the tub!


"Twick or Tweet! Aw Right!"

Halloween was so much fun this year. His costume was perfect conisdering that he is our little rock star at home. We still watch a concert almost every night... whether it is the Wiggles, DMB or Jimmy Buffett or anything cool on DirectTV101. He gets his buckets and spatulas (drums and drum sticks) and/or his gee-tar and we all rock out! So when it came time for me to decide on a costume, a rock star was the obvious choice. He had blue jeans with a guitar stitched on them, and wore a cool vest that had "rock rebel" printed on it. I mean what rock star doesn't weare a vest, right? His guitar was a little too big, so his groupie (me) carried it all night for him. Besides, he had a flashlight in one hand and his punkin man bucket in the other. We met up with some of our neighbors and we were off. The bigger kids were dressed as Batman, Ironman and Spiderman. AMK was not too thrilled with their masks, but when Ironman played a diddy on the guitar, AMK decided he must be pretty cool too. Those rockers have to stick together. So after about 3-4 houses, Andrew had the hang of it. He was the last one up to the door and would hold his little pumpkin up and say "twick oar tweet" and would get SUPER excited when he got TWO pieces of candy. His eyes got real big and he would say "aw right! 2 canys!" We hit about 20 houses. His heavy punkin man was bumping against his leg with every step, but he wouldn't let me carry it. Sometimes he would get so excited the candy would slosh out, but he wouldn't care... he would just keep on trucking.
Hi Mr. Don & Mrs. Pearl
Rock on!
Trick or Treat!
We had so much fun, we decided to go again on Sunday night with some friends in Ross Bridge.
Reaping the rewards of a long night of trick or treating!!

Funny Things part 2

Andrew says "open door" when he wants anything opened... a door, drawer, top, lid, a toy etc. This morning he grabbed a banana and said "open door" because he wanted me to peel it. He uses lots of describing words now too. He will say "out da winow"- out the window or "on na table" when he is describing what he is talking about. he is also in such a good routine he wakes up and tells me what he is going to do. If I am laying down with him for a minute, he will say "wake up mommy, put ba (pacy) in na drawer, drink yo-dirt wif straw, drink milk, watch widdles upstairs, see PawPaw (on Skype)" and the othe night when he got out of the bath, he said "get ba, get lotion, put on jommies, read Woewy Wom(Lowly Worm), go night, night" He definitely knows what to expect most mornings and evenings. I am sure that he does the same things at school each day too. They say kids thrive on routines, and we are in a pretty good one right now. He is sleeping so much better these days... Lets hope that he continues that trend when the time changes.
One more funny thing to remember... he has learned how to make the kissing noise. You know, when you pucker your lips and pop them to give a kiss? (Are you doing it right now?) He started doing it one night before bed and we both were laughing so hard after a couple. I thought he was trying to bite me at first, but it was just a little kiss. He will come at me with a big open mouth kiss and suck my cheek until it pops. Those are his sweet, juicy kisses. Nothing sweeter in this world that that!