Christmas Day

Christmas day at our house this year was wonderful. Andrew was so much fun and really has started to figure out what was going on. We got up and got the camera ready. I turned on all the lights and he and I came into the dining room where Santa left all his presents. He looked, wide eyed at the tree and all the presents. Bo said "Andrew, What did you get?" Andrew's response "A Mo-deh cycle!" Bo: "Who brought that to you?" Andrew: "Santa Fwas" . He thinks it is a motorcycle! Ha! Little does he know, that he will not be allowed to ride on one (sorry G-Dada). We spent the morning opening his presents from Santa. He got some Legos, a Jimmy Buffett DVD, bike, helmet, and some smaller toys and a stocking filled with goodies too.
Seeing what Santa Fwas brought him for the first time!
Taking a spin on his new bike.
A Jimmy Buffett DVD? How did Santa know??
Ooooh! Wegos! (legos)
Trying on his new helmet.
After Santa presents, we all got ready and went over to Bo's mom's house like we do every year. His whole (immediate) family was there. It was so great. We were so glad Gigi and G-Dada came over from Georgia. Andrew got a lot of other presents there too. He was too busy seeing what everyone was doing to even bother opening them, so I did most of the opening!
Raven and her snuggie
Cory's Iron Bowl T-Shirt
The excitement on his face when he saw.........
his new John Deere tractor!!!
Sporting his new back pack and Raven's boots. Stylin!
Playing Play-Doh with Meme.
Then it was off to Nanny and Papa's. We always do Christmas lunch there and Nanny always has fun games and gifts for all the kids. It was a wonderful day, full of excitement, love and family. We also talked to Andrew a lot about baby Jesus and that today was his birthday and that is why we are celebrating. We read the Christmas story almost every night and he knows all about Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus and that he was born in "Bef-wa-ham"! Merry Christmas!
More presents! Oh Boy!
One sleepy little boy!

STOP! Potty Time!

Mimi gave him some big boy underwear for Christmas. It was the only present that made me cry. I just don't think I am ready for him to be that big yet. The good news is that he is not quite there yet, but it is definitely coming. Here he is in his Calvin Klein modeling debut...
Andrew has been going to the potty pretty much every night since his birthday. He doesn't go at school yet though. Every night before his bath, he sits on the big potty and when he goes he gets some Skittles. Bo and I go crazy and jump around and say "yeah, whooo hoo! way to go Andrew!" He loves it and gets so excited. Now he will squeeze out a drop and look up at us and say "Skittle?" He has us figured out! Last night he pooped in the potty. Yep. Pooped! How bout that? I am so proud. I never thought I would get so excited about poop. I am sure there will be more to come on this exciting chapter... stay tuned!


Christmas Eve at Mimi & Papa's

Our Christmas tradition is to celebrate on Christmas Eve at Mom's house. Unfortunately this year my brother and sister in law couldn't come from Atlanta. We missed them! They missed a lot of fun too! My step brother and sister in law and nieces and nephew from Tuscaloosa came along with my cousin Tarra. We had a fun afternoon with the kids and Mom and Mij cooked a delicious dinner. After dinner... time for presents. The highlight of each Christmas Eve is Santa coming around on the fire truck. Mom lives at the top of a hill and we literally ran outside about 10 times thinking that we heard Santa coming. Each time... false alarm. Andrew would get out side, throw his hands up in the air and say "faws awaarm!" It was too funny. Finally Santa made it by and we all waved and said Merry Christmas... don't forget to come to our house! Andrew thought it was really cool. He talked about it all day and when he FINALLY made it, I think it made a big impression on him. The kids all got wonderful presents from Mimi and Papa and all went home anxious for Santa to come that night.
Sweet Alyssa Kate reading to AMK and Anniston
Cool man, Cruz
Andrew cracking up with Alyssa.
Opening his bells from the girls. Notice the hats and coats... ready to run outside to see Santa.
Another drum, OH BOY!!!
Here comes Santa Clause... or as Andrew calls him "San-da Fwas"
Hi Santa!!
Sweet Mimi and Andrew

8th Annual Kerr Nowell Christmas Party

We had our annual Christmas party this year at Blackwell's pub in Cahaba Heights. We raised $200 to donate to the American Cancer Society. It is crazy how much has changed in the last 8 years. Mainly there about about 20 more kids than there used to be. This makes attendance a challenge for some. Also, so many people travel each year or every other year. It is fun to celebrate Christmas and catch up with old friends. Thanks to all those that made it out. It was great to see everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

McWane Science Center

Andrew and I had our first real "play date" last weekend at the McWane Center. We met one of his friends from School, Micah, and his mom and dad. Unfortunately, Bo had to work and couldn't make it. I have always wanted to go and heard great things about it. They have an IMax theater that we have been to, but also 4 floors of awesome fun. Ok, ok, ok, I admit it! I was the one that really wanted to go and finally had an excuse to go and take Andrew with me. It was so much fun. They had a Winter Wonderland exhibit with snow and ice fishing and lots of Christmas stuff. The train exhibit was amazing! AMK obviously couldn't appreciate all the detail of each one, but the adults really liked it. There was a dinosaur exhibit, and aquarium, and a whole area of just cool science displays. Everything from a bed of nails to flying a model airplane, to balancing balls on a water fountain. The boys were too cute and had a great time. I enjoyed getting to know Layla and Dewayne too. I was also glad that we out numbered the boys. They kept us on our toes running from one thing to the other. I can't wait to go back!
The boys LOVED this water table
Riding in Santa's Seligh
Giant Light Bright
This was a wall with pegs that you pushed from one side to the other.
My little paleontologist. Andrew LOVED this exhibit.
They had little brushes and you got to uncover dinosaur bones.
Checking out the fish
Layla, Micah, Andrew & Me


School Birthday Party

I was so excited about Andrew's birthday this year. Last year he had hand, foot and mouth disease on his birthday and did not get to have a party at school. He always gets excited when there is a birthday party at school and especially when there are goody bags! I took the day off to take him to the dentist, bake cupcakes and get some Christmas shopping done. Unfortunately I dropped the eggs for the cupcakes, so I went and bought some at Target. He was so happy to see me and was very proud that it was his birthday. All the kids were so well behaved. They all ate their cupcakes and drank their juice while sitting very still in their chairs. As soon as Andrew was finished, he jumped up, pushed in his chair, ran and got his coat and said "see you waiter!" and waved to his friends and ran out the door!
Mimi came for the party too.
Telling Mimi about his friends.
Hugging Blake and telling him bye, bye.

1st Trip to the Dentist

Meet Dr. Chambliss, Andrew's dentist. We went for his first visit last week. The office is so nice. There are TV's and game consoles in the waiting rooms and TV's on the ceiling with Sprout playing. Andrew thought that was really cool. He likes "prout". Unfortunately, he couldn't enjoy the TV's on the ceiling because he was a bit too stressed out about the dental hygienist trying to clean his teeth with the rubbery, squishy spinning apparatus she was cramming in his mouth. He was completely fine and happy as long as no one had their hands in his mouth or was trying to hold him down. I am pretty sure that she was able to clean most of his teeth. Dr. Chambliss said that he looked great (well, his teeth looked great) and was super nice. We will try again in 6 months. Honestly, I expect the same outcome, but that is probably expected of a 2 year old.
AMK & Dr. Chambliss
Doesn't Andrew look thrilled?

Surprise Date Night

After the big birthday party, Bo had to go to work for a while. I got Andrew down for his nap and was cleaning up all the mess when I got at text. It was from Bo and said, if you can get a sitter, I will take you to see Trans Siberian Orchestra. I was so excited! I have been wanting to see them for years! Luckily the first person I called was available and an impromptu date night was set!
I was so excited when the show started. There were some huge video boards, fire, lasers and lights. It was like an audio/visual party! Then the rockers came out... I kind of felt like I was trapped in a Meatloaf video to be quite honest. I can now say "been there, done that" for TSO and I am glad to have had the experience. Bo and I did get a couple of pretty good laughs about the whole experience too.


Birthday Party Weekend!

We started to talk to Andrew about his birthday several weeks ago. We asked what kind of party he wanted to have and he said a "Thomas" party. Me: What do you want to have at your party? AMK: Chips....Chee-Puffs....CAKE!!" It is really fun to see him actually understand what we are talking about and for him to get excited about it. Last year, his birthday was just like any other day. This year, he was excited for the day to finally get here.
Each time the doorbell rang he would get so excited to see who was coming to his party. He was most excited about my nephew and his friend, Jacob. Andrew looks up to those boys and thinks that he is as big as they are. As soon as Jacob got there he ran over and hugged him. It was too cute. After the party the boys played football outside. I think that was probably Andrew's favorite part of the day.
He got some great presents from all our friends and family. His favorite has to be his new drum. It came with a tambourine and some eggs that rattle and another shakey thing. Every night we all get together and have our own little band party.
After he opened this one, he pretty much didn't want to see any other present. He just played the drum the rest of the afternoon. You will see him with his cousins & Jacob below playing some more moo-sic.
Aunt Tarra gave him some Thomas the Train bath toys. He grabbed them and ran off and I later found him in the bath tub playing with the trains. Luckily he hadn't turned on the water yet!
So another year is behind us and we are moving full speed ahead. It just gets more fun every single day!

Really? 2 Already???

These are some of the pictures we had done by Blink Photography in October. Technically he was a week shy of being 23 months old. We just round up and say that he was 2! Enjoy!
I really can't believe it. I cried when I put him to bed on December 7th. Where did this year go? He was barely walking last year and now he is talking in 9 word sentences!!! What a wonderful year this has been. When Andrew was just a couple of months old, I asked Bo "Do you think we will talk about how wonderful/funny/cool/smart he is every night?" Well I don't think a night has passed that we haven't laughed and felt truly blessed by this little boy!
He is still in a really great routine. Wakes up around 6:70-7:00. Lately when his eyes open he is ready for the day and jumps out of bed, goes to get his yogurt and wants to play. The mornings are super busy with all of us trying to get ready and never getting up early enough. He still loves his school and has learned so much. He knows the months of the year, days of the week, can count to 10 and sometimes higher, knows all the colors, and numbers and shapes. He knows to say "please" and "thank you" and "yes mam". He knows all the friends in his class and even who's parents belong to each child.
He has recently started to "hide". One Saturday morning Bo went into his room about 8:00 and he was gone. Not in the bed, not in the chair, behind the door, behind the chair... nowhere. Bo was a little panicked and then looked in his closet. There he was with all of his stuffed animals, sitting there in the dark. He said "Hi Daddy", like -what took you so long? He hides in the cabinets and recently escaped from me at school and we FINALLY found him in the girls bathroom being super still, right behind the door! Little rascal! It has made me more aware of how quickly he can get out of sight and hopefully I am more diligent when we are out and about.
I have been told that the "terrible 2's" actually occur between the first and second year. My theory- teething and communication. Andrew is working on his final 4 molars now. I am thankful that we are finally about through with getting teeth. They were painful for all of us! He is a great communicator also. He speaks very clearly and has an amazing vocabulary. It is mind blowing to me that you can tell him a word one time and he will remember it. I think that is the skill he has developed the most over the last year. He knows all his family members names and who goes with who and where everyone lives. He can communicate what he wants and doesn't want by describing it to us. (For example- He wants to drink out of the cup with stars on it)
Andrew is beginning to show his personality now too. He is so funny and knows it. He loves to trick you. We were reading "Polar Bear, Polar Bear" one night and and each page has a different animal on it. He knows each one, but one night he started to "trick" us by saying different names. He got to the Walrus and would call it a camel, then got to the zookeeper and called it Coach. The best part was that he got a big kick out of it! He says funny things all the time. I love it that he really is so happy! There are rare days that he throws fits, but thankfully those are few and far between.
His favorite things on TV are Dora, Backyardigans, Blues Clues and any type of concert or music. His favorite toys are his drum and guitar and he is getting into cars and truck and trains. He got a train table for his birthday and has liked to play with that recently. He loves to help us too. He puts his plate in the sink each night and will help clean the table. He also likes to help with laundry getting it from the washer to the dryer.
Moo-zic (Music) is one of his absolute favorite things. As you may remember, he was a rock star for Halloween. He got a drum and piano/guitar for his birthday. Almost every night we have our own little band party. He usually will play the drums while Bo and I pick up the slack on the guitars, tambourine, trumpet or violin. He will watch any concert on TV and we usually watch some of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade at least once a day. He loves marching bands, rock bands, and dancing. When he hears the moo-zic he just cant be still. It is great!
I feel so unbelievably blessed to be his mom. I know Bo feels the same way about being his dad. He is a special little boy and is a joy to watch every day. I just wish time would go a bit slower. I try really hard to enjoy each day and whatever it brings...which is usually a great big mess. We just clean up and wait for the next mess to come. The best part is that we have so much fun. Bo said recently "If we knew he was going to be this much fun, we would have had him sooner!"