peek a boo

Andrew is really into hiding these days. The other night I was getting him ready to get in the tub and the naked little boy ran out of the bathroom and right into the bottom our our TV cabinet in our bedroom. I looked all over the house in a mild panic and then found him behind all of Bo's sweaters! He thought it was so funny!

BCS National Championship

The BCS National Championship game was 2 days after the BBVA Compass bowl. We were so thankful that the 2 games did not interfere with each other! We were scheduled to leave early Monday morning (the day of the game)...but also scheduled for Monday~ WINTER STORM 2011. Snow and ice! Luckily we changed our flight to depart Sunday afternoon. We sat in the airport and watched flights get cancelled all around the time ours was supposed to depart. Luckily Southwest got us out after about a 3 hour delay while we watched the ice build up on the wings of the plane. We made our connection in Nashville and our friends Brad and Margaret surprised us and were on our same flight. Whew! We were so glad to be out of the awful weather. So many Auburn fans in Atlanta and Birmingham were stranded. Not to mention that their tickets were worth about $3000 each!!! The weather in Phoenix was absolutely perfect. Sunny and warm, but not too hot! We were invited to a wonderful party at the Arizona Biltmore. We also had tickets to a pre-party at the stadium. We ran into so many of our friends. It was so fun to be able to be there and be a part of the 2nd National Championship! War Eagle!
At the Stadium
The Kerrs and The Dickinsons
View from our seats...very similar to our section 38 in Jordan-Hare.
Found my sweet friend Jenny...well actually she found me!
Were number one! War Eagle!!
Representing Section 38... (minus the Wests)
The Crystal Trophy!!

Tuesday we spent the day in Old Town Scottsdale and ate at Grimaldi's Pizza!

Doug, Rebecca, Me, Bo & Nicole at Sprinkles Cupcakes! Yummy!!Camelback Mtn. in the background.
Scottsdale sunset. Beautiful.

BBVA Compass Bowl

Well another year has come and gone and the 5th Annual BBVA Compass bowl was a success! I am so proud of Bo. He works so hard and takes so much pride in his work. The month leading up to the game is super busy around our house. This year was much harder because Andrew was very aware when his daddy was NOT home. We managed to get by though. Next year, I am going to have to have Bo make some meals and put them in the freezer or something, because I can't live on Cheerios and pancakes for a whole month again! On to the game... The weather was wonderful! It was a beautiful day. We enjoyed the pre game hospitality tent where we had brunch and Andrew was very entertained by a gentleman playing the piano. He LOVED it. He sat or stood and watched him almost the whole time we were there. He is so in to music right now.

Attendance for the 2011 BBVA Compass Bowl was 41,207 marking the second highest attendance in the five year history of the bowl. Only last year’s game between South Carolina and Connecticut drew a larger attendance (42,610) since the bowl’s inception in 2007. The game, along with the bowl week activities, generated an economic impact of $11.9 million, according to figures provided by the Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau. Over the past five years, the bowl has generated over $53 million in economic impact for Birmingham. Pitt defeated UK 27-10.

Andrew and his friend, James having so much fun in the suite.
Andrew with his 2 favorite boys- Jacob & Cory.
My favorite boy!
View from the field.


Funny Things He Says...

Day after Christmas snow!
Ready to go outside because he has on his "Gwubs" (Gloves)

WK: Andrew, when did you get so big?
AMK: Halloween.

Our friend Amy Castleman who kept him in the nursery at church: Andrew when did you start talking so much?
AMK: Halloween.

Getting a haircut yesterday...He started out by crying/whining but after about 1 minute he was doing great and chowing down on a strawberry dum dum. He looks up at the lady who was cutting his hair and says- "Mimi gonna be so pwoud of me". She cracked up.

Today after going poop.
WK: Andrew did you poop?
AMK: No, toot. (Which is ALWAYS his answer)
WK: Its ok if you poop. Just tell mama. Everyone poops. Mama poops, daddy poops, everyone poops.
AMK: Santa Fwas poops, mickey mouse poops pablo poops. yep.

Tonight we were watching the Jimmy Buffett DVD and I set him on the potty. After going pee pee in the potty.
WK: YEAH Andrew!! You pee peed in the potty!
AMK: get skittle?
WK: Yes! You can have 2 skittles for going pee pee in the potty!
AMK: YEAH! Go tell Jimmy Buffett I pee pee in the potty! Jimmy Buffett gonna be so pwoud of me!