Take it to the hoop!

Andrew has just recently learned how to shoot the basketball. He used to always slam dunk it, but lately he as figured out how to throw it in the basket. Cory plays basketball and Andrew wants to do everything he does. He will say "I Cory, you Jacob and daddy is de ref."


Gigi & Gdada's House...Planes, Trains & Automobiles

We spent this past weekend with Bo’s Dad and step mom in Georgia. They moved there about a year ago and this was our first visit. They have a beautiful new home that is now officially broken in! Bo’s sisters joined us along with Jennifer’s husband Ryan and Kerri’s little boy, Gabriel. He is also 2 and he and Andrew play really well together.

So happy to get there and see my Gigi!

We started Saturday morning with a ride around the neighborhood in the convertible. It is a 1970’s Cutlass. It is super cute. The boys loved it! Andrew kept saying “no top on dis car!” We took it to Wal Mart later that morning and I kind of felt like a celebrity.

Seriously, how cute am I driving this bad boy?
Ready to Roll...

It was an absolutely beautiful day…one perfect for flying. Lucky for us, Gdada has an airplane. He took Kerri, Ryan and Jennifer up while the boys took their naps. Then it was our turn. I have never been in a little plane like that, but it was a lot of fun and I was never scared. (I had some serious anxiety about going up but after grilling Gdada on the number of hours he has under his belt and interviewing family members, I decided he was OK… Oh, and he is a Colonel in the US Air Force) The boys were super cute sitting in the front seats prior to take off. They did great once we got up in the air too. It was a beautiful day and a very smooth flight.

Future pilots?
"What? No in-flight movie?"
See you later everybody...
My handsome co-pilot
AMK and Gdada
3 Generations of Kerrs

We got home and prepared for a big steak and baked potato dinner. Andrew played outside and in Gdada’s old truck. He loved “driving” it.

1935 Ford

Later that night Andrew and Gdada played guitars together. I think this is the first time Andrew has really ever had his hands on a REAL guitar. He could have played it all night. He would strum a little then say to Gdada~ “your turn!”

Singing "Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty

As much as Andrew is into music, Gabriel is into trains. Lucky for him, Gdada also has some electric train sets. I bet Gabriel watched it go around about 100 times! He was so patient while it was being put together. It was so magical to him. Gabe was focused in on it and the whole house could have burned down around him and he never would have known.

Little Conductors
Watching Farm Aid and playing like Norah.

We had a great visit and can’t wait to go again…soon! Thanks for everything (especially the Wiggles gee-tar!) We love you guys

Super Jommies

Andrew got a great surprise in the mail from Uncle Tyler... some superman pj's. (I think Uncle Tyler wanted some for himself, but they didn't have his size so he got some for Andrew). He loved them. Maybe it was a coincidence, but the same night he wore his Super Man jommies, he also got out of his gate. I woke up to him standing right in front of me at about 5:30 saying "hi" with the biggest smile on his face. I can just picture him flying from his room into mine.
Super Man has to have just the right hat!
and he's off!

Alabama vs. Ole Miss at Coleman Collesieum

We took Andrew to Tuscaloosa for the basketball game last weekend. The last time we took him to a game was when he was about 3 months old. He did great! We were kind of rushed leaving the house and it was right during his nap time. I packed everything we needed to change his clothes, diapers, wipes, books, dvd player, snacks, juice... but no shoes. We had to run to Academy and get a new pair! I think I might have learned a new trick!
Papa, Bo & Andrew
Andrew discussing the game with Uncle Bill.
"you gotta rebound right there under dat basket"


Super Bowl

Can you guess what Andrew's favorite part of the Super bowl was? Yep, half time. We have watched it several times and he really gets into it. We went to a basketball game last weekend and he started to sing along to "boom, boom, pow" from th Black Eyed Peas. His memory is AMAZING! His favorite part of half time was when Slash from Guns N Roses came out. He ran and got his fireman hat and golf club so he could look just like "Swash" with a hat and a guitar.


Christmas in February?

My brother, sister in law and niece came over a couple of weekends ago for "Christmas". We didn't get to see them in December, so Andrew and I went over to Mom's for a short visit. Andrew LOVES his cousin, Hannah. They played so well together. It was great to see them if only for about an hour.
Being Silly
Mimi and her GRAND babies
Uncle Tyler & Aunt Elizabeth
Loving on my brother.
(Is is me or does my arm look really fat in this picture?)


Meet Larry...

If this picture doesn't make you laugh out loud, there is something wrong with you. I crack up every time I see it. He put these glasses on and said "nice to meet you, I Larry!"

We were pulling up to his school the other day and had this conversation:
WK: Look Andrew, there is your friend Jackson
AMK: (rolling his eyes!) Sillwy mommy. Dat non Jackson. Dat Kaden.
And he was right.

He got his bible story book out and sat down at the table and opened to the birth of Jesus:
AMK: Once pon a time dat angel said "Mary, you gone have dat baby and you go to Bef-wa-ham"

After watching Jimmy Buffet Disc 1.
AMK: (singing) Why dont we det dunk and frew
I about fell out of my chair and decided we should start watching disc 2. We have since changed the lyrics to "Why don't you put on your shoe" I am hoping that this will stick!

Ellie's 2nd Birthday

Andrew was invited to a birthday party at Gymboree. There were about 7 kids from his class that came and they had a blast. It was so funny because they all were in a different place, but felt right at home with each other. They got to play around in this indoor play area with slides, ramps, balls and tunnels for about 45 minutes. They brought out the giant parachute and my days of elementary school P.E. came rushing back to me. I was so hoping that we would get out the bean bags and watch them jump around like pop corn while we all shook the parachute. No dice. The adults held it while we made a dome for the kids. I pretended Andrew was scared so I could go under the dome with him. Ahhh, to be a kid again! I love that he loves his friends in his class. The birthday girl’s mom told me that Ellie was glad that Andrew was sitting next to her. Ellie’s dad told me that Andrew was a “ham” at her school party and when they were singing “Happy Birthday to Ellie….” Andrew reached over and said “tickle, tickle” to Ellie. Where does he get this stuff? At this party after everyone sang "Happy Birthday" Andrew sang his own version that went "Happy Birthday to my poo poo". What is it about little boys that makes them think the word poo poo is hilarious?
Climbing up to the tunnel.
Bouncing the ball with the birthday girl
bubble fun
cake and juice with Micah


The Greatest Show on EARTH!!!...for about an hour.

Bo was able to score some FREE circus tickets for a Thursday night. Normally I don't recommend taking your 2 year old out for a night on the town during the week, but hey, we gotta make exceptions every once in a while. We went a couple of hours early to eat dinner and go down to the floor before the show. They had several performers come out and do some tricks, dances and also had one elephant paint a picture! It was fun, but very, very crowded. Andrew had a good time just watching all the people. Here he is with Bo before the show.
My 2 clowns! haha
There was just so much going on, he had to sit down to take it all in.
The parade of animals and performers during the opening act.
We lasted about 50 minutes into the actual circus before AMK was ready to go. He wanted to walk around the concourse and look at all the toys etc. Can you believe a sno-cone was $15 and cotton candy was $12? We were lucky to be able to take our drinks in from the hospitality room and all we spent was $5 on popcorn! I think that was Andrew's favorite part anyway. It was worth every penny! I think by next year he will be more in to what is going on and also we will hopefully catch an afternoon show after his nap! He was so excited about seeing the fowns (clowns), el-fants, & tigurrs. The best part for him was when one of the clowns played a guitar! He talked about it for days!!
Before the show... sporting our clown noses.