Sunday Nap

Sunday after church we went out for a quick bite to eat then to The Guitar Center to buy Andrew some drum sticks. He had been wanting some like "Charlie" from the Rowing Tones (Rolling Stones). So we got him his very first set of REAL drumsticks. He had a blast at the store because there were all sorts of drum sets that were set up to play. He was fast friends with anyone who had some sticks and some rhythm. We might have to start going there more often to let him play. I am sure that the staff would love that. Anyway, after we got a couple of songs under our belt, it was time for a nap. I just happened to doze off. We haven't done this in a LONG time. It was so sweet. I love having that sleeping boy in my arms.
It looks like he is holding my hand in this picture, but if you looked under the blanket, you will see his prized sticks that he is holding close to his heart. Sweet dreams, my little rock star.

I can do it by myself

Andrew wanted to pick out his own PJ's on Saturday night. I think... Why not?
OK. I got my hat, now what shoes will look good with this ensemble?
Perfect! Hawaiian hat, basketball shirt, halloween pants and sandals.
Look out ladies, here I come!

Pump, pump, pump it up!

We had our first of probably many more to come experiences at Pump it Up! Our sweet neighbors invited us to a birthday party there. It is an indoor arena with lots of inflatable slides, bouncers, mazes etc. Andrew didn't think it was all that and a bag of chips though. I think he might still be a little too small to really enjoy it. His favorite part was a little toy car.
Daddy and Andrew on the big slide... not too thrilled.
This was more his speed...

Beginner 1

Mrs. Anna & Andrew~ Toddler Class Teacher
Last Friday Andrew moved from the Toddler class to the Beginner 1 class. Most of his friends moved up about 3 weeks ago and honestly, he seemed to miss them a lot. I think this is the first time that he was actually aware of what "moving up" meant. He was excited about it. I told him that he was going to be in class with his old friends, Blake, Daniel & Lucas. He would talk about it almost every day ( I told him a week too soon because I got my days mixed up!)He would walk passed the Beginner 1 class and say "dat my new cwass woom". Bo picked him up Friday after school and he called me on the phone and told me all about it. He was so excited today too when he got to go back. I am just so happy with his school. They teach him a bible verse each week (This week is John 3:16) and they are also teaching him character from the bible ( this week is ) They also teach letters, numbers etc. He knows all his numbers, letters and lots of songs too.
He also really likes going to bible class at church. The last 2 weeks he has come home singing new songs. Last week was "God made me, God made me, God made me a hansome widdle boy" and yesterday was a song about "Peter, James and John in a sailboat out on the deep blue sea". The boy loves music.


Thank goodness for today

I don't know what it was about yesterday, but it was a hard day. Andrew was up in the middle of the night and all he wanted was his daddy. Bo rarely gets up with him- not because he doesn't want to but because I always hear him and usually turn off the monitor so Bo doesn't wake up. I couldn't figure out why Andrew wanted him so badly. After all it was ME who could always snuggle him back to sleep in the middle of the night. After some Motrin, lots of coughing, some crying, rocking more crying and finally some screaming, we had both had enough. Luckily Bo woke up and took over. ~He was asleep in about 5 minutes~ I felt so defeated. This comes on the heels of Andrew deciding that he will NOT give me any more kisses. He says that they are daddy's kisses. Even if accidentally kiss his cheeks (which are irresistible) he will wipe it off and say "NO! Dat not your kiss, dat is daddy's kiss!" So I know that I shouldn't let a 2 year old hurt my feelings, but it does! So yesterday was bad, he was mad at me the whole way to school because I wouldn't let him buckle his own car seat, then he cried when I left him. After school he was pretty demanding and awful. It will wear you out! All that being said, today i got my little boy back. He woke up and was the angel that I know and love. He was perfect all morning and was beyond perfect and sweet tonight. I promise I don't take for granted what a good boy he is and how he is good WAY more than he his bad. I guess we all have our bad days. I had a really long day at work today and was so thankful to come home to a sweet boy (who has started to let me kiss him again~ hope it lasts!) He said to Bo while we were eating "Dis is a yummy supper daddy!"


SEC Championship in Atlanta

Last weekend we went to Atlanta for the SEC Championship game. Andrew and I took the day off on Friday to meet my dad and go to the Georgia Aquarium. It was amazing. Unfortunately, i forgot my camera (ugh!) but I did manage to get a couple of videos on my iphone. Andrew stayed in his stroller almost the whole time as we walked through each exhibit. It is massive and very impressive. Andrew's favorite part were the penguins and all the motion sensor paper towel stations located through out the aquarium! Saturday, I went to the games with Bo and Andrew stayed at Dad's and played with him and his cousin Hannah. They all went to the farmer's market to pick out some fruit and veggies.
Impromptu concert at Dad's
Sweet Pawpaw rocking his boy.
Bo got us all a room at the Embassy Suites on Saturday night so we would be close to the dome for Sunday's game. But before we went to the hotel, we went by our friends Mike & Rebecca's beautiful home. We all had dinner and I got to play with their baby, Lee. Rebecca even let me give him his bottle and put him to bed. Ah how I miss a snuggly little boy! Andrew had a blast because they have a REAL piano and guitar. He was in heaven! It was so much fun catching up with these sweet friends!
Jamming out to some Widespread Panic
Rebecca teaching Andrew how to play Old MacDonald. He was so impressed !
Sunday was the championship game. Kentucky vs. Florida. We had front row seats as you an tell by the pictures below. This was Andrew's first ever Kentucky game. We were not quite sure how he was going to do because he didn't get a nap and lost 2 hours with the time zone change then the daylight savings change, but he did great. He sat in my lap for almost 3 hours! He loved every minute of the game and was in awe of everything. I was so proud of him.
I love this picture. Bo and Andrew at his 1st UK game.
My sweet boy!
Gdada and Gigi drove up and met us at the game. They had a great time too.
Cats won! SEC champs... Andrew ready to go back inside and watch some more hoops.
A happy little boy!
(who was sound asleep about 5 minutes after I snapped this picture)

I can do it...

Pawpaw sent a little stool home with us several months ago. Andrew thinks he can do anything as long as he has his stool. He used it the other day and got some chips off of the island. I heard him say "Don't worry mommy... i got it." I went in to see what he was talking about and there he was with a bag of chips (and a big smile on his face) that he got off the island.

Date Nights

Last Friday Bo and I had date night and went to a new Sushi restaurant called Pacific Rim, then to see The King's Speech. It was a really fun night and had been too long since we had done that! Saturday, Bo had a date with Raven and Andrew and I had a date at the mall. We got Chick-fil-a and rode on the train and the carousel. He also loved going into the Auburn store and looking at the big inflatable Aubie. He kept wanting to pat him and touch his tail. This is a big accomplishment because he used to be so scared of it. We had so much fun and he only laid down on the floor of the food court and threw a fit once! I probably would have done the same thing if someone had thrown away MY Dr. Pepper too!
All Aboard!!!
Silly Face... See the little girl in the back ground... She told me she liked my hair! Which I was super pumped about because I just got it cut the day before. So funny!
Wanting to drive the train