Memorial Day

Ahh!!! The official start of Summer... MEMORIAL DAY! Bo graciously joined a neighborhood pool again for us this year. They have a big party with a cookout on Monday. We invited Andrew's cousins to come and swim with us. It was a great morning and the boys were so fun. They LOVED the water!
Mr. Cool waiting patiently to get in the pool.
Gabriel- ready to go!
YEAH for Summer!



One of the perks of Bo’s job is that our family gets in free to Disney. We have been wanting to go and take our nieces and nephew before they were too old to appreciate the “magic”. We planned this trip about 6 weeks ago. I have since learned that most people plan their Disney vacations more than 6 months in advance. You plan your dinner reservations 180 days in advance too! So we were slightly behind the 8 ball on the planning. I mean really, what exactly do you need to know? A lot my friends, a lot! I talked with several people who are un official Disney experts and we mapped out our attack. We stayed off property at a resort that was wonderful. We had a 3 bedroom condo with a great, big pool for the kids. There were 6 of us in our car with 4 DVD players, multiple ipods, headphones, coloring books, activity sheets, and crafts. The ride down AND back were actually enjoyable. No one complained or said “are we there yet?”
We arrived at noon on Thursday which left a good half day at Hollywood Studios. We rode Tower of Terror, Rockin Roller coaster and Toy Story Mania. Andrew and Gigi & I went to watch Beauty and the Beast, which he loved. Applebee’s for dinner then the big kids went swimming. Day one= success.

On tap for day two was Magic Kingdom. My favorite part of the whole day was the excitement in the car as we approached the entrance. I said that I hoped to see Mickey. Bo hoped to see Goofy, Cory hoped to see Pluto. Andrew- “ I hope to see Mick Jagger” We rented a wheelchair for Melony because she had fractured her ankle a couple of weeks before the trip and was on crutches. It helped us bypass many lines at Hollywood Studios and MK. We rode Space Mountain, Astro Orbiter, People Mover, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Dumbo, Buzz Light Year’s Space Ranger Spin, Tomorrowland speedway, Country Bear Jamboree and probably more that I can’t remember. Day 2= Success!

OH! This is so much fun!!
Day 3- Animal Kingdom & Epcot. We started out at AK and went directly to Expedition Everest and with the wheelchair pass, got right to the front of the line. It was such a fun roller coaster-forward/backward, inside/outside, light/complete darkness. It was great. Then we had to wait in a line for the Kilimanjaro Safari ride for over an hour. Boy were we spoiled! I will say that even in that long line, there was little complaining. After that Gigi and G-dada took AMK back to the condo and the kids rode the rapids ride (that gets you soaked) twice, then we all did Everest again and the Dinosaur ride again. We then left the park to run home for lunch and just as we were about to board the tram, I realized I lost my iphone!!! I sprinted back to the wheel chair place (after going through security and sweet talking my way back into the park) and finally got it back. UGH! Crisis averted!
Andrew loved playing the drums!! Surprise, Surprise.
Expedition Everest
After a quick dinner, we were off again to Epcot. Everyone went to ride Soarin’ and Andrew and I rode Finding Nemo. He liked it, I think. Bo met us and the big kids stayed with Jim and Nancy and the 3 of us spent the evening together waiting in line to meet some characters and then watching a British Rock Band in the UK. Andrew was a fun age to take because he didn’t know what he was missing and was able to just go with the flow. I can’t wait to go back!
Andrew and Nemo
Family Photo with Paris in the background
Andrew was terrified of all the characters. He didn't cry, but didn't want to even look at them...
He did jump in the arms of the sweaty, long haired musicians... hey~ these are his people!
Watching the Fireworks show at Epcot
Being silly with Mickey shoes.
Quacking up on the way home.


New Equipment

The newest addition to Andrew band equipment... a dust pan. I mean, Microphone stand. Ha! It is the perfect height and he loves to stand behind it and play the guitar and sing.


Mother's Day 2011

It is so much fun to be Andrew's mom. I am still in awe of him every day at how smart he is and how much he learns. I love seeing his personality develop and I love to watch him grow and learn. Being a parent is wonderful, and so hard. I want to teach him so much and love him so much and I want him to think I am cool. I can tell that I am already loosing the "cool" battle to his dad. He is way more cool than me. I thank God every night for letting me be a mom and choosing me to be Andrew's mom.

I also want to thank my mom for being such a great mom and a good friend. She has taught me so much and I hope that I honor her by being a good mom to Andrew. Love you mom!


Quatro de Mayo

Andrew pooped in the potty tonight!!! (4 times) Whoo Hoooo!!!



Wednesday, April 27th. It was a horrible day. We woke up to the power going out and some nasty thunder and lightning around 6:00. Bo had to go to New Orleans fro a meeting that morning, so I waited to see when/if AMK's school was going to open. Around 8 I got the word that they were not. I made plans to get him to my mom's. Our office didn't have power/phones/Internet, so there was no rush for me to be there. It took some people 2 hours to get there and others were blocked completely by fallen trees all over the road from the morning's storm. "They" (weathermen) said that it was only going to get worse as the day went on. "They" had no idea how right they would be. AMK and I made it to my mom's (where there is a basement) around 1:00. Shortly after that our power came back on at home and the office. I debated going in or not, but decided it would be best to work from Mom's. As the afternoon approached, the weather reports were worse and worse. Then there they were. First a tornado that ripped through Tuscaloosa then stayed on the ground for 130 miles. So many people have lost everything. EVERYTHING. Try to imagine that for one minute. No more husband, your child swept away, no phone, no purse, no toothbrush, no underwear, no wedding pictures, no baby videos, no family heirlooms, no car... all of it gone. It is absolutely heart breaking. I encourage you to do something if you haven't already. Give till it hurts. I guarantee these people across Mississippi and Alabama are going to be hurting for a long time. Find a food bank or give blood, donate clothes, a gift card or the necessities to a shelter. Give gifts for kids to keep their spirits up. No gift is too small and it will be needed again over the next several months to year.

Easter Morning

Well the Easter bunny did make a stop at our house. As you can see below a trail of eggs was left from Andrew's room leading to his Easter basket and there were lots hidden in the den and dining room. He woke up Easter morning, and stood at his gate and said "Who make dis mess wit all de eggs?" I cracked up! He wanted me to know that it was not him! Someone else must have done it. I told him that the Easter bunny brought him the eggs and a surprise. He responded with "OK". Also, I did not plan very well for Easter pictures as you will notice Andrew is in his Christmas PJ's. Oh well. At least they are both Christian Holidays! Nothing says "Happy Easter" like Rudolph. (Thanks Aunt Shea for the PJ's... he still loves them!)

Trail of eggs
Easter Basket
picking up the Easter bunny's mess
checking out the loot in the basket. He loved his Elmo potty book the most.


hunting eggs in the house.

Easter/Birthday Celebration at our House

We celebrated Palm Sunday at our house with our annual birthday celebration and pre- Easter egg hunt. Sweet Hannah and Aunt Elizabeth were in town and Tammy brought the kids up from Tuscaloosa. It was a super fun day!

Hannah and Andrew
Easter Bunny Mimi brough AMK a harmonica. BIG HIT!
Anniston, Hannah, AMK, Alyssa & Cruz
And they are off!
He is getting good at this