Cousin Hannah- Andrew do you want to play tic tac toe?
AMK- Sure!
CH-Do you want to be X's or O's?
AMK- I want to be O's cause of O McDonald.

Singing Old McDonald:
Me- And on that farm he had a...
AMK- Poo Poo Duck!

"Poo Poo Duck" is his new favorite phrase. He says it for almost anything...
Me: Andrew, Eat a bite of Chicken
AMK: No, Poo Poo Duck!

Tonight after bath...
Bo- Don't you think mom is Awesome?
Bo- Cool, Great, Wonderful?
Me-Well what do you think I am?
AMK- An Angel.
(Then I cried a little because it was the sweetest thing he has ever said!!)

On the way home from school Andrew was talking to Bo about what he can do when he is a widdle bit bigger.
AMK: When I get a widdle bit bigger i gonna be in dat cwass room.
AMK: When I get a widdle bit bigger i gonna sit in dat chair.
Bo takes him and puts him in his car seat. Andrew points to the passenger seat and says:
Daddy, How much widdle bit bigger do I have to be to sit there?


Dentist Visit

Andrew had his second ever visit with Dr. Chambliss last week. I asked Bo to take him because the first visit was not great. Andrew wiggled and cried and wanted NOTHING to do with the lady cramming her fingers and a scary sounding drill in his mouth. I kind of felt like it was his turn to experience the Dentist. What a difference 6 months makes. Maybe it is because we brush his teeth almost every night and he was more used to it, but Bo said that he did great! He was so big and let the hygienist clean his teeth and let Dr. Chambliss check for any "frogs" in his mouth. He got 2 stickers in addition to his name sticker and he was proud to wear them all day. He has all of his teeth (whoopie!) and the Dr. Chambliss said that everything looks great. I am so glad that he is through growing teeth! That has been a challenge over the last 18 months.
Celebrating a good visit to the dentist at the park after school.

Happy Father's Day!!

Whitney thought it was time that I contributed to the blog and what better occasion to write about than Father's Day. Being a dad is something that is certainly a privilege and something I take very seriously. You might not know it from how much I cut up with Andrew but I realize what a tremendous responsibility I have as a father. I am amazed at how much he observes my every move and mimics my actions. Andrew is an amazing child and I want to be the dad he deserves.

We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend that included visits to two of our favorite places; Birch tree pool and Taco Casa. Andrew is really getting comfortable in the water and I enjoy playing with him in the pool. He likes to jump off the side of the pool and is even going off the diving board. I am so proud of him.

As for Taco Casa, it has become a Sunday tradition for our family and Father's Day was no different. In fact we went their on Mother's Day too. Sad I know. We go there so often I can tell the cashier how much our order is going to cost before they ring it up, and let me tell you they are impressed. Four tacos hot, one chicken soft taco (cheese and chicken only), frijoles, chips and cheese, and three small Dr. Peppers. $15.27 What a deal! Andrew and Whitney love Taco Casa and I love making them happy.

I didn't get to spend Father's Day with my dad this year but I am so proud of him and we are all thankful that he has moved closer to us so we can see him more often. I love you dad.

Now back to your regular scheduled blogger.

Doughnuts with Dad

The Friday before Father's day, Bo was invited to breakfast at Andrew's school. Andrew was so excited! He now thinks that we should come with him every day for breakfast. All the dads gathered in the halls and Coach prayed for all the kids and the dads and their roles as fathers. Bo said that it was really nice.



Every Summer we go to Destin with my Mom and step dad. Beach trips have definitely changed over the last 3 summers. LOTS MORE WORK, but all worth it of course. This year, Andrew really enjoyed being at the beach and jumping in the waves. He liked running out into the water and splashing and looking for fish. Alyssa and Hannah were there with us, so he liked playing with his older cousins too. We ate at Capt. Daves, shopped at the outlets and visited with some friends that were also in Destin. I am ready to go back!
Beach Boy
One of about 20 attempts to get a family picture.
The wind was a little crazy as you can tell by Andrew's hair!

Beach time.

I just love these pictures...Doesn't that look like fun?

Sweetest.Boy.Ever. Running through the waves Pool timeMaking friends with older chicks! He is irresistible in those sunglasses and puddle jumper.



5.5 days off! Whoo, hoo! We had a great weekend. Bo and I had a nice date weekend in New Orleans, LA. We were invited to a wedding We went down on Friday after work and made it in time for dinner at NOLA (an Emeril Lagasee Restaurant). It was DELICIOUS! We had gazpacho, fried green tomatoes, duck pizza and a pork chop... then fried peach pies w/ sour cream ice cream for dessert. Saturday we ate at K Pauls and had delicious grilled peach and goat cheese salad YUM-O and Bo had a shrimp Po-boy. We went to a beautiful wedding Saturday night and the food at the reception Muffuletta, gumbo, sushi, crab cakes, craw fish pasta, carved tenderloin... We then ate at the Clover grill after the reception and had a burger and a waffle. This is where I ran into the stunningly handsome, James Marsden. (And one of the guys from Modern Family) As you can tell this is my overly excited smile as I am holding on to him for dear life!

Go ahead... Click on it to enlarge it.

Potty Training Update

Last week Andrew started to wear big boy underwear during the day at school. The teacher told me on Monday morning... "get ready to do some laundry this week!" I fully expected to pick up a bag of clothes each afternoon from an "accident". Can you believe that this boy went all day, EVERY DAY, with out one single accident? He did so good! He is starting to tell us at home when he has to go to the bathroom. It is definately a topic we discuss multiple times a day. He even went to the bathroom in a gas station (much to my disgust) on the way home from the beach. I have to invest in some Potty Toppers and more hand sanitizer for when we are out! We were on vacation for 3 days at the beach this week, so he was in a swim diaper most of the time. Hopefully week 2 will be just as successful (or more) than last week. Bo told him that if he pooped in the potty 4 times, he would buy him a Little People tractor to go with his new farm. He gets excited when he gets to mark an "X" over the number.
He keeps talking about it, so hopefully one day he will start going. He knows when he has to go, but isn't quite there yet with the poop. PeePee on the other hand... I really think he is getting the hang of it! I can't believe how big he is.


Happy 1/2 Birthday!!

Happy 1/2 Birthday to my little boy today!!! Add Image


Something Different

Morning, noon and night~ MUSIC. Anything from our old favorite Jimmy Buffett to David Gray to ACDC to the Grateful Dead to Paul McCartney to Rolling Stones to The Wiggles to Garth Brooks. Bo is in the band. I am just a groupie who sits on the couch. The music scene is getting old for us so we are looking to branch out and try a crazy new idea~ TOYS! Andrew likes "Little People" and we bought him the Manger Scene and Noah's ark last year. Monday, we splurged and got the farm. He really has enjoyed playing with all of them over the last couple of weeks. His imagination cracks me up. Notice the elephant is on top of the stable where the angel is supposed to go. Also the giraffes are keeping watch from the top of the ark. The wise men have made their way over to the farm to help with all the chores. I love that they are all interchangeable to him. I am so OCD that I want each set to stay together Unfortunately, we have lost baby Jesus. If you see him anywhere, let me know!! I would love to find him before Christmas.

Little People

This is what happens when Andrew grabs the camera... peek a boo
Barnyard fun! So glad the Zebras and the Donkey can play together!