We took Andrew to a Japanese Steakhouse for the first time last weekend. HE LOVED IT. He was so good through out dinner and was so entertained by the man throwing the egg in his hat. He was not a fan of the man trying to throw shrimp into his mommy's mouth though. It was and expensive meal, but a fun experience!


If Your Gonna Play in Texas... You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band

Funny story... we were on the way home from school and my radio was tuned in to the country station and the Alabama song (title above) came on and Andrew said "Hey! They singin about Texas! We going to Texas!" Every time he hears a song he likes, he wants to know who it is, who is the drummer? Who is the guitar player? Who plays bass? So we had to go and look it up. (Side note... WHAT DID WE EVER DO WITHOUT GOOGLE?)
So, Andrew knew we were planning on going to Texas to see Gigi and Pops. He told us that he was not going to fly on the airplane. He would go, IF they could keep it on the ground. Luckily our flight was at 8:15. Bo made a "call" up to the pilot when we got seated and asked him to keep it on the ground. Andrew was satisfied with that and was at ease. He did great on the plane and was excited to see Mimi and Pops when he landed in Dallas. Unfortunately, it took us longer to get from the airport to my grand parents house due to some construction... and a little bit of not paying attention to where we were going. Anyway... we arrived and had a wonderful visit. We got to see both of my aunts and uncles and my only cousin. We visited with Aunt Nan and Uncle Ralph on Saturday and had a cook out. Sunday we got to meet Ren and Maggie, my cousin's twins then we went to Dallas to visit with my other aunt and uncle. We got to go swimming too, which Andrew loved! Then on the way home, we surprised my cousin at my aunt's house for her little boy's 4th birthday. It was a fun filled 3 days. Andrew did great on the plane rides there and back. He is a great traveler!

Here we go... Ready for take off! Helping Pops water the flowers.
Mimi, Andrew, "Deet" the bear and Aunt Nan
Aunt Nan and Uncle Ralph playing in the band.
Gigi bought Andrew a keyboard to play while he was there. Gigi rocking out on the electric guitar... No one was immune to being in Andrew's band.
Baby Ren and Baby Maggie, my cousin Brad's 10 month old twins.
Swimming at Uncle John and Aunt Carol's house.
Aunt Carol and Uncle John.
My only cousin in the whole wide world and her boys: Ty & Gage.
Andrew LOVES Ty!
Playing in the sprinklers in Gigi's house.
Gigi and Pops

On the way home... Andrewing showing me where he wanted is Dr. Pepper to go.