AMK quotes

I hold Mommy's hand when I dance because she is a Princess

Hey Mom- Do me a favor... Get me some milk.

Guitars and Cars

We were at Bo's mom's house the other day and she had this cute little pedal car. Andrew loved it and was scooting around the driveway. I noticed there was a switch on the dashboard. I said out loud "Is this electric?" Andrew looked up at me and said "no, its acoustic"

Future Elvis Impersonator?



I Love Rock and Roll!

Who takes a two and a half year old to a museum? We Do! The Birmingham Museum of Art had an exhibit called Who Shot Rock and Roll? It was a collection of photographs of musicians from 1955 to the present. We really wanted to go and thought it would be something that Andrew would enjoy too. When we got there, the line to get in was about 30 minutes long. I was not sure how the little man would do at the museum, but he and Bo strolled around and looked at the art gallery and different rooms there. Finally it was our turn. In the first room we introduced him to the King...ELVIS. I know, I know it is way overdue. But he was mesmerized by the video plying of Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show singing “hound dog”. He laughed when Elvis started wiggling those hips. We spotted several artists he knew and he came out knowing about Tina Turner, Jimi Hendrix and Elvis. Those were the 3 that stuck with him. Unfortunately we did not see Angus Young of ACDC despite us all looking very hard to find a photo of him. He was great. I don’t know many almost 3 year olds that could hang at the museum for 2 hours, but he literally rocked it!
On our way home, we got to have dinner with Gigi and G-dada who were driving back home to Georgia. What a fun surprise!


ROAD TRIP! Auburn played Clemson last weekend and we drove up for the game. We left after work/school on Friday and had to make a stop for ice cream at Chick-Fil-A. Andrew and I get ice cream every Friday so although we were on the road, we couldn’t break tradition. We arrived to PawPaw’s house in Atlanta just in time for dinner. We had dinner and played and got AMK in and out of the tub and then we were off to drive closer to Clemson. It is a great feeling when Andrew tells you “bye” and “I love you, see you tomorrow. Come on PawPaw, lets rock and drink some milk” I hate leaving him, but it is nice when he is so comfortable being in a new/different place. He is a very confident little boy and of course it doesn’t hurt that he probably knew PawPaw would spoil him rotten. We got up EARLY and made it to Clemson with no problem. We were lucky to meet up with some of our friends and managed to get in a couple of hours of tailgating. Our Tigers did not play a great game and we felt what loosing feels like for the first time in 17 games. It stinks! We were anxious to get back to Atlanta to see our boy! He and PawPaw had a fun day. He slept in and then they went to visit friends and then Andrew went to his first auction. Dad wanted to buy a little art deco statue. Andrew prominently announced that she had “boobies” and got a chuckle out of the auction house. Dad said that he did great for almost 3 HOURS!! I guess the fast pace of it all kept him entertained. I know the two of them had lots of fun together all day. We gave him a bath and put him in his jommies and we were off to come back home. Andrew is a great traveler. He always has been, so I guess we don’t know any different. He watched a movie and then went sound asleep. It was a fun but quick trip. I am so sad that I didn't get any pictures of he and dad! :(



War Eagle! It was a BEAUTIFUL day down on the Plains. We went down to Auburn for the first time this season. It is always so much fun to be back there. It really is the God’s country. The game kicked off at 11, so it was an early start. We were blessed to be joined by the sweetest nephew in the whole world, Cory. He LOVES Auburn and reminds me so much of Bo. He is a very special young man and I adore being his aunt and spending this kind of quality time with him. We went to Tiger Walk and walked around campus to try to meet up with some friends. We made it into the game to see the eagle fly (and crash into one of the sky boxes, but he is OK). Mississippi State made a late push, but Auburn’s defense had a goal line stand as time ticked off the clock. Andrew spent the night with Mimi and Papa the night before and played all day with them on Saturday. He was very excited to see Cory when we picked him up after the game. Thanks to Mimi and Papa for keeping him entertained all day. He had so much fun playing.
The view from our beloved Section 38
The Girls- Mandy, Rebecca, Jenn, baby Will and me!
Cooling off at half time.
War Eagle!

Rainy Labor Day Fun

Hoorah for Monday Holidays. This year the Labor Day pool party got rained out. Isn’t that just a depressing end to Summer? So we decided the best way to spend the day was at the Galleria Mall. Our big plan consisted of eating at Chick-fil-A, riding the carousel and the train. I guess everyone else had that same plan too! It was a mad house. Luckily we did run into our friends Chris and Mindy and their girls Mary Molloy and Ellis. It was fun to catch up and eat lunch together. This was the first time that Andrew really got into riding the carousel. The last couple of times, he would get on, but once it started going… he was ready to be done. Our mall also has a cute (and expensive) little train that goes around one end of the mall. I think that if you are an almost 3 year old little boy, it must be the coolest thing ever. So we rode it together and waved to all the people in the mall. He really wants to drive it, but doesn’t understand why that is not a possibility. Maybe one day!
Riding the Carousel
Boys just want to have fun
All Aboard!!
Shake your caboose!


Birthdays- Gabe and Papa

Birthdays are one thing that our family takes very seriously. We ALWAYS celebrate EVERYONE’s birthday. We were off to a good start with Mom’s birthday last weekend and this weekend we Celebrated Gabriel and Papa’s birthdays. Gabriel is getting so big and is so handsome. He and Andrew play so well together. He LOVES trains as much as Andrew LOVES music. We got him a Thomas the Train birthday cake and he was super excited. This year he got several outfits and a hot wheels race track and a marble game. He was pumped about them all. We topped off the birthday with a piñata filled with candy. That was the favorite part of all the kids for sure. Meme made a great lunch and we were happy to spend the day with our family and celebrate to very special young men! Here’s to another great year fellas!
Chowing down on the cake!
Getting ready to blow out the candles
Helping PawPaw with his birthday pie
Sweet Birthday boy and Kerri
Andrew gathering up his loot from the piñata.
party people!


With the official start to football, we decided to grill some burgers and stay home and watch some games on TV. Andrew was playing outside and Bo was grilling. He brought out some cheese to put on the burgers. Andrew asked for a piece of cheese. As Bo reached in the pack to get him a piece, he reached up and tried to grab a piece that was on the burger and OUCH! He touched the grill with his left hand. The area right below his fingers on his palm was burned. I know you know how bad a burn hurts! He was a champ though. We kept his hand in a cool cup of water and he ate his dinner and watched a movie, then we played Go Fish. We ended up with some soggy cards, but it was worth it. He even took a bath with his hand in that cup of cool water. He wanted to feel better so bad. He would go up stairs and about half way up he would come running back for the water. We noticed a big water blister on his right arm after his bath. It didn't even bother him but he must have grazed the grill with it too. I was so worried he was not going to be able to sleep, but super dad got him a cold wash cloth and he held it and went right to sleep. I called the nurse to see if there was anything we needed to do for it and she said we should take him to the ER at Children's Hospital. I thought that was kind of crazy since he was sound asleep. She was a terrible nurse and made me feel even worse about the situation. My heart broke when he said "Mommy, I don't want that grill to burn me anymore". Not being able to stop the pain your baby feels may have to be one of the worst feelings in the world! I think I was more of a wreck than he was. Bo even said he hoped nothing really serious ever happened to him because I was such a wreck, I wouldn't be able to handle it. We just decided to make an apt. for the next morning with Dr. Dudgeon. He fixed him up with a big bandaged hand and a big band-aid on his arm. I was so worried that he was not going to keep it on and he was going to get an infection. Would you believe this boy wore that wrap for about 5-6 days! He was such a good patient. As you can tell from the picture below, he woke up the next morning without any pain and was playing the drums with no problems. Thank goodness the pain went away after the first night.



Last Sunday we had a very special surprise birthday party for my mom's 63rd birthday. She will probably kill me for putting her actual age on here, but she is smoking hot, so who cares! She totally rocks being 63! My brother and sister in law and niece came from Atlanta and my Step brother and sister in law and nieces and nephew came from Tuscaloosa and my cousin from bham. She thought she was just coming over for a late lunch and SURPRISE! She had no idea. It was so much fun to celebrate her! She is a great mom and a super Mimi to all her grand kids. It was so special to her to have everyone together to celebrate. That hasn't happened in a very long time! Happy Birthday sweet Mimi! I hope this year is the best yet!
Hannah (7), Andrew (2.5), Anniston (4), Alyssa (12) & Cruz (1.5)
Pretty sure this is your sneak peek to the Gore Family Christmas card.
Party time
The Birthday Girl
2 of my favorite people
Andrew and Tarra
Sweet cousins
Silly cousins!

Krispy Kreme

Last Saturday night, we went out to eat with our friends Jim and Shea and Ann Rogers. We all went to Outback. It has been a while since we have done a "nice" dinner out and especially with friends. The kids did great. After a few changing around of seats and a couple of trips to the potty they were settled. Dinner was so good and Andrew really loved Aunt Shea's fish! So proud of him for trying something new! Afterwards, we were on our way home and I just so happened to have a coupon for a free donut. So we decided it was time to introduce AMK to Krispy Kreme. Wow, was it messy. (and delicious of course) Nothing like a hot donut right off the conveyor belt! Probably not the best decision for a 2 year old at 8:00 which is essentially bedtime, but who cares! Live in the moment!
We all wore hats!
Cool dude loving some donuts!

Speaking of Help...

Have you seen it? NO??? GO SEE IT! Then go see it again. It is wonderful! I read the book last summer and loved it. The movie was just great. I was able to go see it with some of my sweet friends from bible study. It was a great evening of catching up, followed by the movie!