Game Day- Ole Miss 10/22/11

Bo's Dad & step-mom moved to Georgia a couple of years ago. We are so glad to have them so close by. They have never been to an Auburn game, so we invited them to join us for the Auburn/Ole Miss game last weekend. Cory got to come too as a special treat for making straight A's on his report card!! We are super proud of him. We started the day off at our favorite BBQ restaurant, Byrons. Sandwiches, Chips, Beans and the most delicious Brunswick stew! Yumm-O! Then we parked at our tailgate spot and walked to Toomer's Corner for some Toomer's Drugs Lemonade. After a brief shopping trip down College street, we walked over to the University sign and then on to Tiger Walk. Then it was back to the spot for some tailgating and relaxing before the game. The weather was perfect! Chilly enough for a jacket and gloves. Auburn made us nervous in the first quarter, but ended up winning big over Ole Miss 41-23. I think they had a great time! I know we did. It was fun to share with them something that we absolutely love doing.

The gang at Toomer's Corner
In front of one of the Toomer's oaks. So sad that there are hardly any leaves left on them.
Can't wait to frame this with the picture of him in his cap and gown at this very same spot!
Samford Hall
WAR EAGLE from Section 38!!

10 Years

This past Thursday we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Really? Wow, time flies. We have done so much in ten years, but still have so much we want to do and places we want to go. I am so blessed to be able to share my life with my absolute best friend. A man who will love me no matter what, a wonderful father, someone who is constantly making me laugh, someone who has and always will take care of me and most of all a Godly man. I thank God for you Bo Kerr and I love you with all my heart!

Little Toomer

Since the awful poisoning of the Toomer's Oak Trees, there has been a lottery established in order to purchase seedlings from acorns of the famous oaks. We just so happened to win this lottery and were privileged enough to purchase this little tree. He was born in 2010 and arrived on our Anniversary. I have no idea what to do with it really. I don't think I have ever kept anything alive longer than one season... but I have never tried a tree. Bo says it will be a race to see which one dies first, the original oaks in Auburn or our Little Toomer. I am going to give him the best care because it will be fun to roll him after each Auburn victory! War Eagle! Good luck Little Toomer. I hope you make it at least until next season!



Well here it is. The first note sent home for discipline. I was devastated! MY baby? Not obeying, not following directions, telling the teacher “NO!!” Yes, MY baby!! It was not fun for him as he got a talking to from his daddy. I was already so upset over it, I couldn’t be of any help with the punishment. He got a spanking and seemed to understand why and what he did wrong. After the tears, it really was a nice night at our house. He was very obedient and sweet the rest of the night. Lets hope that this will carry on through this week in his class and with his teachers. He is one of the oldest in his class now and I think he thinks he runs the show. Coach described it as “being a typical boy and said that if they spanked at school, he would have gotten one!” (Can you believe it?? Me either!!) We haven’t really had any terrible 2’s so this could be the introduction, or the beginning of the end. I haven’t submitted the application for military school yet, but if he doesn’t shape up soon, it could be the next step! Just kidding for all the grandmothers reading this… I could never send that sweet boy away! Bo and I discussed some things that we can do differently in hopes of giving him more boundaries and teaching him to be more respectful and to obey. I did learn last night that being a mommy is easy, but being a parent is HARD!

Sunday Lunch and Trunk or Treat

We were excited to get to see cousin Hannah and my sister in law from Atlanta and my cousin, Tarra at lunch on Sunday. We met at Firebirds (mmm. Yummy!) and had a delicious lunch. Andrew is still in that stage where taking him out in public to a nice restaurant kind of makes me cringe. You just never know what you are going to get. He may be perfect...or not. Lucky for us, and everyone else in the restaurant, he was perfect. He loves his cousin so much and could not wait for her to get there. They were so cute together playing and talking. Hannah was showing Andrew some of the games on Mimi's iphone. He thins he is as big as she is (8 years old) whenever they are together. It is really so cute!
Mimi and her grands.
"Oooohhh that is so cool that Mimi has drums on her phone!!"
Cuttin up with Papa

Sunday night was Trunk or Treat at our church. We have been talking about Halloween for a couple of weeks now and talking about what Andrew might want to dress up as. First it was Woody, then it was Buzz Lightyear, then it was Mickey Mouse, then it was a fireman. He stuck with fireman for a while, so last week we bit the bullet and bought the costume online. When it came in the mail, he was so excited to open it. But once he took it out of the bag, he didn't want to try it on or anything. Well, skip to Sunday, we were getting ready to go to Trunk or Treat and I tried to get Andrew dressed in his costume. You would have thought it was made of actual FIRE the way he screamed and threw a fit. He was not wearing it. (OK, i was kind of relieved because it was seriously tacky and probably too small). So now what? 15 minutes till trunk or treat. He couldn't be Jimmy Buffett- too cold for shorts and flip flops, he was a rock star last year... Hmmmm... Here is a football jersey... He could go as an injured player wearing Jeans and his jersey. No wait- Here is a whistle. Presto! You are a coach! HE LOVED IT! Thanks to Jim Crowder who is our friend that coaches at Homewood. Andrew thought he was so cool! He was pretty cool for an almost 3 year old, i must admit. I mean really, like that kid is going to put on some silly costume? Ha! He sure showed us!
My favorite coach!
Sweet Ann Rogers (Coach Crowder's daughter) and Aunt Shea joined us!
Here is Andrew dunking our preacher! He was super excited about doing that!
We had a real fire truck on display. Wouldn't he have been cute all dressed up like a fireman?
Shooting hoops at one of the "trunks"

Old Baker Farm

I decided that since we did not have a home game on Saturday, and because it was going to be BEAUTIFUL, that we needed to do something fun outside. What could it be? October, fall, beautiful weather… PUMPKIN PATCH! So there are a lot of things that you get to do once you become a parent and you basically use your kids as an excuse. When was the last time you randomly rode a carousel? Probably not lately, but if you have a kid with you, then no one thinks you are creepy. This is the case with the pumpkin patch. I guess you could go out there all by your adult self, but again…creepy. Last year we did the Heart of Dixie train to the pumpkin patch which was a big field with some pumpkins scattered in it and you just picked one. This year… Old Baker Farm. It is a destination for all kids field trips around this area, so you know it is going to be good. And as you may remember from my previous post about the fair, I am a sucker for things like this! This had sort of a fair type atmosphere. It is an actual working farm and they grow pumpkins and Christmas trees. They had and arts and crafts thing going on, live music and… a civil war re-enactment! SCORE! (Except for when they fired the first shot…we all about peed in our pants!) We invited one of Andrew’s friends from school and his mom- Blake and Tina. The boys had so much fun. They climbed up a hay mound, explored a “stinky” barn with goats, pigs, horses and cows, visited with some confederate soldiers & rode the hay ride to pick out the perfect pumpkin. I had never seen an actual pumpkin patch. We got to pick the pumpkins right off the vine. They had huge ones, tiny ones, white, green and orange ones, round ones and flat ones. What we didn’t plan on was 2 adults wrangling 2-3year olds and 4 pumpkins. Whew! Next year, I will bring a stroller for the pumpkin! Luckily once we got back, we were able to drop off the pumpkins and put our names on them and pick them up when we left. On the way out, we noticed some pedal tractors. The boys stopped here to ride around for a bit. This is when we knew it was time to wrap it up because they were getting a little ornery and of course wanted the same tractor! All in all it was a huge success- Andrew slept for 3 hours, which was all part of my plan to watch the Auburn game. Insert evil laugh here (Wha-ha-ha-ha-haa!) It worked! Unfortunately, the game was not too much fun to watch and we got creamed.
Climbing the hay mountain.
He made it to the top!
Getting ready for the big battle
Pistol Pete
This is the "pumpkin" Andrew picked out. He was so proud of it... then he lost it.
Claiming their pumpkins
The boys loved seeing the soldiers
Tractor race
"Mom, do I seriously have to sit here and take a picture in front of all these other people?
The boys
My Pumpkin!


Ahhhh Sunday

This is the way I love to spend my Sunday afternoons. I love chasing around this guy! He is so much fun. We love to play and laugh and tickle and giggle and hide. It was a beautiful day to be outside enjoying the wonderful weather. We have had this jumpy for about a year, but he is seriously getting into it lately. Last weekend we left him most of the day while we went to the Auburn/Florida game and I think he spent the whole day in it.
taking a break for a serious talk...probably about how we should go get a guitar and drumsticks.
drummer boy
playing the harmonica
rock out!
I love this picture. It captures him so perfectly! Always on the go and ALWAYS singing and playing.

Girls Night

We had a fun girls night out in honor of our sweet friend LeeAnn who HAD breast cancer last year. This was the night before Race for the Cure and we all went out to Chuck's. Dinner was delicious. I am so thankful for this sweet group of girlfriends. One year ago LeeAnn had just started treatment and barely had enough energy to walk the race. This year, a different story all together. We are all so thankful for her grace and strength in the face of this awful disease. Praise the Lord for answered prayers!
Back Row-Karen, Barkley, Ashley, Mindy, Danette, Sena. Front Row: Me, LeeAnn, Allison

Dana's Wedding

Saturday I drove to Savannah to pick up my friend Kacy. Kacy and Dana were 2 of the very first people I met when I moved to Birmingham. We have been friends for 18 years!!! Surely we are not old enough to say that! It brought back so many fun memories from high school. Kacy and I had a delicious lunch in Savannah at Soho Cafe, then it was off to Hilton Head for the wedding. Dana was a beautiful bride and the wedding was just perfect. The reception was at her brother in laws beautiful home overlooking the marshlands. So pretty. We all had a blast. It was just too short of a visit! We were on the road on Sunday morning getting back to our families.

Congrats Mrs. Traywick!


Fried Sinckers...Finally!

You know, if you wanted a fried Snickers, you just can't go out and get one. You have to be at a fair! Luckily we planned to visit my in-laws the weekend of the Georgia National Fair. I tried to play it cool like it would be something fun for Andrew to enjoy, but that didn't last very long. I was skipping through the street filled with giant turkey legs, funnel cakes and fresh fried pork rinds like a kid in a candy store! I did some research and found out that there was a rock and roll piano player at 3:00 and an Eagles cover band at 4:00. I knew my little rock star would love them both. I was right! We started out at the piano player and Andrew didn't want to move until he was finished. No treats, rides, games or giant Dr. Peppers would sway him. He was hooked. Here he is watching the Eagles band- Hotel California. Notice how focused he is.
After the bands were over, Andrew said he wanted to go home. Ha! like that was all he came for and he was done. We hadn't even eaten yet! The fun was just starting. We all walked over to where the rides and games were. Andrew went "fishing" and got a prize...A giant blow up guitar. Could there be a more perfect prize? Only decision was which color.
We ran into these swimsuit models. Check out the abs on that guy! What a hunk!
Bo and Cory decided to ride some crazy spinning, flipping upside down, swinging, twisting ride.
Someone looks a little nervous...
There they go.. the 2 on the left.
Andrew and I opted for a far less tame (although very rickety) school bus ride. This boy as a fascination with school busses and has always wanted to ride on one.
And there we go...(Wasn't it a beautiful day?? Just perfect!)
There were about 100 old tractors on display. Andrew and Cory tried out almost all of them.
What? I had to get in my veggies if I was going to have a fried Snickers!
Thanks G-dada and Gigi for taking us to the fair. We all (mainly me) had a great time and (I) can't wait to do it again next year. There was just too much to see and do for just one day.

I did get the fried Snickers on the way out. Sadly, it was not all that I hoped for it to be. A little mushy and runny and to doughy. But now I know! Next year... GIANT TURKEY LEGS!!!


Birthday parties are a BIG deal. Andrew was so excited about going to Blake's birthday party at ijump. I usually get party duty, but unfortunately (for Bo) I had to work that Saturday. I had actually planned on taking him to 2 birthday parties that day and being SuperMom, but sadly that didn't work out. Bo was SuperDad and skipped some college football games to climb around and slide and jump with Andrew at the party. Blake is one of his best friends in his class. Bo said that they were so funny together. It is really cute to see them interact outside of school. Both boys (Bo and Andrew) were exhausted after the party and one went to take a nap and the other went to watch football. I know Andrew was glad to have Bo there to go do all the jumpy things with him.
Blake and Andrew
Climbing up to the big slide
Crazy boys!