Seriously, he is 3. I am so sad. Where did my baby go? He has become this funny, music loving, potty trained, silly, sweet, thoughtful, prayerful, (did I mention funny?), wonderful, smart little boy. The last 3 years have been a lot of fun. I feel like his personality has really developed between ages 2 and 3. He loves to be silly and is silliest with his dad. They wrestle and tickle and say funny things and make each other laugh all the time. I adore every minute with him. He is so much fun to be around! I just can't believe he is not little like this......
1st Birthday
2nd Birthday
3rd Birthday

I had big plans of having a birthday party for him at one of the jumping places in town, but there is a giant kangaroo that walks around and Andrew wanted NOTHING to do with it. I kept thinking he would forget about it or change his mind, but nope! So we decided to have a small party with some of his friends from school here at the house. He wanted a bulldozer on his cake and a Lightning McQueen pinata. It was perfect for him! He really loves having company over to our house. It was a really fun day.
Micah, Rowan, Lucas Andrew and Gabe. Blake had to leave early.
Taking a hit at the pinata.
More presents
and even more presents!
Hanging his guitar ornament he got from Gigi on the tree.

The Ba Fairy

So we have been telling Andrew that when he turned 3 he had to give up his ba (paci). I think we waited so long because Bo and I were so dependent on it! He only got it at night when he was getting ready for bed. It was like instant sleep when he put it in his mouth. We had been preparing him for this by telling him that big boys didn't need ba's. They were just for babies. So on the Friday night before his birthday party we gathered up all the ba's and but them in a basket with a note saying- "Dear Ba Fairy, please take these ba's and give them too the babies like Elise, Will, Wren, Zoe and Kellen (our neighbor, friend, cousin and 2 babies at his school) and please bring me a drum set. Thank you, Andrew" He went to bed just fine that night (and every night since then) with out it.
The basket of ba's and the note
Andrew telling his ba's good-bye.
So the next morning he went to the door and checked... but they were gone! He had the BIGGEST smile on his face! So we ran upstairs and.....
He has been rocking out every night! He was so excited and named that he had a high-hat, base, snare, tom tom and cymbal. It was such a fun morning...followed by his birthday party.


School Performance

Is there anything cuter than a bunch of 2 and 3 year olds singing and performing? NO! Andrew's class invited all the parents to a Christmas program with singing and cookies. I actually went earlier that day and took cupcakes and goodie bags for his birthday during their snack time. Birthdays are a big deal around there. Everyone gets so excited. He seemed so big. Then they all got ready for their show and all the parents came in. Imagine twice as many parents/aunts/grandparents etc. and they all have cameras and video cameras. I can see how that would be intimidating to a bunch of 2 & 3 year olds! They sang several songs including, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves the Little Children, the 12 Days of Christmas (Andrew was the "5 Golden Rings" part!) and a few others. It was precious, absolutely precious. Here he is about to sing Jingle Bells... a little nervous at first, but he came out of his shell.

The whole crew
Raven, Gigi, Meme, Aunt Dougie, Mimi and Papa
Miss La Traunda- Assistant Teacher
Miss Tanna- Afternoon Teacher (and babysitter)
Mrs. Donna- Lead Teacher


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I usually try to decorate the day after Thanksgiving, or sometime that weekend. This year we just had too much going on so we did it the following weekend. Last year, Andrew woke up from his nap to find the house all decorated and proceeded to rearrange everything! So this year, we decided to just let him help from the beginning. He was so excited about everything. Mom came over to help like she does every year. I couldn't do it with out her! I love this tradition. This year Andrew really knows what Christmas is about and is excited about everything...except Santa. He said that he does not want to go and see him and he does not want him to come in the house!
Andrew showing Mimi baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary.
He grabbed all the snowmen and said that they were all having a birthday party for Jesus!
Trimming the tree

Iron Bowl Saturday

PawPaw came over to keep Andrew while Bo and I went to the game. They had a blast playing. He brought Andrew a kitchen and a grill. They played and cooked and cooked and cooked some more. Thanks so much to my sweet dad for coming over to keep him for the day! We had fun at the game, although it turn out quite the way we wanted.
Andrew and PawPaw having an early morning snuggle.
Mimi and my sweet niece, Alyssa Kate
Love this girl!


So Much to be Thankful for

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100:4-5

Last year we had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at our house. This year, I am thankful that I only had to make corn casserole to take to Nanny's! We always go there for lunch and it is always DELICIOUS!

The 2 things that I am most thankful for: A loving, caring, supportive, funny, understanding, semi-patient husband and an adorable, funny, sweet, sensitive and cuddly almost 3 year old.
After lunch, we went over to my mom's for round 2 of Thanksgiving. Another great meal and some after dinner decorating. Andrew loved to help Mimi put out all the nutcrackers. Each person gets one by their stocking (his was a rock star nutcracker with a guitar! so cute). When we finally made it home, we settled in to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Andrew really got into it last year and we watched it over and over again for months. This year was fun too. He likes all the marching bands and performers and there was even a float with the Fresh Beat Band and Dora the Explorer. That was his favorite. He was also excited to see "Jim's Band", which is our friend Jim Crowder who coaches at Homewood High School. He heard the announcer say it and got so excited. I am sure we will be watching it every morning/night for the next couple of months. It is sad that we only pick one day out of the year to celebrate Thanksgiving. I am pretty sure the Pilgrims and Indians did it for almost a week. We are very blessed with our health, jobs, home, school, teachers, family and friends. I am so thankful for all of that and thankful to be a part of a wonderful church family as well.