amk christmas program

Signing the alphabet
Christmas Program
Mrs. Lorrianne's Class
4yrs. old

amk's Christmas Program

Andrew- 4yrs old- Books of the Bible at the Christmas Program
Mrs. Lorrianne's Class


Andrew's 1st Dave Matthews Band Concert

What started out as a disappointment, turned into being a pretty good night... If you remember, on our trip to LA, Bo and I sat and talked with the drummer, Carter, for a while and he invited us to come see them during their winter tour.  Bo had emailed him and he emailed us back saying to let him know which show we wanted to come to and he would take care of the rest.  Well when we showed up there was NOTHING left for us at the will call.  No passes.  No tickets.  Major bummer.  We showed the email to the ticket people and eventually someone came back with 3 tickets- really good seats, probably from the band's allotment.  I was so disappointed.  I really wanted to see Carter again and I really wanted Andrew to get to meet him.  Andrew was a little sad that we couldn't go backstage, but once the opening act started, he forgot all about it.   The Lumineers were the first to go on and we all love them.  Andrew knows several of their songs, so he enjoyed seeing them.  They played for about an hour, then there is about a 30 minute break before DMB.  Andrew got a pretzel and a HUGE powerade and was ready for the show.  He.Loved.It!!!  The first couple of songs, he would let us hold him and would just observe everything...lights, where everyone stood, video boards, where the instruments were,  who brought them out;  the rug they stood on, just everything that he could absorb.  He hated it when either of us told him to "look" at something.  He kept saying "I see it!!"  After a while, he was just in his own element.  He was singing along, dancing along, playing along.  He had to go to the bathroom only 2 or 3 times, so didn't miss too much!  He was great and wore his headphones the whole time.  The people around us LOVED watching him.  One of the ladies beside us went and bought him a DMB hat because she loved him so much.  It was a great night and I know he loved every minute of it.  Can't wait to do it again!!  
Playing "trumpet" on his Powerade

Rockin the air guitar
Definitely having fun
Loving my new hat
air drums!
AMK- DMB show #1


Paw Paw's Visit for the Big Party

My dad came over from Georgia on Friday night before the party!  We were so excited to se him.  He brought Andrew some great PJ's and art supplies.  We went out to Sumo, a Japanese Steak place, for dinner.  Andrew loved watching the guy cook everything and we all LOVED our dinner!  So good!  I loved having my dad here for the weekend.  I wish he could have stayed longer.  I love for him to get to see his grandson and get to know him better.  We all had so much fun.  Thanks for everything PawPaw!!  
Rock and Roll Jommies
Cool Crayons, pens and paints
This art pack was so big PawPaw had to hide it in the bushes! 
art paper
Andrew loving his birthday song at Sumo...complete with a drum! 
Birthday morning!  #4 pancakes.
Someone is happy to be 4!

At the party
Finally 4!!

Andrew's 4th Birthday

When did my baby turn 4?   Last Saturday we had his birthday party at Storyville Station.  It was PERFECT!   I really couldn't have imagined a better party for my boy.  I made back-stage passes for the kids to wear and Andrew was so excited to pass them out to all of his friends when they arrived.  Then they dressed up in "rock star" clothes- vests, sunglasses, feather boas for the girls etc.  Mr. Brian, who was in charge of the party, even gave Andrew a microphone.  He welcomed everyone to his party and was sort of the emcee for the first part.  His friends that were there were- Anna Claire, Emily, Ellie, AJ, Blake, James, Micah, Reed, Lenox, John Paul & Mallon.  After everyone was dressed, they went down the secret passage slide to the basement where they entered "Club Andrew"  They kids sang and danced to fun songs.  They did the chicken dance, limbo, freeze dance and danced with hula hoops and played inflated guitars and saxophones.  I don't think the smile faded from his face during the whole party.
The Birthday boy!
Announcing all of his friends! 
Rocking out with Blake
Blake, AJ and Andrew
How old are you Elton?  4! 
Doesn't he look like he is having fun??  

Introducing Andrew!!!
Pure Rock Star
This is the most fun ever!!

After we had the dance party downstairs, we came back up for cupcakes and a slide show of the party. Mr. Brian had been taking pictures the whole time of all the kids, so it was fun for them to see themselves on the big screen.  Next was present time!  He was so excited to open all of his gifts and got some really great things from all of his friends.  
Ooooohh!! A SpiderMan car!  COOL!!
After the party we came back to our house and had our parents, and cousins over for lunch, presents and of course another cake!  
Getting ready to blow out his candles again...
He got LOTS of art supplies and couldn't wait to paint! 
Still having fun!
And the Amazing Aunt Grace got his birthday card to him on his birthday and it had 4 dollars in it!!!
Thanks Aunt Grace!!!  We love you!  

Melony turns 14

Melony was a month shy of being 3 when she was a flower girl at our wedding.  My how time flies!  She is such a beautiful young lady now.  I have enjoyed watching her grow up and she has taught me so many things she doesn't even know about.  She is a great cousin to Andrew and a really sweet girl!  We love you Mel-Mel.



We made a gingerbread train last week.  Andrew was very in to decorating the train with the icing and candy.  I love his attention to detail!


We have SO much to be thankful for.  SO MUCH.  This year we went to mom's for Thanksgiving.  Chris, Tammy, Alyssa, Anniston and Cruz were all there.  We missed having Tyler and Liz and Hannah there, but it was still a fun day.  The weather was beautiful. The kids had so much fun playing outside picking up nuts in the yard and then making gingerbread houses after lunch and later on at the park.  Needless to say, they all slept great that night.  Andrew had so much fun playing with all of his cousins.  I miss them not living so close by.  Mom fixed a delicious (probably the best we have ever had) lunch with Turkey, ham, mac n cheese, dressing, salad and sweet potato casserole.  Mmmmmm.
Andrew spent the night that night too!  It was a great day!  
Collecting Buckeyes
Anniston, Cruz and Andrew
Decorating Gingerbread houses
Playing in the leaves at the Park
The 2 I am most thankful for
Sweet Cousins


Cory spends the night

I love my nephew.  He really is just the sweetest, and most helpful person!  He loves Andrew and I think if there was a word that means more than love-that is how Andrew feels about him.  He really looks up to him and wants to be like him and just wants to play with him all the time.  Cory is so sweet to him and helps him with whatever he needs.  He encourages him to be sweet and to do the right thing and is a GREAT role model for him.  I love to listen to what they talk about!  I guess it is still hard to believe that Andrew is big enough to have his own conversations with people!  He has been doing it so long, I should be used to it by now.  I love having him come over and spend the night with us.  He is just a very, special kid!


Date to the Library

I may be a little late on the whole library thing, but I just got my library card about a month ago.  I had to get a couple of books that they were reading at school that were not very nice.  I had to get them to do my homework on a certain character.  I had checked out a couple of books over the next few weeks and Andrew was so excited each time.  Finally, one Sunday a couple of weeks ago, he and I went together.  He loved it and was so impressed with how many books there were.  We had a great afternoon there and then stopped by the Whole Scoop to get ice cream on the way home.  Mmmm pumpkin spice! 
They have cool toys at the library.
His stash of books we took home.

Yummy ice cream. 


Its Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We decorated for Christmas the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving this year.  I don't think I have ever put up any decorations that early before, but it was so nice to get it out of the way.  I LOVE putting up my tree and seeing all the ornaments.  Most of them are precious, sentamental ones that we have collected from trips, or from special occasions, so it is great to associate good memories with them each year.  Andrew helped with the decorating once again this year.  I actually had to take OFF some of the ornaments so he could put them where he wanted them to go.  He has always been great about not messing with the decorations once they are up.  He loves to put up "his" ornaments too.  I love this tradition!!   
My helper...
finding the perfect spot
Here is a good spot
My sweet angel


Moving on up!

Here we go again!  Andrew moved up to the "Advanced" class at school.  There is only one more class (Pre-K) before he starts actual kindergarten.  Since his birthday is so late, he won't start real school till August 2014 so he will be in this class for a while.  Moving up is always challenging because he does not like change.  (He gets that from me)    I could relate to how he was feeling.  I knew he would love his new class and tried to reassure him of all of the same things that he would be doing, only in a different location.  He was very big when I dropped him off.  I could tell he wanted to cry, but didn't.  I talked with Coach before school to let him know that Andrew was having a little anxiety about moving up.  He was so kind to him and even sent me a couple of pictures during the day.  One of him taking a nap, and 3 more of him playing with some new friends.  All with a BIG smile on his face.  Coach emailed me and said that if they would have voted for class President, Andrew would have won.  Whew!  A good day.  Advanced is really fun, and the best part- you get to cut and glue all by yourself.  In the last class the teacher would cut and put the glue on the paper for them.  He feels like he has made it to the big time.  His teachers are so sweet and it is good to be in class with some of his old friends.  There are about 4-5 more still in his old class, but once they move up over the next couple of months, the gang will be back together again!  Here are some pictures from his last day in Intermediate.  
 He and Blake playing
 Blake, Andrew and sweet Miss Hannah
 Miss Freddie- Assistant
Mrs. Crystal- Lead Teacher
 While I was taking pictures of Andrew and his teachers all of his friends lined up and wanted a picture!  
Reid, Emily, Annalise,  Ellie, Jessica, Natalie, Kaden, Drew, Andrew, Lennox, Blake,Jackson