Post Christmas Photo Shoot

My sweet friend Kristin took some pictures of our little family after Christmas. I just forgot to post some of them. Here are some of my favorites...


McWane Science Center

This is birthday party season for us! Most of the kids in Andrew's class have birthdays between November and February. We were invited to his sweet friend, Micah's, party at McWane. It is a wonderful attraction here in Birmingham. So many "hands on" activities. This time of year they have a train exhibit and snow! When you go for a party, you get free admission into all of the halls. There is just so much to do! I wish we could have stayed for the whole afternoon. We had to leave so we could make it to the game and ZBB concert (see next post). It was a blast and we had fun seeing the kids in his class there.

Having fun in the party room.
Driving some of the trains with Ellie.
Playing in the "snow".
You can imagine that he LOVED this!
Tall enough to go down the slide.
He did this about 10 times~
He and Blake feeling 70 mph winds
Ellie, Blake and Andrew
Shootin' hoops!


New Year's Eve

2011 was a great year. We ended it at the Georgia Dome watching Auburn take on Virginia. We had great seats and it was a good game too! We were lucky enough to run into several of our friends from Birmingham at the game. We left in the 3rd quarter and walked across the street to Phillips Arena where we finished the evening and rung in the new year with the Zac Brown Band. They rock. If you ever get the chance to see them...do it! They don't disappoint! I loved having a date with my super handsome husband doing some of the things we love! A big thanks to Meme for having Andrew spend the night. He had a blast playing with you and all his cousins! Here's to 2012! I know it is going to be a great year. God has blessed us with so much!
Mandy and Jenn
My main squeeze! (Take 1)

Isn't this the most ridiculous picture? What exactly am I doing with that arm? The funny thing is that the girl taking the picture, said "Oh this is a good one!"
HA! Every time I look at this I crack up!

Rocking out on the new drums



Christmas Day 2011

Well it came and went so quickly! How could all the weeks of planning, shopping, wrapping, & decorating come and go so fast? This year was really the first one where Andrew really could grasp the concept of Santa Claus coming. We never made it to the mall to actually see Santa and properly put in his request of a "Little People School Bus", but we sent the message to the North pole via Jessie the elf. Andrew was not too thrilled about Santa coming into his house while we were all asleep- and who can blame him. That is just plain weird! He would talk about Santa at night while he was getting ready for bed and ask how he was going to get in the house and if we should we leave the garage door open. Christmas Eve, we were all getting ready for bed and he walked out of his room (half asleep) and said "I thought I heard Santa's sleigh, but I guess I didn't" and went right back to sleep! Ha! I woke up Christmas morning at 7 and started making breakfast. Finally at 7:30 I started to wake everyone up. The first thing he said was "Wait a minute... Where is my school bus? " He opened a couple of things and would say- "No... That is not a school bus." He would also open a gift, then go put it up in his room and come back... I think we could still be opening presents if I didn't speed up the process. After he got his bus, he was pretty much done. He didn't really care about opening anything else. The only other things he got excited about were his acoustic guitar and an electric guitar that klugs in (plugs in) to the TV. After presents, we all went to church then on to Nanny's. This year we all played BINGO after lunch. Nanny had 4 baskets full of fun gifts that we all got to pick from when we BINGOed. (I was the first!)Christmas was a blast this year and I know it will only get better each year. I hope we do a good job each year letting him know the real reason we celebrate!
Working with his new tool bench
This isn't the yellow school bus I asked Santa for...
mmm...so many presents...
What could this be?? Noah's ark Tshirt that changes colors... cool! I think I will put it on now.
a recordable story book from Gigi and Gdada
at church on Christmas morning
opening his basketball goat at Nanny's house
Mr. Fix-it! Safety First!
LOVING playing basketball with his new hoop!


Christmas Eve

Since Christmas was on a Sunday this year, we decided to celebrate with our nieces and nephew
on Christmas Eve. Jim and Nancy came over from Georgia and we all had a wonderful meal that Bo's mom cooked and brought over. After dinner we opened gifts. The kids are now at the age that they want money... BORING. I had fun shopping for them getting them the presents that I knew they would love and they even got a little cash too. After dinner, Santa came by on the firetruck. Andrew had been looking forward to that for weeks! I am so glad we got to see him. Then we went to Hunter Street for their Christmas Eve service. It was a great evening.
Melony, Andrew and Cory opening their gifts
Oh Boy a firetruck puzzle!
Oh, yeah- Justin Bieber, baby!
Waiting on Santa to drive by
Santa was ridding up front and was saying "Merry Christmas" to everyone.
Being silly right before bed
Hope Santa likes Oreos
Jessie the elf, waiting on Santa to hitch a ride back to the North Pole.

Christmas at Mimi and Papa's

My brother surprised us by coming in town the weekend before Christmas. We all were available, so we just decided to go ahead and celebrate Christmas with mom and miJ (my step dad-Jim spelled backward)Chris and Tammy had Alyssa that weekend so it worked out perfectly! Mom and miJ made a delicious dinner and we watched the kids open their presents then all the adults played dirty Santa. After that the kids worked on decorating gingerbread houses. This was Andrew's first attempt at doing one and he was so in to it! He was very creative and focused on what he was doing. It was such a fun day celebrating with family!
Chris, Tammy, Anniston, Mij, Cruz, Alyssa, Max, Tarra,
Mom, Tyler, Liz, Hannah, Andrew, Me & Bo
Oh boy!
All the kids were on the "good" list!
Especially this one!! He was Very good this year!
His FAVORITE present- a basketball jacket and shorts
Cruz and Andrew decorating their houses
The finished project!

The Whole Scoop!

We have a wonderful little tradition of going to get ice cream every Friday. It started in the summer, and we would go if he stayed dry in his underwear all week... which he ALWAYS did. He knows all of the names of all the workers in the ice cream shop. When he came in last week, the girl working said "I remember you, you like the Zac Brown Band don't you?" Yep. That's me! His favorite flavor is strawberry, but he also likes chocolate, butter pecan, peach and cinnamon.