I love to see this! Here is Andrew at 3years old naming all the disciples. He starts with Andrew and goes on from there... I am super impressed! He thinks it is funny that Andrew has a beard! (and in our book, he also had red hair!)

I love this view!

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I am inside doing laundry. I look out the window and see this...

My 2 boys playing hoops.

December to Remember

So my blogging lately has been very sporadic. Sorry about that! I really keep this as kind of a journal/baby book/timeline of things I always want to remember. With that being said (or typed) I always want to post a cute picture with the posts I write about to help me remember the things I am describing. Unfortunately since Christmas I have not done a good job with doing this. I am going to share a couple of funny things Andrew did/said over the last several months and there are only going to be the 2 pictures below for your viewing pleasure. (They were taken of Andrew and his cousin, Gabriel at Moe's)
December 31- I posted on facebook that it was a wonderful morning at our house! Andrew baptized all of his Little People. Baby Jesus, all the wise men, and astronaut, bus driver and farmer have all been washed of their sins! He saw a sweet girl baptized on Christmas morning and has been intrigued since then. Great conversation with our little guy about Jesus today. I love his sweet heart! .... On the same subject of this, He told me that he was going to Baptize daddy when he gets big... This past week he asked me who was going to dry his hair when he got baptized.

December- one of our favorite activities in November and December was driving around looking at Christmas lights. We had a couple of polar bears in our neighborhood that lit up and he would get so excited if the people turned them on. There were so many times that we drive by and they were not lit up. I wondered if they would have minded if I jumped out of my car and plugged them in! ha! He also really liked the blow up things people put out too. We had a lady on our street who had an igloo and penguins would come out of the top and go back down...I his very favorite was a reindeer who was lowing Santa down a chimney. I am sure the people that lived there thought we were stalkers because we would park outside of their house and watch it go up and down.

When we went to Micah's birthday party at McWane this year, I was telling Andrew that we had gone with Micah last year (in December) and he started telling ME about all the things that they did. He especially remembered the dinosaur exhibit and digging for the bones. He wasn't even 2 yet! His memory is absolutely amazing!

Andrew has been very in to his (imagined) basketball and football teams. (He says "baketball" and "fitball") He gets this deep voice when he tells me about them. He will tell me that he has practice on Thursday at 5:30 and his game is Sunday after church. He has teammates named Wyatt, Jerry, Michael and Jake. He can tell me what positions they play too! He is so serious when he talks about the games. It is so hard sometimes not to laugh because he is so stinkin cute!

Speaking of laughing- we have done a lot of it over the last few months. His personality is really developing and he is quite the character. He was doing something one night and I told him to stop. (he didn't) so I said (in a stern voice) Andrew Monroe! and he replied Mommy Baroe! in the same tone with his hand on his hip. I lost it. We have cracked up over this several times since then.

He has been drooling and has gotten a couple of red spots on the corners of his mouth where the skin dries out. I asked him if he wanted me to put some cream on it and he said "No, Jesus will heal it"

The Grammys- Well you know that we recorded the Grammy awards for the live music content. The Foo Fighters had 2 live performances and won a Grammy for Best Rock Performance. For the first couple of times we watched it, he just wanted to watch the performances... then he got into the winning and acceptance speech. So then we acted that out. I would stand up and say (while he and Bo were sitting on the couch) "The winner of the Best Rock Performance is... (pretend to open the envelope) "THE FOO FIGHTERS!!" Then he and Bo would hug each other and he would give me a kiss and say into the mic "Thank you very much for this award... Good Night Everybody!!!" I figured this will be a good story to tell on the eve of his first Grammys. I have made him promise to take me!
Thanks for letting me catch you up on some funny stories! I just love this little guy!!!


Ole Miss was playing basketball in Tuscaloosa and it worked out perfect for us to go down and visit my step brother and his family. They were packing to move to Savannah, GA and we were able to stop and visit and have dinner before the game. I am going to miss Cruz and Anniston! I will hate not seeing them all the time, but am so excited for their family and their new adventures! We sat with Bill's family at the game. Bill's sweet grandmother gave him a cute T-Shirt that said "Little Rocker" with a picture of a drum set on it. He wanted to go and change immediately! He really loved it! Thanks so much Maw!
Anniston, Cruz, Sweet friend Julie-Bug, & Alyssa
Guess who thinks he as big as the 12 year olds?
mmmm. sweet cousins sharing nachos!


Build-A-Bear Party for Ellie

It is probably wrong when I am more excited about a birthday than Andrew. I had never been to Build-A-Bear and was pretty pumped we (Andrew) got invited by his sweet friend Ellie. There were about 12 kids from his class and they each got to pick out a bear, put a heart in it and add the stuffing. Then they gave them a bath and dressed them! It was so cute. Afterwards we had pizza in the food court.
playing ring around the rosie
waiting with Emma to add the stuffing
giving Jacky-Jack a bath
After the party I took him on the carousel.
He wanted to ride the horse all by himself and told me to sit on the bench behind him.
So big!

Lil Romo

How cute is this? Bo ordered this mini Cowboy's uniform for Andrew and he LOVES it! He wore it to our friend's house for the Super Bowl. I am not sure that I ever want him playing football though! YIKES!
Let's huddle up!
...and the point after...
hut hut!


Road Trip! We went to Oxford, MS for the weekend to visit Bo's best friend, Bill and his family. They have 4 kids! There was not a dull moment, that was for sure. Oxford is a super cute little town and we had fun exploring the square, seeing the grove and just hanging out. We got to see Ole Miss beat South Carolina too! Since Bill coaches for Ole Miss, we also got to see their amazing basketball facility. Very Cool! Bill's little boy is named Bo (after our Bo). He and Andrew played together and had so much fun. Sometimes they would fight, but after a few minutes apart, they were back together again. I think Bo was glad to have another boy in the house!
Having a race down the stairs with boogie boards. (the boards were racing, not the boys!)
Hotty Toddy!
Guess what?! There is a drum set at the basketball game!
Sunday morning, we drove to Hamilton to visit Bo's uncle Mac and Aunt Sarah. We got to go to church, lunch and have a great (but too short) visit in their super cool clubhouse that they have for their grandchildren. Andrew loved playing in it. Unfortunately he was WAY ready for his nap and refused to sit for a photo session with them before we left, so this is the best one I got.
Thanks for everything Mac and Sarah! We had a great time!


Kaden's Birthday

It is Birthday season right now! It seems that almost all the kids in Andrew's class have birthdays around this time. Kaden had his birthday party at Tree Top which is an indoor play facility. They have a big tree house that the kids can climb in. Andrew usually does not do these types of things, but he climbed right in after all his friends and went all the way up to the top... and freaked out when he couldn't figure out how to get down. Once I talked him down, he just sat and watched all the other kids play. After that, they got to stuff an animal of their choice and played a round of bowling. They are all so cute together.
Getting ready to bow.
AMK and Ellie

BBVA Compass Bowl

Andrew & his friend James
Snacking on strawberries

There are so many reasons that I am proud to be Mrs. Bo Kerr. I just adore my husband and I am so proud of him! He works so hard and I know that it is so hard for him to be away from me and Andrew when he has to put in extra hours at the office. And December is always filled with lots of extra hours. Of course it all payed off once again when the week of the game got here. The teams were pleased with everything, and the fans were as well. Of course if he could have his pick, we would have gotten an SEC team, but it just didn't work out that way this year. SMU and Pitt played and SMU won. Andrew loved them because they had a horse for a mascot and had 2 horses they brought with them along with a cowboy to do some fancy rope tricks. The day of the game was PERFECT! The weather was beautiful. This year Andrew and I went to the street fest on Friday and fan zone before the game. Everyone we saw was having a great time. They have made each year better than the last and I just can't tell you how proud I am of him!