Have you ever seen the TV show Wipeout? We made the mistake of letting Andrew watching it while at my Dad's house. He really got into it while we were there and was running down the hall and jumping onto the couch cushions etc. falling over saying WIPEOUT! Well we got home and were out enjoying the BEAUTIFUL warm weather last Sunday. He ran inside and grabbed the slip-n-slide that he has been eyeing for almost a year now and asked if he could play WIPEOUT? I thought it would be a one and done kind of thing. NOPE. He.loved.it! He must have slipped and slidded for 3o minutes without a break. Keep in mind he is COVERED in grass and pine pollen! YUCK. I can't wait for summer days and weekends to have to play outside with this little guy. He is so much fun!
This is fun

Look out Mr. Kevin... I'm coming for your job.

Leading the songs
Listening to the music and playing drums
It is a special treat for Andrew if I go and get him for "big church" from the nursery on Sunday mornings. He will come for the first part where we sing, pray, have communion and sing again. This past Sunday was great because "Mighty to Save" was one song we sang right before he had to leave to go back to children's church. It just melts my heart when he claps and sings with all of his heart. It was so sweet. Then after church he always go and talks to "Mr Kevin" who is our song leader and might as well be Mick Jagger to Andrew. I am pretty sure that Andrew is Mr Kevin's biggest fan and they talk music every Sunday. This past Sunday, Andrew got up on stage and lead a couple of songs for us. (Just me and Bo and a few stragglers were left in the sanctuary). I think he is a natural born leader and loves the stage... wonder where he gets that?
Here is a video of him singing and playing his drums to Mighty to Save from a couple of weeks ago. He has asked us what the lyrics are and what they mean- "How did Jesus conquer the grave?" So fun to see God present us with opportunities to share His love for us with our little love.



Andrew's First Movie

Saturday we took Andrew and his cousin Raven to see Chipwrecked- The Chipmunk movie. It was a the the dollar theater so there was not a huge investment, just in case it didn't work out. After all, he doesn't really sit and watch movies...he will watch a concert, but we have NEVER put in a movie and watched it all the way through. He did great though. He got scared at the very beginning when Dave slipped and fell. HE DID NOT LIKE THAT PART, but Bo got him calmed down and he sat in our laps with a couple of trips to the potty during the show. All and all it was pretty good. Don't think he is ready for the REAL ($9) movie just yet, but that is fine with me!

Happy Birthday to MeMe!

We went to Bo's mom's on Friday night for a quick Birthday party. We had strawberry shortcakes and they were delicious! We are really celebrating by taking her and the kids to the beach soon. We can't wait for that trip! It is going to be so much fun!!!
Happy Birthday!
Silly Boy
MeMe and Andrew and an intense game of Red light/Green light!

Trip to Ellijay

My Dad recently bought a house in North Georgia. We have been wanting to get over there for a while now and finally found a good weekend to do it! Bo was in New Orleans for the SEC Basketball tournament so AMK and I decided- ROAD TRIP! He is such a good traveler. I was a little nervous to be driving at night all by my self to a new place, but we made it without any problems. I just wish my little traveler had a little bit bigger bladder! Don't get me wrong, I am so glad he is potty trained, but it seems like just as we are getting back on the interstate, he says- "I need to go tee-tee". So 3.5 hours later we arrived! Dad's house is so charming. It is in a really neat neighborhood/compound. It feels like summer camp. There are 2 pools, and arcade, mini golf, a workout room, playground, and a river, camp ground area. Not to mention so many deer! Dad has a big bag of deer corn and feeds them every day. Andrew loved getting a big scoop and would call the deer to come and eat... then sure enough, they would come up. Right to the back porch! Saturday we got up and drove up to Blue Ridge, GA and even as far as the GA/TN state line. I think we actually ate lunch in Tennessee. Andrew had fun hanging and shopping with us. We hit a consignment store where he picked out a KISS T-Shirt. Blue Ridge was so quaint. Lots of fun little shops and a train too! We got home and all took a nap! (Ahhh, it was the best part of my day!) Then in no time we were off again. There is a barn/zoo right down the road where a lady has a bunch of animals that were rescued. This includes, horses, llamas, sheep, goats, pigs, a blind burrow, geese, rabbits, cats, dogs, roosters, chickens, and probably some other things I can't remember. It was so nice and brand new. Andrew warmed up to the animals after a few minutes. He even fed the little blind burrow, Nicki. But his favorite part was the tiny amphitheater built right by the barn. He played a concert for us and pretended to be Bruce Springsteen. He was really loving the stage! Then we went swimming! It was a FULL DAY! Sunday we went down to the river and he loved throwing rocks in the water. What is it with little boys and throwing rocks? It was his favorite part of the whole trip. It was great to spend the time with my dad. It was too short, but we can't wait to go back and visit again and take daddy with us too! Probably the best part of the trip was that right outside of Ellijay we happened to stop at a gas station to go to the bathroom and there were probably 15 different kinds of icee's to choose from. He was so pumped! I wish I could have gotten a picture of his mouth dropping open and him pointing to them when we walked in. It was priceless. We stopped there on the way home and he got one for the road. Those are probably his most favorite treat right now.
My dinner date at Zaxby's on Friday night
Ice Cream in Blue Ridge, GA.
All Aboard!
Feeding Nicki
Playing his guitar
Taking the stage...
I purposely left his guitars and drums at home in hopes of finding something else to entertain him, but he can always find something to make a drum set out of...
Hiking with PawPaw
Whew, we made it to the top.
Throwing rocks in the water
Great trip!
Icee and Cheese Puffs for the ride home!


Andrew brought home a coloring sheet last week and had done some free hand drawing on the back. I asked him what it was and he told me very plainly- Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band. Well, duh! Of course it is. See Rodger, the drummer at the top surrounded by his drums and cymbals? Then from left to right- Peter, Mac, Jimmy, Mr. Utley & some other guy that I can't remember his name who plays percussion. He sits above the Keyboardist. To you and me they might seem to look a bit like aliens, but to Andrew... It is his memory of the concert. I love it!

A Night at the Oscars

My company sponsors an event each year called A Night at the Oscars, to benefit Mitchell's Place. It is a wonderful place for children with Autism. It is held at the Birmingham Country Club and raises money by a (huge) silent auction and a live auction. Everyone dresses up and the Academy Awards are shown during the night. It had been a while since I had gotten all fancied up and had a hot date with my sweetie. We had a great time! Andrew stayed with mom and did not like the fact that I was "fancy". He kept telling me to take off my fancy dress. He had a great time at Mimi and Papa's house while we were out on the town.
Me and my hot date!
He does not want us to leave...


Andrew's 1st REAL Concert- Jimmy Buffett

It is no secret that Andrew is a big music fan. It is also no secret that he has probably watched more Jimmy Buffet than any other cartoon/kid show combined over his whole life. So when we heard that Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band were coming here, we knew that this was it. This would be his first REAL concert. We wanted to make sure that we has GREAT seats so he would be able to enjoy the show, and we did. Front row, second section from the stage. We bought some noise canceling headphones for him to wear and he wore them the entire time... even in his car seat on the way to the show! He was so excited. He picked out a drum shirt to wear and told me that Roger would like it if he saw him. (He is the drummer)
On our way to downtown.
(He knows that lots of fun things happen "downtown"- McWane, Daddy's football game, UAB games, etc.)
Lets rock!
I made him this awesome sign. I must say, I was pretty proud of it, especially considering it took me the better part of the day to make it. It even had red blinking LED lights around it so it was easy to see in the dark.
Ready for the show!!!
This was after a tiny beach ball landed right smack in his nachos! We had cheese everywhere!
Sitting with daddy! So excited!
Mr. Buffett
The show was fantastic. Lots of tributes to the state of Alabama. Very personalized. And he played all the songs we wanted to hear (except for Caroline Street and Andrew wanted to hear Cheeseburger in Paradise again and couldn't understand why he wouldn't play it a second time)
He loved his front row seat so he could sit down and play the "air drums" along with Roger.
Rock Star Attitude?
Right at the end of the show, one of the guys that was taking the guitars on and off the stage walked over to us and handed us a guitar pick for Andrew. Peter (the lead guitar player) was pointing to Andrew so the guy would know who to give it too. That was pretty cool and a perfect souvenir from his first concert. He stayed up for the whole show, including the 2 encores. He didn't sleep on the way home either. He just kept talking about getting the guitar pick. Then he cried when we got home because he wanted to have another concert with his instruments. He definitely rocked his first concert and proved he is ready to go to another one if he wants too!


February+Destin=Family Fun!

My wonderful in-laws invited us to go to the beach for President's day weekend. They rented a beautiful penthouse condo in Destin. We went down after work Thursday. Andrew couldn't wait to stop and eat at his new favorite restaurant- Crackel Bell (Cracker Barrell). He was great in the car and watched the an Alabama concert and a Jimmy Buffett concert on the way down. We stayed in a Hampton Inn on Thursday. He thought that was pretty fun (and he loved the breakfast buffet too!) We spent most of the morning Friday shopping at the outlets and beach stores. We got a bucket and some toys to play in the sand. Unfortunately, it was kind of cold and rainy so we didn't make it to the beach. Andrew got a nap while we were checking in to the condo and as soon as he woke up... we were on the beach! He had so much fun playing in the sand and even went swimming in the heated outdoor pool!
My two favorite boys.
Making a sand castle
Cracking up after he stepped on the sand castle.
Ready to catch some waves!
My beautiful boy!!
Andrew threw sand at Bo. (Love his expression) Hate that he throws sand!!
Ahhh, refreshing dip in the pool.
Friday night we went to Baytowne because they have live music and a fun atmosphere. We had a great dinner and listened to a fun band who played all of Andrew's favorites...Buffett, Eagles and he even learned about Van Morrison and Brown Eyed Girl... (one of Gigi's favorites and soon to be one of his too!) After dinner we stopped for some ice cream.
Andrew kept wanting to "try" Granddaddy's ice cream.
There was another band set up that we got to hear for just a minute before they were finished. Andrew wanted to stay and talk to all of them and watch them pack their instruments up. Notice it is dark...no lights... it was WAY over... but he just didn't want to leave!
(When we got home he started putting all of his instruments in his "tour bus", which is a cardboard clubhouse , so he could be just like these guys.)
Playing Legos with Granddaddy
Playing on the beach on Saturday
burr... it is cold!
Andrew made a birthday cake out of sand for Aunt Dougie! Happy Birthday to you!
A boy and his wagon...
Chillin in the hot tub with Uncle Ryan on Sunday.
Andrew 3yrs old
Look- proof I was there too! Yeah!!
2 cool dudes.
Free Falling!
Thanks so much Jim and Nancy for inviting us to go with you. We had so much fun relaxing, shopping, eating, swimming, playing and just being together with family! We love you!!

PS- AMK is a super traveler. He has been on so many weekend trips and always does great. This trip was no exception... until we got about 5 miles from our house and he got car sick and threw up in his car seat. YUCK! I think it was because he was playing with my iphone and it was just too much. Lesson learned! There is a first time for everything I guess!