Batter up!?!

Cory, our nephew, is playing baseball right now.  Their helmets have face masks on them so Andrew thinks that his Cowboys helmet is now a baseball helmet.  I just got a kick out of him playing baseball with his golf club and football helmet!  Funny boy!


Thursday night, Andrew went to his 2nd REAL concert.  The Fresh Beat Band is a show on Nick Jr. that we stumbled upon several months ago.  I saw that they were going on tour and thought- We HAVE to go!  It ended up being  on a night when Bo was out of town and on a Thursday night, so I wasn't super excited about going.   This week, I talked with a sweet friend who went to see them in Knoxville a couple of weeks ago and said that Andrew would LOVE it.  So I checked StubHub and found 3 seats in the lower level for $20!  SOLD!  Mimi wanted to come too!   Fresh Beats- HERE WE COME!  Honestly, I don't know who was more excited about it, me or Andrew!  He had a great week at school and at home, so it was the perfect treat.  The first part of the show he sat as still as a statue in my lap.  Didn't wiggle, dance, sing or anything.  He was completely soaking up every aspect of the show.  There was an intermission, so we jumped up and ran to get him a T-shirt.  Then something magical happened.  He transformed into a 3yr old wigglin', singin' machine!  It was too funny.  There is a little video below, and it is dark, but you can see that he is having a great time.   
Look at this boy!  He was so excited about his new t-shirt. video

Twist, Shout, Kiki & Marina
AMK and Mimi


Drum lessons, cont.

Andrew is enjoying what Mr. Shane is teaching.  I forgot to write about our conversation before the lessons started.  It went like this.  
Me- Andrew, you are going to start taking drum lessons.  Won't that be fun?
AMK- what is a lesson?
Me- It is where a teacher teaches you to play the drums.
AMK- (very matter of fact) I already know how to play the drums. (and I am pretty sure he rolled his eyes at me!)
I know he likes it because he comes home and pretends to be Mr. Shane and I am the student.  After 3 lessons, my mom got this email from his teacher...
I'm really impressed at how well he is doing. Of course, his attention span is almost non-existant, but I would expect nothing else from a 3.5 year old and I'm enjoying finding new and creative ways to hold his attention. I can't believe how much he can recall from lesson to lesson and how much progress we've made in a few short weeks. Looking forward to seeing what this kid is capable of!

Visit with Aunt Grace

Last Sunday, we went to Bo's grandmothers for a visit.  Nanny's sister, Aunt Grace was in town.  She is always so sweet to make us adorable Christmas ornaments and has never missed an opportunity to send a birthday or anniversary card...Amazing!  We were all having a great visit when Andrew said "What is that?" and pointed toward the table.  I thought he was pointing to a plant and told him that it was a silk plant.  He said "NOOO, that!  Is it a singer?  (which is what he calls a microphone) Nope, not a singer, but just Aunt Grace's walker.  Well he was the entertainment for the rest of the afternoon.  He was so excited to find it and put on a concert of wonderful music, and even led us in a few church songs.  
Singing into the walker.  
Happy with his new friend, Aunt Grace!
Putting on a show.
Love for Nanny!
Silly boy, does not like being still for pictures!
mmmmm! Good loving!

First Date

We went to a little Mexican restaurant a couple of weeks ago and ran into one of Andrew's sweet girl friends from school  He asked her to sit with him.  They had dinner and a movie- tacos and watched Yo Gabba Gabba on the iPad.  It was so cute!  She told him- I love you so much.  We are best buddies!  As you can tell from the pictures, he was pretty excited about the date. 


Happy Birthday to Me!!

Its the most wonderful time of the year.... A whole day about me!  Its no secret that I do love my birthday.  I mean what is not to love.  God has granted me 34 wonderful years on this earth.  I think that deserves one big cupcake!  Our evening was perfect.  Take out from Taziki's and a big, honking Gigi's cupcake for dessert.  My boys were so sweet and loving and made me feel like a princess!  I look forward to what this year has in store for us all.  Oh, and can I mention facebook?  It is so cool on your birthday.  It is fun to hear from 75 or so of your "friends" who all know it is your birthday.  I kind of felt like a celebrity.  
Making a wish!  
All my wishes already came true!!
Andrew wanted to get a picture of me and Bo.  Safe to say, his photography skills need some work! Ha!


Easter Sunday was super busy for us.  The Easter Bunny stopped by and left Andrew a basket and a Little People car wash.  He was pumped about that.  We kept the nursery at church, then met mom and Jim for lunch and got a surprise visit from my brother, sister in law and niece from Atlanta.  Then home for an afternoon of playing outside, watching the Masters and spending some great time with my guys.  I sure do love Sunday afternoons like these.
Happy Easter from the Kerrs
Hmmmm What did the Easter Bunny bring me?
Hiding Eggs again


Easter Weekend Meme rented a cabin at Oak Mtn. State Park.  The kids had a blast!  We joined them Friday night for a little fishing, and a birthday party for yours truly!  It was a fun evening with sweet family!
Raven baiting Cory's hook- ewwww!!
Cory finally baiting his own hook.
Daddy and Andrew playing a little baseball
Swinging for the fences!
Happy Birthday to me!  
Andrew had his first drum lesson earlier that day.  He found 2 sticks and a bucket and Wah-la!  
He went over his lesson with Aunt Dougie and me.
Cory caught a fish!
Boat Ride


First Drum Lesson

video video


The first lesson. My mom's church has a guy that does drum and guitar lessons. He usually dosen't teach kids under 5, but mom asked if he would give him a try to see if he was ready. He had a great lesson and was very intrigued with everything. He learned his Left hand from his Right hand and the correct way to hold his drum sticks. His homework was to practice L,R,L,R and count 1,2,3,4 to the beat. We got his lesson book in the mail today and he could hardly wait to get on his drums and "practice". Who knows where this might lead, but this is where it all started...

The Promise

We saw this GIANT rainbow the other day on the way to Target. It was so big and beautiful! Also a great opportunity to tell Andrew that this was a symbol of God's promise to us. Unfortunately, there were no Easter shoes at the end of the rainbow, or a pot of gold! That was what we were out looking for that day!


Andrew has had the worst allergies lately! Several weeks ago, the pollen count was off the charts. Everything was covered in yellow! He has had a constant runny nose for months. We had tried everything at home and after several nights of him not being able to sleep because he was too stuffy or too runny, we went to see Dr. Dudgeon. He gave him a breathing treatment (which AMK was not too thrilled about, but did great once we got started). He had to be put on Singulair, Flonase (nose spray) and still takes Zyrtec and got an inhaler for when he has more trouble. We are all sleeping so much better. Hopefully the worst of the season is over!


What A weekend!!

Bo left Friday morning for New Orleans and the Final Four. Andrew and I had a big weekend planned. It started with a trip to the mall after school because I had to run some errands. Andrew was perfect! I normally shy away from the mall for anything other than chick-fil-a or a carousel ride. he was so funny when we saw the Easter Bunny. He held his hands over his face so the bunny "couldn't see him". He kept telling me he was not afraid, but he starred at the bunny in case in made some sort of sudden movement toward him, he was going to be ready! After errands, a carousel ride and dinner in the food court, we stopped in the Auburn store and got him a new Auburn baseball hat and finally went home. It was almost 8:00!

Saturday was full of fun too. We started with a fun birthday party at Jump Zone. It was for one of his friends from school so lots of kids from his class were there. They're so cute when they all play together. After the party we came home to rest for a few minutes then it was off to another birthday party. This one was for our little friend Elise (or baby E as Andrew calls her). Her mom and dad are sweet friends of ours and they had a fun Minnie Mouse themed party. Andrew had fun helping her open all of her presents. Later that night we went to some friends house to watch the Kentucky/Louisville game. Andrew had fun playing with Avery and Caleb while Andrea and I cheered on the Cats. Another victory for UK and all in all a great Saturday.
Sunday we went to church and stayed afterwards for the Easter egg hunt. Andrew was very proud of his Lightning McQueen egg. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing Wipeout and hanging out outside. Mimi even came over for a few minutes. An evening at the park for Core Group rounded out out BUSY weekend. Whew! I guess we had to stay busy so we wouldn't miss Bo too much!
Decorating an Easter basket...
...or maybe an Easter bonnet!
Ready to get some eggs!
Whoo Hoo! A Lightning McQueen Egg!!!
Monday, mom had my niece from Atlanta spend the night with her so we went to her house for dinner. Andrew loves her and loves playing with her. We couldn't stay long as we had to get home to watch the Cats in the Championship game. Obviously they won, which means Bo had a great trip!
Andrew was so excited to see his daddy on Tuesday after school. Can you tell they missed each other?? We are so happy to have him home!!

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Check out Andrew hitting the ball at the birthday party! What a slugger!!

Easter Program

Andrew's class put on an Easter program for all the parents on March 29. You know how I love a bunch of 2-3 year olds singing and dancing. This did not disappoint. Andrew got to play the triangle during one of the songs and all the other kids had different instruments. He was so proud to be the only one (other than Mrs. Donna) to have the triangle. There are 2 videos below of their performance. He is in a yellow shirt on the right side. You can hear him singing and playing his triangle. After the program we went to The Whole Scoop with Micah and his family for ice cream. The boys played outside and the girls (moms) did some much need catching up with each other. Andrew and Micah put on a "concert" for us before we left. We love this little spot! It is a great place to end the week!
Sweet kids after the program.
Hmmmm... what kind of ice cream do we want??



Elite 8

Lucky for us, Kentucky made it to the Elite 8 and played on Sunday, March 24 in Atlanta. We all went and had lots of fun. Our seats were great and we got to see UK beat Baylor for a spot in the Final Four. Andrew did great during the game, even though it was his nap time. He loved the mascots and the bands.
Go Big Blue!
Scratch, Andrew & Bo... My 3 favorite UK fans!
Dave- my 4th favorite UK fan! (Uncle Paul's friend from Russellville, KY)
Andrew trying to get Scratch's attention down on the court. Pretty sure he waved to us!
Having too much fun!
UK 82 Baylor 70
The best part of the whole day was when I was buckling him into his car seat he looked up at me and said "Mom, I'm going to play my concert here when I get big". It was one of those moments that gives you chills. I could just see his little mind thinking "I could sell this place out!". I told him that I knew he would play there and made him promise to get me back stage passes. He was asleep before we got out of the parking lot. Dreaming of the concert at the Georgia Dome I am sure.