"Sprinkle" fun

What is more fun on a hot summer afternoon than a little fun in the front yard with the sprinkler?   (or sprinkle as AMK calls it!)  He had so much fun running, screaming, and laughing  while jumping through the water.  I love these afternoons!!  I did have to tell him to keep his shorts on because they were just basketball shorts and they were sticking to his legs when they got wet!  Nothing more redneck than a naked toddler running around the front yard in the sprinkler! Ha! 


growing up too fast

I took this picture last week when Andrew came into our room early one morning. This blanket has been his favorite "BB" since he was born. I just couldn't believe how big he is. So long! He is currently 3 1/4 years old. He gets more fun every day. We have started making up bedtime stories at night. Bo usually will tell him one about a little boy who loves to play the drums or who goes to school and he will say "Daddy, is this about me?". It is so sweet. I tell him about Chris the mouse who likes M&M's. He is so captivated by the stories.
One funny thing he says when we are talking about baseball is "dig out" instead of dug out. With that being said, his vocabulary is amazing. He is so social and can carry on a conversation with anyone. The lady that gave him his last hair cut was amazed at his conversation skills.
One other thing that made me laugh this week was something he said to me while he was in time out. He ran into the street after a ball (and his older cousin who had looked both ways and made sure there was not a car coming, so he was still safe, but TOTALLY against the rules). He was mad about bring in time out and we were talking about why he was in time out and he yelled at me- "Mom, I KNOW you are just trying to take care of me! I don't like it!". At least he knows that I am looking out for him. Ha!

Hope for Autumn Crawfish Boil

For the last several years our friends have put on a crawfish boil benefiting Children's Hospital of Alabama and kids with cancer. Last year a guy named Brant, who was the drummer for the band, gave Andrew a drum stick. Pretty much every Sunday when we drove by Ross Bridge this past year, Andrew would say "that is where Brant played his concert!" it definitely made a big impression on him. So this year you know he was super excited for this event. He had done some research on the band- Pharmhand- earlier that morning and knew everyone's name and what they played. When we arrived, he set up camp in front of the stage. He had a chair with about 5 other chairs around him which created his drum set. He sat there for 4 hours and listened and played along with the band. There were bounce houses, face painting, food, balloons and lots of kids running around. He was not interested in anything else but the music. He.Had.So.Much.Fun!!! The guys gave him a set of drum sticks and a guitar pick. They also called his name out several times from the stage. He thought that was so cool. On the way home he told us "we are playing in Atlanta tomorrow night, then we are back at Ross Bridge for another show". He thought he was really in the band. When he was getting in the bed, I said, "you are so sleepy" he responded "I'm not sleepy, I'm concerty".

Andrew setting up his "drum set"
After meeting Keith, he got to sit at his drumset on stage!!
Keith even gave Andrew a set of drumsticks

Andrew playing along with the band

Using his guitar as a microphone.

Location:Ross Bridge


"I'm A One Man Band!"

Saturday was a fun day!  We got up and hung out at the house most of the morning, waiting on the Crawfish Boil that night.  Andrew and his daddy got up a little earlier than I did and went upstairs and actually found some concert from the library by the band that was performing at the Crawfish Boil, Pharmhand.   Any other 3 year old watch a 30 minute concert that morning in preparation for the evening?  Yeah, I didn't think so.  By the time I woke up, he knew every person in the band and what they played.  Of course we played some concerts ourselves that morning.  Bo and I were watching something on TV and looked over and Andrew had a recorder, whistle, hand bell, microphone and jingle bells.  Then he proclaimed- Hey!  I'm a one man band! HA!  This kid is too funny!