The weekend

Don't you just love those weekends that don't have real plans? We found out late friday that Bo's friend Bill was in town from Oxford, MS celebrating his daughter Sara's 7th birthday. I am so glad that we are included in this family. We love the Armstrongs and Calhouns! Bill's little boy is named after Bo and is 6 months older than Andrew. He is a July 4th baby and will be celebrating him next week. Ella and our Bo share the same birthday, July 18! So we are practically family! It was great to see everyone and see how much the kids have grown. Bo LOVES going to Nona and Poppy's house because Blake has a drumset that he can play... A REAL big drumset. So cool! We got to visit for a while, devour some cookie cake, open presents and play some baseball. It was so hot! Hopefully next time we will get to visit longer! 
"Hey Boys... Look here so I can take your picture"
"um... boys???"
Thanks Andrew!!!
Little Bo and Big Bo
Andrew and Bill
Saturday night, our sweet friends, Mindy and Chris invited us over for dinner. They are the sweetest hosts and dinner was delicious. MM and AMK played with Ellis and watched the Fresh Beat Band while we visited and ate. The kids were so sweet to each other and played so well together. After Ellis went to sleep, it was time for a concert. Andrew and MM entertained us-Andrew with his musical talent and MM with her dance moves. It was precious. Andrew even let MM join the band and sing and play the guitar. They put on a great show and Andrew was so disappointed that we had to leave- even though it was an hour after his bedtime! I guess rock stars need to learn how to stay up late!
Andrew on the Drums
MM with the "guitar"
Rockin the mic.
They were so cute.  Andrew would as for any "request-es" and MM would put some "tips" in his money bucket.  We need to take these two to NYC and set them up in the subway!  Thanks for a great evening Strickland family.  We love you!

Father's Day 2012

3 Generations

Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy!  I am so in love with this man and so happy he is the father of my baby!  We spent the day celebrating at Aunt Dougie's house with Gigi and G-dada.  Thanks for a great lunch Uncle Ryan!!  We had a mini concert on the back porch followed by some water balloon fun.  So glad that we could share it with Bo's Dad. Happy Father's Day to my daddy too!!! I love all the sweet men in my life!

Pool Pals

Summer Saturdays are so much fun.  We spent last Saturday at the pool for a few hours.  Andrew and Raven had a great time playing and we topped it off with a drumstick! (ice cream, not drum set kind) What a fun day.

Bagpipes and a Movie

Last week at school the kids were studying Ireland.  Andrew went to school and told the teacher that Bono & The Edge from U2 were from Ireland!  HA!  On Friday they had a guy come in who played bagpipes.  He.Loved.It!!  He was so excited to tell me all about it.  As soon as he got home, he put on his plaid shorts (closest thing we had to a kilt) and a green shirt and his toboggan.  Then he grabbed 2 of his horns and put one under his arm and one in his mouth.  He told me that the sound comes out of the one under his arm.  Then he told me how LOUD they were and that I better cover my ears.  I love how observant he is about everything. 
My little bagpiper!

Friday night we went to see Madagascar 3.  This was Andrew's 2nd movie and first one we paid full price for!  He did pretty good... espeically during the part where they played Journey's "Anyway you want it".  His attention span is not quite long enough for a movie, but we muddled through.  He liked all the music at the end too. Sweet Raven joined us.  Andrew loves his cousin!!
Popcorn anyone?
I just love that penguin on the right!!

Doughnuts with Dad!

This is quite possibly Andrew's favorite school day, ever!  He kept saying "I'm so excited!!"  We missed "Muffin's with Mom" because we were at the beach on Mother's day.  So he thinks that they only invite daddys to come to school.  Anyway, they had breakfast, and Bo got a sweet picture that says "You are the best Dad- Hands Down" with his hand prints. 
Also, while they were there Lennox's dad and Bo were talking and it turns out that he is Brant- who was the drummer at the Crawfish Boil we went to LAST MAY and gave Andrew his FIRST DRUMSTICK.  What a small world!!  It was so funny that he remembered Andrew.  We told him he is a big deal around our house! 
My Boys
Andrew, Brant and Lennox

New Job!

When we got back from the beach, Bo started a new job.  He is now the Associate Athletics Director for Corporate Partnerships at Samford University!!   It was a tough decison to leave something he enjoyed doing for something new, but he felt that this was the place for him and where he needed to be. We are so excited!  We are looking forward to being a part of this great family!  Go Bulldogs!!

Gore Family Beach Trip

Another year to the beach is in the books! It is so much fun each year. This year my sweet neice, Hannah, came down with mom and Mij. Chris, Tammy and their kids made the trip from Savannah too. Andrew was so excited to see everyone on Wednesday night when we got there. Thursday, we all went out on a pontoon boat. We went over to Crab Island where a bunch of boats park and it is so shallow and the water was beautiful! It was something different and hopefully we will make this a tradition. 

    Yes, that is me dancing in the white hat. 
    Look at that beautiful water!!

    There was a boat selling ice cream and it just happened to stop and sell us some!

    Raise your hand if you are having fun??? Sweet Anniston
Thursday night we went to eat at Stinky's Fish Camp, which is a family favorite.  The kids were trying to be patient while we waited for a table.  They are watching Bubble Guppies on the ipad. 

Friday we spent most all of the day at the beach.  The kids had fun playing, but the waves were huge!  Luckily there was lots of shallow area for them to play. 

    Love this!!

    Sweet cousins!

    Burring Hannah

    Burring Anniston
Friday night Bo and Mom and I went to Baytowne to hear some music.  We ate at Hammerheads and it was fun for Andrew.  He really liked the music.

    AMK and Mimi

    Andrew showing daddy that he can roll his tongue.  (Bo can't do it and Andrew thought it was so funny!)

    My rock star

Chris and Tammy decided to leave on Saturday, but not before we tried once again for the Gore Family Christmas card picture... The kids all wore their Stinky's t-shirts, but Andrew was not happy about the picture.  Hopefully there will be one or two good shots of everyone. 

    If only we could photoshop Bo out of this one...

    Then we went dow to the beach for a few shots.  Hannah was not feeling well that morning... can you tell? 
Saturday morning was so pretty, but the rain came in that afternoon.  We had fun playing on the beach that morning, just the 3 of us.  Andrew is so busy and his imagination is so much fun.  I just love this picture because he said the was trying not to get water in his eyes or mouth!! 

Thanks M & J for a great trip.  We love you!!


Taking it easy... On the way down to the beach

So we are on the way to the beach a couple of weekends ago and of course we are singing and playing music!  Andrew is great in the car on trips.  He always has been.  He has on his swim suit and swim shirt because… well… we were going to the beach and he wanted to be ready when we got there… even though it was going to be 11:00 by the time we arrived.  Anyway, after a stop at Cracker Barrel and the purchase of a new piano horn, we were off again.  He really likes to play the horn to some DMB song called “Why I Am”.  We were listening to that and he was rocking out on “his part”. After the song he asked who was playing the saxophone and we explained to him that it was Jeff Coffin.  Jeff replaced LeRoi Moore who was the original saxophone player who died several years ago.  Andrew then asked “Mommy, are there drum sets in heaven?”  to which I responded “Yes there are drum sets in heaven and they will be the biggest and best ones you have ever seen with lots of cymbals and high hats!”  Andrew- “well good because when I get to heaven, I am going to play the drums and Leroi is going to play the saxophone and Jesus is going to be the singer in my band”. 

Here is a quick video of him singing “Take it Easy” by the Eagles.  Sorry I didn’t get the first verse.  He is so precious these days~ singing all the time.  He is very intrigued by every aspect of music.  The sound, the way you hold an instrument, whether it plugs in(or clugs in as he says), tour buses, etc.  He gets distracted at the end because we were looking for a gas station to stop and get an Icee.  ha!

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Bob the Cat

One morning I looked out the window and saw this cat, but thought to myself... no one has a cat around here... So I looked a little closer, and it was a bobcat!!! It sat at the edge of our grass for a few minutes then pounced on a little critter and had his breakfast right then. Looks like it is time to get a fence!


gone fishin

Heading down to the little lake to do a little fishin!  We actually caught a couple.  It was a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Batter Up!

After the SEC tournament, we have played lots of baseball.  Andrew is getting really good.  He will sometimes use the tee, but mainly he wants us to pitch to him.  He really does well hitting the ball.  Then he is off to run the "basements" or go and sit in the "dig out".  We are working on the correct terms, but it is just so cute when he says the wrong thing sometimes!  

Hey batter, batter, batter!!!
saaa-wing batter!
Notice the Batter's box.
Running the basements!

Rickwood Classic and Dale Murphy!!

So Dale Murphy is probably one of the reasons that Bo even talked to me in Hight School.  (Other than the fact that I was smoking hott (yes with 2 "t"'s) and super witty.  I was almost voted "wittiest" but lost out to someone who obviously was a lot funnier...Anyway, Bo tells me that Dale is going to be at the Rickwood Classic and I turned in my vacation day request about 4 months in advance.  Not going to miss this!  Besides the fact that it is fun to play hookie from work on a random Tuesday with my honey, I actually got to meet Dale Murphy.  Well I didn't really say anything because I get real star struck and want to cry.  One time I walked into Bo's apartment in Auburn and he was studying with Ben Leard, who was our quarterback at the time, and I teared up and had to leave.  DORK, I know!  One time at an Auburn game, I did manage to take a fine picture of me and Kirk Herbstreit with out breaking a sweat.  Anyway, I got Dale to sign my baseball card and got a picture with him.  If I could have spoken I would have told him that I had the hugest crush on him and was the biggest Braves fan because of him.  And that is why Bo talked to me in High School because I was very knowledgable of the mid 80's era Braves and I guess he thought that was cool.  That and my sweet high school sorority jersey.  Man I got lucky.  I am such a dork.  

mmmm. my Dale.
Mr. Murphy

Memorial Day Weekend

We came home from Atlanta and the concert and picked Andrew up from School and took him to the SEC baseball tournament at Regions Park.  He had been so excited about this.  There were banners up on the light poles up and down the Met Parkway and he would ask what they were for and he knew that the baseball games were coming and didn't want to miss it.  He was so surprised when we picked him up early and took him.  He did great at the game, but was MAD (furious) that he could not bring hi his bat.  He just couldn't understand it and kept saying that it wasn't fair (which is something that he has never said up to this point, but was right!)

Since he couldn't bring his bat, Bo bought him a baseball.
My handsome slugger
Later in the week we went back with Cory.
Friday night our friends  Brad and Margaret came down from Nashville to spend the night on their way to the beach.  They have twins that are a little over 2.  So.Much.FUN... and exhausting!  The kids played really sweet together and it was great to catch up with the Hollis family... just not long enough!