Happy Birthday Bo!

A few days before Bo's 35th birthday, Andrew and I were laying in his bed at night and I said to him "Dad's birthday is coming up,can you think of anything that he might want for a present?" He responded immediately with "I I think he needs a new shaver (razor) because his is broken... And some sun cream (sunscreen) because the other sun cream is yours and he needs his own.". "Great ideas" I tell him. Then he says " I think he wants a new drum set!" I tell him " well you can share yours with him if he wants to play". He says "but if he had his own then we can play together!!".
Smart boy! We did get Bo the shaver and sun cream along with a few other gifts, but drum set. Nice try buddy.

Love these two!


Happy Birthday Little Bo

We got to get together with the Armstrongs again to celebrate Bo turning 4.  He is 6 months and 4 days older than Andrew.  I hope that they grow up to be good buddies like their daddies are.  
 Andrew and Bo in Orange Beach - Summer 2009
The 4 boys in December 2008.  Andrew was just 2 weeks old.  



What do you want to do tonight Super Man?  
Put on my fire had and rock out to Better Than Ezra!  
Cutie Pie