Lets GO Bulldogs!!

Saturday was the kickoff of the college football season for the Samford Bulldogs.  They were playing Furman.  It was a beautiful and hot morning but just about the time they kicked off, it started to rain.  It didn't last very long and didn't seem to bother the huge crowd.  I took Andrew and Cory.  Samford won 24-21 and got their first conference win.  We are excited about this football season and so proud of Bo and all the work he has done so far.  
 Huge Spike!
 Here come the Bulldogs!
 Daddy's #1 fan!
My dates to the game! 


He Won't Stop Believing...

When we told Andrew that Journey was coming, he was pumped.  When we told him that Steve Perry was no longer the lead singer, he was confused.  It took several days and a couple of YouTube videos to introduce him to Arnel Pineda, the new lead singer.  After a while he was hooked.  Andrew has been a fan of Journey for about a year now (keep in mind he is 3.5) We thought it would be fun to take him to the concert here.  My only issue was that it was on a "school night" and I knew he would be pretty tired the next day... Insert Mimi... She said that she would come over and let him sleep in, and get him ready for school and take him.  PERFECT.  So Monday night comes and just about the time we should all be getting ready for bed, we are getting on our concert clothes, drinking some caffeine and heading out the door to Oak Mtn. Amphitheater.  We get there just in time to see a couple of Pat Benatar songs then there was an intermission before Journey.  We met some of my sweet girlfriends from work and Andrew took a picture with them... then he started singing Don't Stop Believing into his toy microphone.  Everyone around LOVED it. Too cute!
Rachel, Andrew, Me and Amanda
 Next we were off to visit some friends from church.  It is funny because I felt like everyone there thought- "oh he is so cute, but I can't believe those parents have him out this late!  That kid should be in bed"  But those that know him, know that this is his scene.  He was totally into it!  Journey started and the 2nd song was 'Anyway you want it'.  He.Loved.It. (see video below) The ladies beside us loved him!  You can tell in the video.  
He was singing and pretending that he was Arnel.  He didn't want us to hold him, he wanted to be able to walk around and sing and jump and throw his arms in the air.  Bo got us into one of the boxes in our section and he loved that even more.  He thought it was his own little stage.

He loved his stage.
Daddy on the drums!
About half way through, he wanted to go to see the other stage.  So we went over to the side stage and he would run around on the stage saying "How's everybody doin' tonight?"  Then sing Anyway You Want it.  Again- totally in his element!
We went back to the box so we wouldn't miss Don't Stop Believing.  They played it as the last song before the encore.  Bo and Andrew walked down a few rows to about the 10th row.  He just starred in amazement.  Then at the end- confetti and streamers blew all over everyone.  He had a hand full of streamers and a huge smile on his face.
The confetti was so cool!
We didn't stay for the encore.  I figured we needed to head out and beat the traffic.  He talked about it the whole way home and about how much fun it was and how he really liked the confetti!.  We were all home and in bed by 11.  Not too bad for a school night.  The next morning mom came over and got him ready and took him to school.  Then he said to her "Mimi, I don't want to go to school" and she said "OK!" and he played hookie and had a great day with his Mimi.  Stinker!  It was his 2nd concert (Jimmy Buffett was the first back in February) and he rocked it.  It was a different experience with it being outside and the lights were really cool and the stage had lots of video boards.  I wonder what will be next?  I am hoping for Bruce Springsteen!!

UGRS Beach Trip

 Nicole, Natalie, Leighton Mandy, Rebecca, Me
Me, Rebecca, Mandy, Leighton, Jenn and Nicole in front
I think that we decided that this was our 12th year to take this trip.  It started in 2000, the year most of us  graduated (or should have graduated). We go to Destin, FL each year.  We have stayed at several different places over the years and have eaten and dozens of restaurants over the years.  One thing remains the same... We stay out LATE every year.  No other time can I make it till 4AM, but with these girls it seems like it is no big deal!  I can tell you that the recovery period each year seems to take a little longer.  I need a vacation from my vacation!  There are 7 of us that are regulars and of those 7~ 5 are married, and there are 8 kids (& one more on the way)...(not mine)...It is such a fun weekend to catch up, read celebrity gossip magazines, sleep in (sometimes), EAT, shop, and get some sun.  I love each and every one of these girls and know that they will be my friends till the day I die.  What a blessing they all are to me!