Pizza Fun

 We met some of Andrew's friends from school up at Maffoso's Pizza in Mt. Brook a couple of weekends ago for a play date/ lunch.  The boys were WILD... Seriously.  It was kind of stressful when you have some that won't behave and some that are trying to be good, but it just is more fun to not behave!  They gave the kids some dough to play with and that entertained them for a little while.
Here is Andrew tossing some pizza dough in the air... see it at the top of the picture?!
Andrew and Rowan making their dough.


The "N' word

Teacher:  Class can you think of any words that start with the letter "N"? 
Kids: Net, Nest, Nice.......(silence)
Teacher: Andrew, can you think of any?
Andrew: Naughty and Naked.



old testament books of the bible

You have to listen closely, but he gets all of them!  He was hungry and silly, so this was the best I could get!


Stay tuned...

Guess who signed up for the church talent show today?

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Our New Addition

Last weekend we went to a birthday party for our little friend Addison who lives down the street.  Her mom had an adorable Elmo themed birthday party for her complete with Dorothy the goldfish.  Somehow I found out that Dorothy was to be...flushed...after the party.  Those of you that know me know that I am not an animal rescuer, but somehow, Dorothy ended up with us at the end of the party.  Well $40 later, we have a tank, rocks and food and good ole Dorothy has made it with us for a week.  She lives in Andrew's room and he has only tried to open her food once (1/2 of it flew all over everything when he did).  He is so excited to have his first pet!!

Our Naked Cowboy

Mimi brought back a pair of cowboy boots from her trip to Texas. Look out NYC! This little Naked Cowboy may be performing in Times Square soon!

I love the look on his face!  So silly!


The day after we got back from LA was the Auburn/Louisiana Monroe game.  We decided to take Andrew and Cory since we didn't know when we could all get to another home game this season.  Surprisingly, I was not that tired.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day on the plains.  The game was at 11, so there was not much tailgating going on.  We got there just as the team was running out.  We would have been there sooner, but had to climb all the way up to the upper deck. Sheesh!  Now I'm tired!   
Auburn won in OVERTIME and got their first win of the year.  Andrew and I left with about 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter because he wanted to go and get his football and play at the car.  Overtime gave us some good time together.  I love that little guy so much and love to see his imagination at work!  Cory was wonderful as always.  He is the best cousin we could ask for.  He is so sweet and patient with Andrew and is always encouraging him to do good and obey.
War Eagle!
My boys, serious about watching football!
Cheering on the Tigers.
My 2 favorite boys.  Love them so much!


We have enjoyed going to the Samford games this year. I am so proud of Bo and all he has already done since starting there this Summer. After the games Andrew loves to go on the field and see the players. Last time he was so brave and slid done the big hill! This is a Samford tradition and lots of kids bring cardboard or something to sit on and ride down the hill...over, and over, and over...
Andrew on the field.
Hanging with dad after a Bulldog WIN.

Sliding down head first!  Mr. Brave!!


Trip to Los Angeles- September 12-14

I am warning you, this is going to be a long post.  I don't want to forget any details of this trip later, so I am posting as much as I can remember!  It was just 41 hours, but it was the most fun we have had in a long time!  First I will preface this by saying that Bo and I have a,ways wanted to go see Dave Matthews Band at the Hollywood  Bowl.

We left Birmingham on a Southwest flight Wednesday morning.  We got to drop Andrew off at school that day and Mimi was going to keep him for 2 nights.  He was so excited about spending the night out!  We didn't tell him where we were going because he would have been so sad that he couldn't come.  We flew to New Orleans, then to Houston and arrived at LAX. We rented a car and were off to The Peninsula Beverly Hills.  When we pulled up, our friend Scott, who is the manager of the hotel, was there to greet us along with about 6 valets.  It was over the top beautiful and the service was outstanding. We got to our beautiful room overlooking the front entrance, complete with monogrammed pillow cases and all the Fiji water we could drink.  It was probably the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in.

Yummy Treats in our Room upon our arrival

View from our Balcony

My Monogrammed Pillow Case

We changed clothes quickly and picked up our picnic basket which was filled with beef tenderloin, raspberry Gorgonzola salad, fresh baked breads, cookies and some really awful truffle popcorn. We arrived near The Hollywood Bowl about 30 minutes before the show.  By the time we got seated and started in on our picnic, the show started. It was strange to be eating salad and watching a DMB show.  We quickly finished and enjoyed the rest of the show.  The Hollywood Bowl is a really great venue.  Most of the seating is done in little boxes and they of course let you bring in food and drinks. At the end of the show we went over and sat with Jason and Scott , my boss's sons. Scott got a text from Darrell, the band's security manager and said to come around the side and he would get him back stage.  He said " come on" and we went!  All the while keeping cool, on the inside I was like "OMG, OMG, we are going back stage!!!!!!" Then we saw Ryan Seacrest and Scott said that I should get my picture made with him.  I was too embarrassed and was still trying to play it cool and didn't want to look too much like a tourist. Then he said "Hey Ryan, will you take a picture with Whitney?"  And before I knew it, there we were side by side mugging it up!  Ha!  He was very nice.   I could kick myself for not speaking to Julianne Hough, his girlfriend.  I didn’t think about her being there with him because I was too “star struck” by him!  So we waited a few more minutes and Darryl came and got us and it was just like waiting in line at a cool club, he said “These 3 are with me” and in we go!  We were ushered to the “bunker” where Darryl said he was going to get he guys and they would be in later.  It was just a room with an open bar and snack table.  There were probably about 40 people in there.  We mingled for a while, then Stefan came in. He is the only member of the band that Bo hasn’t met, so we waited for a few minutes and went and introduced ourselves.  He was very nice and took a picture with me.  After about an hour, we decided it was probably time to go, we left the bunker and were walking out Darryl said we can go on Carter’s bus and say hi to Carter, so we did.  (HOLY COW~ WE ARE ON CARTER BEAUFORD’S BUS!)  He was telling someone the story of why he wears golf gloves when he plays.  We only stayed a minute and said hello and when we were getting off the bus we  ran into Tim Reynolds (the electric guitar player).  OK, so coolest concert night ever.  We had no idea that we would get to go back stage and see so many people!  We walked back to Hollywood Blvd and got a cab back to the hotel.  When we got there we walked through the bar and saw Rashawn Ross (the trumpet player) and spoke to him too. 

View from the sound booth
Ryan Seacrest- OMG!!
Stefan Lessard
OFFICIAL DMB set list ...from Head of Security, Darryl!!

My friend Ryan's star on the walk of fame!

The next morning we got up around 10:30 (12:30 Central time! We were zonked from the long day before!!)  Scott told us he would take care of our breakfast at the rooftop restaurant. (Which was a good thing, because  I was NOT about to pay $36 for some scrambled eggs!) it was a really good breakfast and the setting was beautiful!  We sat near LAReid, who is a judge on the show The X Factor.  After getting ready in our luxurious room, we called for a car to take us to Rodeo Drive.  When we got outside there was a brand new Rolls Royce waiting for us!  I felt like a super star getting out on Rodeo from our chauffeured RR.  We did a little shopping and got a Starbucks. There were some amazing stores with some beautifully overpriced things that we enjoyed looking at. We ended up getting Andrew some jeans and me a purse and a wallet. We stopped in a cute little stationary store and were looking around and I hear "I'm luke-ing for a bux for a berthday prrrrresent”  Then Bo said “There she is”  I didn’t believe him at first, but it was Sofia Vergara from Modern Family (one of our favorite shows and by far his favorite character)  She was nice and agreed to take a picture with Bo. 
The beautiful rooftop pool area at the Peninsula.  
Me and my Starbucks on Rodeo Dr.
Bo and Gloria (Sofia)!!
We walked back to the hotel and got our car for a drive through Beverly Hills to look at some of the beautiful homes.  Next, it was on to a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Dave Matthews was going to be a guest and the band was going to play a couple of songs outside after the show.  Jason, Scott’s brother, got our name on the list for getting into the green room (which, to my disappointment, was not green at all but rather gray) We went there and saw everyone from the band except for Dave and Carter.  The green room was nice, there was an open bar, snacks, pool table and video games.  When it was time for the show to start, we were ushered in to the theater and to our reserved seats.  It was fun to be a part of the taping.  Dave was funny too.  I like to see him in those situations, because it seems like he is not in his comfort zone and can be a little awkward, and real.  After the taping, we went to the parking lot where a couple hundred people were already waiting for the concert.  We stayed for about 3 songs then grabbed a cab to Dodger Stadium.  We had planned to go to the game and had not planned on going to JKL, but with JKL being free and something we had never done, we decided we would miss part of the game for it.  We arrived just in time to get a drink, finish a Dodger dog and sing Take Me Out to The Ballgame.  Unfortunately the Dodgers lost, but it was a fun experience and we had FANTASTIC seats.  We were about 8 rows up behind the 3 plate dugout.   
The backdoor entrance to Jimmy Kimmel
The Green Room (No pictures allowed...Shhh!!)
DMB playing after the show
Beautiful Dodger Stadium
The Dodger Dog
Just a couple of kids out having fun!  
We hung around after the game to let traffic die down and shopped in the gift store.  We finally grabbed a cab and went back to Hollywood Blvd to get our car.  I did not want to leave LA without having an In-N-Out Burger, so that is where we headed next.  The burger was pretty good, but the fries were AWFUL.   I think we just got a bad batch.  Anyway, we arrived pack at the Peninsula about midnight.  What a day!

We walked through the bar and saw Jeff Coffin, the saxophonist for DMB.  We stopped and talked to him for a minute.  He was very, very nice.  We told him how Andrew pretends that he is Jeff on a couple of DMB songs and plays his horns!  He got a kick out of that.  We then went to print our boarding passes  at the front desk and while we were waiting  on them, we heard an unmistakable laugh coming from the bar.  It was Carter Beauford. He is the drummer for DMB.  (Oh My Goodness, Oh My Goodness!!) I said to Bo, we probably should go and grab a drink!  So we sat and ordered a drink and he turned around and recognized us immediately from the night before.  We told him we had seen them at JKL and were in the audience for Dave’s part.  We laughed a little about Dave being funny and sweaty.  From there, the conversation flowed effortlessly for about 2 hours.  From the band, to Carter’s childhood, to his wife, and kids, us, Andrew, music, former band members, venues, locations, his early influences, all the instruments he plays,  touring, free time, we discussed it all!  We were blown away with what a genuine and kind person he is.  It was so surreal that we were just sitting there, talking with one of our favorite musicians of all time, just the 3 of us in an empty bar from 12-2AM.    He invited us to come to a show and he wants to meet Andrew and invited us back stage!!  He was unbelievable.  Truly. We can't wait for the winter tour.  I can't wait to post about going backstage!!  Andrew is going to be so spoiled!  (OK, he already is, but it is lots of fun!)