Mom came over a couple of weeks to help me out with getting some maternity clothes washed and put up. (YES!  I am already wearing maternity clothes! ugh!)  Andrew thought this giant pile of clothes was just too much fun not to play in.  

Baby #2!!

Well here it is!  12 weeks along so far and finally I am feeling a little better.  I have been so behind on blogging because I have felt awful!  Bo and I went last Wednesday and had an ultrasound.  Here is our little angel.  In this picture, it is 5.1cm long.  It is amazing that you can see the nose and mouth and even the hands and feet!  I am due June 9 and we are all excited.  Andrew has know for a while and he has been so sweet.  He always lets me go first when we play something something, or lets me pick out which book I want to read because... "you know, you have a baby in your tummy"  He has made several lists about things we need for the baby- toys, shakey things, baby diapers, paci and bottles.  He even said that the baby could have his blanket if it wanted it.  I assured him that we would get the baby it's own blanket and he didn't have to share that if he didn't want to.  Hopefully this sweetness will continue after the baby is actually here, but for now, I am enjoying it.  He will even come and grab either side of me and "rock" the baby while I sway back and forth!  I can't wait to see him as a big brother!!  I know he will be the best.  


Its Fall Y'all...

It seems like all of the sudden ALL of the leaves are turning and falling.  Andrew has been waiting for Fall to finally be here.  He knows all about the seasons and knows we are in Fall now, but it hasn't felt like fall because there were no leaves FALLing.  When we got home from church on Sunday, he couldn't wait to rake the leaves into a pile and play in them!    He had so much fun pretending that it was confetti.  

 Sunday afternoon Mimi kept Andrew while Bo and I went to the movies (007 Skyfall).  She needed help decorating for Christmas and Andrew was pumped for the job.  He got ready all by himself.  Picked out a red shirt, green shorts and his santa hat and black boots... Just like Santa!  He was so proud of himself.  Here he is on the way to Mimi's, mulling over the Toy's R Us Christmas book.

The Oldest Rivalry in the South

Saturday was the Auburn Georgia game.  I haven't been feeling that great this week, so we had planned on not going.  Saturday (after sleeping till 9) and taking it easy all day, I felt up to going so the 3 of us jumped in the car and headed down to Auburn.  We made it just in time to get parked, get our tickets and get to our seats with snacks and drinks and then the eagle flew!  Andrew loved seeing it and she flew right over us.  Former Auburn player, Marcus Washington, sat right beside us during the first half. I met the girls at half time and Bo and Andrew joined us.  Andrew got to see sweet Will and couldn't wait to take a picture with him.  We left sometime in the 3rd quarter because it was getting late, and we were down 38-0.  Ugh!  Bo bought Andrew a Tiger tail on the way out.  He LOVED it!  Thought it instantly  made him Aubie!  
 Andrew and Will
War Eagle from the Kerrs!  
My little Tiger! 

A little Rolling Stones Show

One night last week we had an impromptu Stones concert.  Andrew has to be authentic with what he wears.  Mick has a shirt with a horse on it, but he has outgrown his that was just like it... bummer.  But the show must go on.  We switched DVD's and the next show was with Mick with a long red jacket.  Lucky for Andrew, I just happened to have a red robe.  It was perfect and he was so in character.  Check out Keith Richards on guitar.  Bo is the best Dad ever!  He is always in the band (because there are no girls in the band, I can't be Keith or Ronnie or Charlie)- Authentic!  
 Rocking out!  
 Keith and Mick
 Here is a picture of my Mick and Mick Jagger... We did pretty good on the costume don't ya think? 


Halloween this year was MUCH different than last year.  Andrew was very into dressing up!  He was going to be a cowboy.  But, one day while shopping at Target, we walked passed the Halloween section and his little heart stopped beating when he saw the Iron Man costume.  He gasped and said "Mama can I have it... please?" Um, of course you can!  And I added the sweet tap light to it so it was very official.  Ha!  He even wore the mask (occasionally).  His cousin Raven came over and Bo took them Trick or Treating.  They had fun.  I am pretty sure that he said "Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat" to everyone in the neighborhood.  That is what happens when you let Dad handle these things!  Ugh.  Hopefully he said "thank you" too.  We are still getting our money out of the costume.  He is very into dressing up these days... The mask doubles as an Aubie head too!  


Homewood Church Talent Show HD Version

Talent Show!!

 Our church hosted Trunk or Treat on 10/28/12.  It is always a fun night, but this year, we added a talent show to the festivities.  You may remember a couple of weeks ago me telling you that Andrew wanted to do it and he even signed himself up by writing his own name on the sign up sheet.  We met with Mr. Kevin the weekend prior, and to be honest, Andrew was VERY timid and didn't really sing loud or all the words when they practiced.  I promised that we would practice over the week... but that didn't really happen either.  Sunday came and when it was time for us to go up to the church for dress rehearsal, he decided that he wanted to wait till next year when he was 4 to do the talent show.  I told him that was fine, because I was not going to be some overbearing stage mom and make him perform.  I did mention to him the set up, stage, microphones, speakers etc. just to make sure he knew what he was giving up.  "OK, I'll do it!" he said!  We went up and he practiced and knocked it out of the park!  I was so proud!    When we got back to the church, he did a little walking around to the cars to get candy, but was fixated on all the performers.  When it came time for him to go on, he wasn't nervous, he didn't hesitate, he just did it.  I thought he did wonderful for his first big time performance.  And he was so proud of himself after it was all over.  The best part was seeing his confidence shoot through the roof.  Loved his sweet smile after he was finished! 
Iron Man taking the stage.  
Meme, Andrew and Daddy
Iron Man and Mimi
Andrew and MC Bammer (Mike Ermert the MC)

Piggy Money!!

Andrew got a piggy bank for one of my baby shower gifts.  We have been putting money in it since he was born.  Any money he got for a birthday from relatives, or for being a good boy, or for going to the potty.  We decided that it was time to reward him for... well just for being him, I guess.  We dumped it all out and sorted all the different types of coins and there were even several dollars in there.  He had about $63 in that piggy!  (Lucky for us because we needed some $$ to buy some groceries) He was able to get a cool Firestation Lego set (and we were able to eat for another week!  We are starting to save all over again!  
Shaking all the money out...

It's adding up...

Check out all my money!

Super Hero Party

Andrew's friend, John Paul, had a "super hero" birthday party a couple of weeks ago.  Andrew was so excited.  The party was so much fun, we decieded to go ahead and book Andrew' s birthday party at the same place. But his will be a ROCK STAR party!  Can't wait till December! 
This is so cool!!

Super Heros all coloring a picture
Group Shot
Down the cool slide to the basement for "super hero training exercises!"
Dancin and singing!
Having so much fun! 

Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Field Trip!  Andrew is finally in the class that goes on field trips at school.  When it came time for the pumpkin patch field trip, I am not sure who was more excited, me or him.  OK, it was me!  I took the day off of work and we all met up at the school at 9.  Everyone was ready to go and Tina and Blake rode with us down to Clanton.  It was a little unorganized as there was a lot of waiting around once we got there to get our tickets and schedule.  This poses a problem for 3-4 year olds who don’t want to sit still!  Finally we all got to go to the jumpy house and slides.  They played in there for about 30 minutes then we went over to the petting zoo.  Andrew was fairly brave and even fed a couple of animals.  Next was lunch~which took about an hour longer to be served than should have.  So that was another disappointment.  After lunch we had free reign of the place and Andrew rode a pony, visited with the Indian and we all took a hay ride to pick out our pumpkins.  It was a fun afternoon and I loved spending it with my sweet boy. 

Andrew and Micah

Jumping  with Lennox

Riding Mike the horse!  So Proud of himself!!
Tractor Ride
This lady was telling all about the Indians.  The kids were running in and our of the Teepees. 
It was halirious! 
Our pumpkins
Hay Ride
My pumpkin! 

Arrgh Matey!

Our friend Sawyer had an Awesome Pirate birthday party in Early October.  He is Andrew’s buddy from church and I feel like these 2 boys will be friends through church for a long time!  Brooke did such a great job on the party!  Everything was so fun.  They had hats and swords and eye patches for everyone.  There was a treasure hunt map and even a pirate ship (made of cardboard) and a cannon ball gun Matthew made.  We all had a great time!
 Hmmmmm... Where is the treasure?
 Ah-ha!  Here it is!  
Gold  doubloons!!