Happy New Year! BBVA Compass Bowl

Our first big gig of the new year was going to the BBVA Compass Bowl...like it has been for the last 4-5 years.  This year was a big change because Bo had nothing to do with it.  It was nice to go together and enjoy the atmosphere.  We took Cory with us to see Ole Miss and Pittsburgh.  It was a cold day, but we had seats in the club level and opted to stay outside, but up high enough where the wind wasn't too cold.  They had a record crowd of over 59,000!! We sat with my sweet friend Shea and her family who are all Ole Miss fans.  We stayed till the end of the 3rd quarter then got too cold so we had to go.

Hoddy Toddy Uncle Bill!  

Justin Bieber!!! OMG!!!

I took Raven to see Justin Bieber for her early birthday present.  We had a great time.  At the time, I only knew 2 songs that he sang (since then Andrew and I have watched his Never Say Never move about 15 times so I know a few more now).  He put on a great show.  We saw Carly Rae Jepson (Call Me Maybe) before then the Biebz came out.  I have to admit, it was an impressive entrance.  I also forgot how loud little girls can scream.  I was glad I brought my concert earplugs.  IT WAS LOUD.  The little girl next to me JUMPED the ENTIRE time.  Serioulsy.  The whole time.  I couldn't be annoyed though.  I love it when people are totally emersed in the experience.  I even did a few dance moves myself.  Raven had fun and that was all that mattered!  I hope it is something she remembers for a long time.  I think of how lucky we are to be able to go and do things like concerts etc. whenever we want.  So many people don't have that opportunity.  It was great for her to be able to have the experience. 
2 excited girls!! Ready for the show!
In her new Biebz T-Shirt
Flying in!  
My sweet date!
There are no words for this...
Musical Beibz- plays guitar
...and the drums!  


2012 My Favorite Pics

What a great year!  We have had so much fun in 2012.  I am so proud of Andrew and how much he has learned and grown over the year.  I just wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures/memories from this year.  Looking forward to 2013 and becoming a family of 4!  
Beach Bum
Ice Cream w/ Gigi and Gdada in Destin
Fins up!  Jimmy Buffett
Fresh Beat Band
Hanging with PawPaw in Ellijay
Beach trip!
Loving Meme
Love this one!

Father's Day 2012
My Favorite
 Texas Trip

Dodgers Game
 #2 Due June 9, 2013
 My naked Cowboy
 Go Tigers
 Talent Show
 Pumpkin Patch
 Rock Star Party
 1st Dave Matthews Show
What a great year!!!!

Christmas Day 2012

We were all exhausted from the night before, but had to set our alarm to get up and have our family Christmas before going over to Bo's mom's house to have Christmas with his family, then get to Nanny's for lunch.  BUSY morning!  When we got up we noticed that Santa had come and filled the stockings and left some presents.  It was fun waking Andrew up that morning.  He was so sleepy, but excited, but pretty sleepy!  He finally made it out of his room and saw the presents Santa had left for him.  He got a microphone and speaker to use with his new stage, 3 books, an angry birds game, socks, underwear, bins for his art supplies and a chef's hat and apron and cooking tools as well as a stocking full of goodies.
Cool stickers with his name on them
an ornament!
the loot!
testing out the mic
Santa knows I LOVE snickers!
Little Chef
Ninja Turtle stuff
sweet cousins building Legos together
Aunt Dougie (with baby Lily due in March) Nanny and Me (and baby #2 due in June)
racing on the new track from Gigi and Gdada!


Christmas Eve

We hosted Christmas Eve dinner at our house... When I say "hosted" I mean, my mom brought all the food and cooked it at our house.  I did make a delicious ice cream pie for dessert!  Bo made a wonderful pork tenderloin and mom brought salad, green beans and squash.  I am so glad that I feel better and I am able to eat all the yummy food.  We had a great day getting ready for everyone to come over.  Andrew and I made sugar cookies for Santa and he loved mixing, cutting and especially decorating them after they were done.  I know Santa liked them too! We had a delicious dinner and exchanged presents afterwards.  Then we waited on Santa to come by on the firetruck.  This is always a fun night!    We planned on going to church, but after we got everything cleaned up we were all pretty exhausted and didn't want to have to rush to get there.  After everyone left, Andrew took a quick bath, then we went out to look at Christmas lights.  He almost didn't make it to the houses we were going to look at because he was so tired.  We did get to see one house that was synced to music.  It was pretty cool... just glad we don't live next door. We got home and put Andrew to bed.  Then, what do you know??? Santa just happened to stop by and bring us some goodies!!  Ho Ho Ho!

I love this funny boy!
Yummy Gingerbread men
goodies from Mimi and Papa
Mom has had this "?" stocking for about 12 years or more!
 I have gotten to use it for both of my babies!  
Sweet Velveteen Rabbit book and animal
Andrew couldn't wait to give me my present... a necklace.  I LOVE IT!  
Silly straw!  
Here comes Santa!  Notice AMK has Jessie, his Elf ready to show Santa he has been a good boy! 
The Big Man himself, riding shotgun!  He even said Ho Ho Ho over the loudspeaker as he went by!