My Valentines

Valentine's morning was so much fun this year!  Andrew and I had been to Target a few days prior looking for a birthday present for a friend.  His little jaw dropped open when he looked up and saw the Circus Lego set.  He wanted it so bad.  Unfortunately at $30, it was not just something that we could just get.  I told him he could spend his Piggy money on it, but he said no, he was saving for a drum set.  So I got the idea then to get that for his Valentine present.  He was so excited this year about Valentines day and his party at school.  He kept asking me if I was going to get him a present.  I told him "of course I am going to get you a present!  You are my Valentine!"  He kept asking for a hint, and would ask every night.  It was so much fun to give it to him on Thursday morning.  He was so genuine when he opened it and hugged my neck and said "Thank you mom!  This is just what I wanted!!!"... Then he looked at Bo and said- "What did YOU get me?"  LOL!  I told him that the Legos were from both of us... we will work on not  being so greedy! Ha!  He was so excited to play with them that morning.  We also loaded them up and took them to the beach with us that weekend.  He played with them all weekend.  I love to see his imagination at work when he builds things. 


Ellie's Birthday Party

Sweet Ellie turned 4 a couple of weekends ago.  She had a "Beauty and the Beast" themed party at Pump it Up. Andrew had a lot of fun playing with his friends.  Ellie's mom made all the girls beautiful yellow tutu's like Belle and tiaras and all the boys got a sword and shield and crown.  They were all so cute.

Hide and Seek

There is never a dull moment at our house.  Andrew and Bo were playing “hide and seek” the other night.  I was busy putting things away and hiding Andrew when it was his turn.  I had put him on the couch under the back cushions and blankets… a perfect spot.  So I go back into his room where Bo was supposed to be counting.  No sign of him.  I say “Bo he is hiding and waiting for you to find him”  No answer.  Now I have this little giddy feeling that he is about to jump out and scare me.  I looked under the bed, and behind the door.  No sign of him.  I opened the closet and found this…
I died laughing.  He was as still as a statue.  So I had to go and get Andrew so he could find Bo now.  He opened the door and cracked up too!  It was too funny.  Then the next night they were playing and it was Andrew’s turn to hide.  Guess where he was…
These two crack me up all the time! 
I love how much Andrew looks up to Bo and wants to be like him.


22 Week Bump Shot

22 Weeks...18 more to go...


These boys melt my heart.

Aunt Dougie and Uncle Ryan's Baby Shower

My precious sister in law and her husband are expecting their first baby.  We are so excited.  Sweet Lily will be here next month!  We went to a wonderful baby shower a couple of weekends ago.  Dougie's sweet friend Jamie and her mom hosted the nicest shower at their home.  It was fun to see lots of family and they got some really great gifts.  I was so proud of Andrew.  He was there for 3 hours and was an angel the whole time!  He loves his Aunt Dougie and Uncle Ryan and we are all so excited to meet Lily! 


20 Weeks! 1/2 way there!

20 weeks and we are half way there!  This pregnancy has been a little different than with Andrew.  I was not sick at all with Andrew.  With this baby, I was pretty miserable from about 6 weeks till about 13 weeks.  Luckily, I did not have morning sickness, but I was pretty sick at night.  I was exhausted by the time I got home and NOTHING sounded good to eat.  I ate lots of mashed potatoes, chicken noodle soup and rice.  If I strayed from that, it probably didn’t stay down.  Thankfully, I am over that little period of sickness and actually feel pretty good~just big!  They say that you start showing a lot sooner with your 2nd baby, and I can verify that truth!  I hope that I don’t continue to grow like this, or I might pop by June! I am now able to eat anything I want.  I have a special affinity for Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  I probably crave more sweet things with this baby, whereas with Andrew I craved hamburgers.  We had all the genetic testing done on this baby, and everything came back normal.  So far all of the ultra sounds have been good too.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  In the pictures below, the baby is about 12 ounces and about 6 inches long.  I think the word “perfect” was thrown out by the ultra sound tech on a couple occasions.  But as it’s mother, I am not surprised.  Of course it is perfect!  It is a gift from our God.  “Every good and perfect gift is from above”  Andrew went with us to the ultra sound appointment.  I thought he would enjoy actually “seeing” what is in my growing tummy.  He was not very impressed actually.  He was more ready to get out of there and go get something to eat.  He did like seeing the baby, but as she was measuring all the parts etc. he was ready to go!  We didn’t find out the gender, so we will wait just like we did with Andrew until he/she gets here.  The overwhelming majority seem to think that it is a girl.  We shall see…  If you ask Andrew what he wants, he will most likely tell you “a sister” because he wants to be able to have a boys team and a girls team for basketball.  But he says a brother would be OK too.  He is very sweet about the baby and gives my tummy kisses and rubs it at night!  I don’t think he has felt it move yet, but thinks he has seen it move (but that was probably me just pushing it in and out).  We played some music and held it up to my tummy the other night and it definitely started wiggling around.  If this kid likes music like Andrew does… we may have to build an extension to our stage!  I have felt it move for a couple of weeks and it is really cool that I can tell that it is growing.  This week I felt it kick up by my belly button.  Everything I have been feeling was lower than that.  Keep growing little one!  I go next week for my glucose test and hope that I don’t have any problems with that.  I don’t foresee anything, but hopefully I can stay away from the Krispy Kremes for a few days so my sugar level will not be off the charts!  YIKES.  (PS- You should really try a Krispy Kreme with a little peanut butter spread on top, microwave for about 10 seconds… Thank me later.)
Profile pic
Little piggies
Sucking his/her fingers
5 little toes
Checking out the pics of baby brother or sister.
The bump.

The Flu

Does this boy look sick?  He is the sweetest sicky I know!  He started running fever on Saturday evening while I was in Atlanta with my girlfriends.  Mimi and Papa had taken him to the Alabama basketball game and he started to get sick there.  By the time I got home on Sunday both of my boys were pitiful.  Bo went to sleep about 2:00 and Andrew and I played for a while, then he fell asleep on the couch, which he NEVER does.  I took his temp when he woke up and it was 103.9.  He woke up several times during the night with fever and chills.  Poor sweet thing.  Luckily, Bo was off on Monday along with AMK and the they were able to go to the doctor where he was diagnosed with the flu.  It has been so bad this year.  Luckily, he only had fever on Sunday and Monday.  We kept him home on Tuesday and Wednesday to really make sure that he wasw better and that he didn't catch anything else at school.  Whew!  Glad that he wasn't pitiful for a week.  We had a couple of fun days off together.  I think the best part was Tuesday night when I tucked him in bed he said "Mom, I had a good day with you today"  He just melts my heart! 



The weather forcast for the 17th was snow!  1-3 inches.  It was fun to sit at my office and watch it fall all around.  It didn't start to stick for a couple of hours, so luckily it was not too dangerous where I was.  We were supposed to have a doctors' appointment and ultra sound that afternoon, but it was so bad around the hospital, that they cancelled it.  Mom had picked Andrew up and they were on their way when I got the call about the cancellation.  Luckily, they just went back to our house and played.  He.Loved.It!!!  He loved watching it fall and loved making a snowman!  They invited our neighbors Ella and Davis, over to help out.  I was so jealous that I was still at work and they were home playing.  I did come home to 2 great snowmen that he was very proud of.  Luckily the next day, everything melted and we did get to go to our appointment. 

My snow angel.
The baby snowman
So proud of his work!  
Trying to give them both a hug! 

4 year old check up

So I just can't believe my BABY is 4.  Bo took him to the doctor for his annual check up a couple of weeks ago.  He said that Dr. Dudgeon was super impressed with how smart he is.  He and Andrew carried on several conversations and he loved how outgoing he is.  He had to get a couple (4) shots and the flu mist vaccine.  He did great!  Bo said he only cried for just a minute with the shots and then he was fine.   Can I also say that I was so proud of Bo too!  Normally these kinds of things are mom jobs, but I had to be at work.  He was super Dad and took such good care of him and reported all the stats back to me and got all the questions I had answered.  Great job Daddy!!
Height~ 41 inches
Weight~36 pounds