Funny Stories...

I couple of weeks ago, Andrew was in the bathtub and we were having a nice little talk about something when I raised my eyebrows while listening to what he was saying.  He reached his little wet fingers up to my brow and touched my forehead.
AMK- Mom, what are those lines?
Mom- Wrinkles.
AMK- (raising his eyebrows as much as he could) Do I have them?
Mom- No, you don’t.  Not yet. 
AMK- Why not
Mom- Well I guess you just get wrinkles when you get older.
AMK- (looking down) My penis is old.
Mom- (trying not to laugh hysterically)Well, it is a bit wrinkly, isn’t it? 
AMK- yep.

We were playing “Heads Up 7up” the other day in the den.  Just the 3 of us.  Bo  tapped Andrew on the shoulder and Andrew was trying to guess if it was me or Bo who tapped him.
AMK- you are not playing right
Bo-Why not, what do we need to do?
AMK- you have to come on this side so I can see your shoes.  That is how I know who picked me.
Bo- That is cheating.
AMK- uh- no its not.  My head is down so that is the only way I know how to tell it is you.
Mom- pretty smart kid.

One more...
We had come home from school and Andrew wanted to play Tball outside.  I told him it was too cold and he said that he would dress warm in a hat, gloves, long sleeve shirt and jacket.  I asked him to put his dirty clothes in the laundry room and he got mad because "he knows what to do, he is 4!!".  So I then told him that I was not going to play with him if he was going to act and talk ugly to me.  He went in his room and I began to fold some laundry.  He comes out a few minutes later... completely naked except for the gloves. 
Mom- Why?  What is the matter?
AMK-  (in a very disgusted tone) I WANT to play Tball, but I am NOT going to stop talking ugly!
Mom- Well, then we have a problem don't we.
Mom-Well, you are a naked Jay-bird... why don't we put on some clothes
Mom- My mistake.  Why don't you go back to your room until you can talk nice.
...naked buns walking away...



T-Ball with the Blue Jays

We signed Andrew up for Upward T-ball this year.  It might be the cutest thing ever.  I look at him and just can't believe he is big enough to do this sort of thing.  I mean... shouldn't he still be in a bouncey seat?  Sigh... I am so proud of my big boy though and I am glad to be doing something different too!  He did great at his first practice and drilled a couple of balls off of the tee.  He was using a bat that his cousin Cory gave him and it was a bit too big and heavy.  He got a new bat and cleates last week and is all set.  Now, if only our practices would stop getting rained out!! Games start in April and he is READY!  We practice at least 3 times a week at home and all weekend long.  Of course he is still so observant and he wants to do exactly what  the real baseball players do.  For example... we went to a Samford game last weekend and between innings, there were 2 players that would run from the dugout to the fence and back.  So now when we are "practicing" at home, he will run and say he is doing what those boys were doing- keeping warmed up. So observant!   

Coach Jay and the Blue Jays
Ready to field some balls.
Getting ready for some batting practice.
"You want to hit it right here."
Hey batter, batter, batter.. SWING!


Our new Niece & Cousin

Congrats to Aunt Dougie and Uncle Ryan on the birth of their perfect daughter Lillian Grace!  We are so happy she is here safe and sound!  Andrew was excited to see the baby and was ready for her to open her eyes so she could see him! 


26 weeks

Still growing...
Sweet Loving!
Proud Big Brother


10 girls and Bo

We kept the nursery a couple of weeks ago.  10 two year old girls. 
Bo had them all wrapped around his finger! 

Birthday Party @ the Zoo

One of Andrew's friends had a fun Birthday Party at the Zoo.  We are not going to turn down a free trip to the zoo, so we all went.  It turned out to be a great day, not too cold and not too hot!  Andrew loved riding the carousel and seeing the animals.  He liked the monkeys the best.  When it came time to ride the train, he and some of his friends jumped right up front.  I guess they thought they didn't need any grown ups sitting with them.  So big!  Luckily, there was a mom that squeezed in to make sure none of them fell off!  It was a fun morning. 
Riding the carousel.  Wow, my face looks really pregnant in this pic.  
Seeing the Guinea Pig
All aboard! 
I bet you could have guessed that this was one of his favorite parts of the Zoo!  
Rockin' out! 

Destin- Feb 2013

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the beach by Bo's Dad and Step mom (Granddaddy and Gigi) for the President's day weekend.  They rent and AMAZING condo right on the beach. (Oh, and it is the Penthouse!!)  We arrived about a little after midnight on Thursday.  Bo had a Samford basketball game that night so we didn't leave home until around 8.  We arrived and entered the gate code, but it didn't work, we buzzed, we waited, and finally we called and woke up Granddaddy to come and let us in... Which would have worked, but we were at the WRONG condo!  Ha!  We realized our error and made it in for a good night's sleep.  Andrew was so excited about being at the beach and wanted to go at 1AM!  Luckily Friday was a beautiful and semi-warm day.  We got up and spent most of the day on the beach and in the pool. 
Looking for shells.
Don't tell him he is not Justin Bieber.
Walking with dad to find shells
The most fun!
High Flying!
Hanging out with the chicks at the pool. 
My sweet boy! 
He LOVED not wearing a shirt at the beach. 
Catching some air! 
 One funny story... Friday we were out walking on the beach looking for shells and I noticed a man walking with a prosthetic leg.  It was skin colored and had a foot on the bottom, so it really looked like a real leg, until you got really close to him.  Andrew didn't notice at all.  Well, on the way back from our walk, the gentleman was sitting down with his leg crossed over his knee, however the prosthetic was propped up against his chair.  The leg that was crossed ended just below the knee.  I saw him, then I saw Andrew see him and I thought to myself - "Oh please don't say anything embarrassing about why his leg is not attached!" Andrew just kept walking and didn't say a thing... until late that night while we were lying in bed.  He was almost asleep then he asked "Mom, how did that guy take his leg off?  Can I take my leg off?"  So innocent.  I guess he had been thinking about it all day!  He had several more questions about it over the weekend.  I just thought it was funny and neat to try to see things from his perspective. 
Playing in the Sand.  
Saturday we drove Gigi an Granddaddy down to Seaside.  They had never been outside of the main Destin area, so it was fun to show them around.  Traffic was crazy!  It was packed.  We shopped a little and got some ice cream and I had the most delicious grilled turkey and cheese w/ avocado sandwich.  Yumm-o! 
Having a break for some Pumpkin ice cream! 
Talking with Gigi at dinner one night at AJ's. 
We skipped church on Sunday and opted for a few more precious hours on the beach, just the 3 of us. It was pretty cool, but we had a great time.  Andrew really loves the sand and the water.  I can't wait to take him back when it is warm!  
He wrote his name after I took this picture... only backwards! 
Gathering some shells
the one and only picture of me from the weekend! 
After we got all packed up, we went to Fudpuckers for lunch.  They have an arcade right next door and we just happened to have about $10 in tokens for him to play some games.  He spotted a giant blow up baseball bat that he wanted... only 400 tickets.  Game on!  Bo and I were running around the arcade like little kids trying to score big points and win our baby the bat.  Then I started to feel how some people must feel in a casino... Just one more dollar, just one more game, then I will hit the big one!  I think we had about 387 tickets and Bo bargained with the employee to give us the stinkin bat!  It probably cost about $.35 to make and cost us about $15!  It was worth it to see the smile on my sweet baby's face!  A great souvenir from our fun trip.  
Shootin hoops! 
Smashing sharks
Thanks Gigi and Granddaddy for a fun trip!!
Lets do it again next year!!
PS- The following Friday, Andrew wanted to take some of his shells for show and tell.  Bo gathered some up and put them in a ziplock bag.  Mom picked him up that day and said that when the teacher opened the ziplock bag, she almost threw up.  Bo had put a part of a crab in the bag.  A dead, peice of crab claw... that had been sitting in our garage for a WEEK!  YUCK!!!  We laughed so hard about this.  We decided that it was a "show and smell" instead of "show and tell" Ha!