My Birthday

April 11.  What a great day!  I was greeted early that morning by a sweet little boy carying a Saks Fifth Avenue box filled with new make up for me!  Oh goodie!  Thanks boys. (I had also gotten a new Washer and Dryer the day before!)   When I arrived at work, my coworkers had a box of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for me and a card.  Andrew's school closed at 1:00 due to the threat of severe weather.  I was supposed to have a doctors appointment to check on the baby at 3:30, but cancelled it too due to weather.  My sweet boy and I just hung out all afternoon together.  Later that night, we had a babysitter come and keep Andrew while we went to see "42" the Jackie Robinson movie.  It was a great day and I was reminded over and over of how blessed we are and what a great life I have.  I am just so thankful for all of my friends and family!

The rest of Saturday

After the game, we went a birthday party at "painted by you" where the kids all got to paint a tile to take home.  Andrew had fun, then we went to McDonald's with 2 of his friends from school.  It was a big treat for him becasue we NEVER go to McDonalds. Yuck!  They kids played and played on the playground and had a blast.  It was fun catching up with Micah and Ellie's mom too while they played.
 Later that afternoon, Bo and I went to Oak Mtn for the Dave Matthews Band concert.  It was a perfect night for a concert.  Great weather, and as always, a great show.


1st Tee Ball Game

Go Blue Jays!  Andrew's very first Tee Ball game was on April 6 at 8:15AM.  He woke up on his own that morning, got dressed in his socks, pants, belt, jersey and hat and woke us up at 6:15 saying "is it time to go to my game yet?"  Sweet boy.  He was practically sleep walking!  We all stayed in bed for a few more minutes before getting up and out the door.  I have to say, I was excited.  This is a big moment for a mom, another "first".  I thought of those moms of college ball players, and they probably started playing Tee Ball when they were 4 too.  Tear.  OK, that is just the pregnancy hormones talking (more on those later).  The Blue Jays played the Cubs.  The Cubs got to bat first and they lined all the Jays up right along the base lines between 1st and 2nd, then 2nd and 3rd.  They had 4-5 stretched between 1st and 3rd in a diagonal line.  Andrew did great fielding the balls. He got 2 or 3 and threw them into the coach.  He even told one other boy "good job" when he got the ball instead of Andrew.  (We have been working on "good sportsmanship" and it payed off!)  Then it was the Blue Jays turn to bat.  Up first... #1, ANDREW KERRRRRRRRRRRR.  Well there was not an announcer, but if there was, that would be what he said.  Instead there was a nervous mama standing behind the fence with camera in hand hoping and praying that he would get a good hit so he wouldn't be disappointed.  And BOOM!  First at bat, first swing, he crushes the ball!  I was so proud and he was beaming!  3 more batters and he was rounding home plate.  The Blue Jays took to the field again after everyone hit and Andrew got a couple of other ground balls.  He had so much fun.  After the game, I found out that he had an adult sized hat and tried to switch him out to a youth sized hat.  I powerfully underestimated the attachment he had to the first hat as he threw a FIT about not wanting to give it up, yet wanting one that fit too.  Did I mention that this was pretty much in front of everyone?  Ugh.  Mother of the year.  Then he was in a bad mood and wouldn't take any pictures after the game.  Now I am really upset.  I mean, 1st game and no pics  that I wanted?  The same thing happened on Easter...why am I still surprised?  Well the pregnancy hormones took over and I cried, and he cried and got time out and a lecture. It was ugly.  Thankfully, we were able to move on and salvage the rest of the afternoon after lots of hugs and forgiveness from both sides.
Me & My Sweet Boy
Ready to play some defense
Heading to 3rd!
I would LOVE to know what he is saying to the 3rd base coach! 


Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter.  Andrew woke up to a basket full of goodies including a spider man AND a new Tee to practice Tee Ball.  The Easter Bunny had hidden eggs all around the house and some even had money in them!  After church, we went to Mom's house to meet Chris & Tammy, Anniston and Cruz.  We had a delicious lunch (as usual) and the kids got to play for a while.
The bunny came!  
Sweet Cousins
Our failed attempt at trying to get a GOOD family picture.
This had me in tears by the end of the day... gotta love those pregnancy hormones! 


3rd Trimester!! (28 & 30 week pics)

OK, 3rd trimester.. We are officially here and rocking through this!  So as of right now, I have 10 weeks till my due date.  There is a little bit of panic starting to set in.  We FINALLY had a garage sale last weekend and got rid of a lot of junk. Whew!  And it was all in the baby’s room, so now I can actually get in there and start getting things ready.  We have to take down the guest bed and put up the crib etc.  I think I am getting in the spirit of doing all of that…ugh!  Maybe the nesting will start soon.  I have been feeling pretty good these last few weeks.  I have tapered off of my sugar cravings a little.  I still love the idea of a cupcake or cookie or candy bar though.  As a matter of fact, I am writing this as a munch on a Dark Chocolate KitKat bar.  Did you know they make them in Dark chocolate now?  Delish! This baby wiggles and kicks a lot.  I love that feeling.  It is just so cool and I wonder all the time what it is doing in there.  Growing  and stretching I guess.  So far I think I have gained 26 lbs.  The bad news is that from 23 weeks to 27 weeks I gained 11 pounds…just in that one month!  Since then, I have only gained 3 more.  Whew.  Good thing the sugar kick has tapered off!  The baby likes music.  Well it either likes it or hates it.  When I am singing in the car it gets real wiggly.  Maybe it just doesn’t like my singing.  Andrew has felt it move a couple of times.  He said that he really wants a sister, but if it is a brother he will just hide under his bed and read a book for 2 weeks!  Where does he get this stuff?  He also told us that it was OK for the baby to sleep in our room for a little while, then it was going to sleep in his room so he could take care of it at night.  So sweet… but I would imagine that once the 3AM crying starts, he will be glad to have me take over!  It is hard for me to imagine life with 4 of us.  I know that it will be hard for me to remember what it was like with just 3 of us too.  For now, I am soaking in every minute with my sweet boy before I have to start sharing myself with someone else. 
 March 17th
 March 31st
Silliness with the #1 big brother! LOL. 

Elise's Party

Our sweet neighbor Elise turned 2 a couple of weekends ago.  She had a fun Easter Egg hunt birthday party.  She is adorable and I would be totally OK with Andrew marrying her in about 20 years… as long as she stays as sweet as she is now.  And I adore her sweet parents too!  It was a fun afternoon and the rain held off for the egg hunt.  It has been fun watching these 2 grow up over the last couple of years.  Andrew thinks she is so sweet and loves to play with her. 
Mmmm.. "starvurst"
Got one! 
Loving on the birthday girl.

Cancer Sucks

On March 1, my step dad was diagnosed with colon cancer.  On March 6 he underwent surgery to remove the tumor.  He was finally able to go home from the hospital on March 16 after 10 days of “ups” and “downs” with his recovery.  Cancer sucks.  So do blood clots.  My sweet Mij has had a hard time with these painful clots over the last 10 days or so.  His medications are like a dance that they have to get just right so his blood is not to thick or too thin.  It has been a slow road to recovery, however it has been a road that God has put us all on.  What are we to learn from all this?  Maybe you need to go and have a colonoscopy to make sure that you are not at risk.  Maybe you learn something from my mom who has been by his side constantly for the last month.  Maybe you learn that the power of prayer works!  Maybe you learn that if you are facing something, you are not alone in fighting.  Maybe you realize that life really is short, and if you need to tell someone that you love them, TELL THEM.   Maybe you think of others a little more than you think of yourself.  Sickness can sure show you God in a big way.  I sat and watched as God answered prayer after prayer after prayer for our family.  Thank you to all of you who are thinking about us during this time.  Mij is not out of the woods yet.  He is getting stronger every day.  I am so proud of him and of my mom for taking good care of him… although they could probably use a break from each other! LOL.  Keep them in your prayers- Specifically- Pray for the blood clots to dissolve and no longer cause any pain or discomfort, pray for strength for them both, pray for wisdom and guidance from the doctors regarding future chemo/radiation treatments.  Thank you so much! 


The Bible.

Tonight we were watching some clips from the History Channel's "The Bible" and following along in our actual bible and reading the scripture. Andrew opened it up to the back and said "what is this?"
Mom- it's a map, I explained.
Andrew- oh good, where is Ohio?
Of all the places he would be looking for... OHIO? 
We have a little more work to do with him in geography! I was super impressed with all he knew about the Easter story though.
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