38 Weeks

Can this be happening?  38 weeks! YIKES.  The milk might expire before the baby gets here.  That means that it is CLOSE!  I went to the doctor today and I am now dilated 3 cm.  I'll go back next Wednesday if I don't go into labor on my own.  I have started having some contractions every now and then, but nothing serious or painful.  I am still working and feeling great.  My poor legs are getting tired of carrying me around all day though!  We are getting excited to meet this little one!  The car seat is in, both bags are packed, clothes are all washed, stroller ready, diapers on hand, swing has batteries, bottles are washed... I think it is almost time!  I am actually hoping for one more week so I can make it through work and get my vacation and maternity leave the way that I planned it.  At this point it won't really be bad either way, but it would be nice to have more time at the end of the summer and a beach trip too in August.  I am sure I will be too tired to remember it, but I still plan on going.  10 more days till the due date!

Memorial Day

Aaaahhh. Holidays!  We had planned on going to our neighborhood pool for the annual Memorial Day cookout on Monday.  Andrew and I got up pretty early and played and watched some TV and let daddy sleep in a little.  Once he got up he and Andrew went upstairs to play basketball.  I just happened to fall asleep on the couch.  I woke up and decided to go lay down in our room for a few minutes... 2 hours later I wake up! Aaaahhh. Holidays!  What a wonderful treat. Nothing like getting a 2 hour nap in before 12.  Ha!  I have the best husband ever!  We all got dressed and got a surprise visit from Gigi and Grand Daddy.  They were driving through on their way back to GA and stopped to show us Grand Daddy's new Corvette.  It is pretty sweet, I must say!  We all got to go for a ride, then we ran a few errands in the afternoon.  Then, after waiting all winter, we finally broke out the slip-n-slide, or as Andrew calls it- WIPEOUT.  He had so much fun.  I love the joy he brings in the "little things" in life and this was one of them.  He ran, and he slipped, and he ran and he slid, and he ran, and he ran, and he ran!!! He came over to me and said "This is so much fun mom!!"  I love it!   Here are a few pictures from the afternoon.  Pure joy! 

SEC Baseball Championship

Sunday, Bo and I took Cory and Andrew to the SEC Baseball Championship game between LSU and Vandy.  We are so lucky to have such a great event right in our backyard!  They had a "kid zone" area where the kids could bat and pitch and there was even a small area set up like a baseball field for the kids to have a home run derby.  Andrew would wait patiently to hit and he really did great.  Especially considering that other kids were pitching to him.  I love how brave he is around other kids!  After his turn, he wanted to play in the outfield, so he fielded a bunch of balls that the big kids hit.  I think he thought he was Justin Upton  (#8 for the Braves).  So big.  He had a blast.  We lasted until the 8th inning and headed home to watch the rest on TV.  It was a fun afternoon.  One of the ladies that sat next to me commented on how great my boys were.  I was so proud.  They are great.  I love them both so much!
 My little guy peeking over the fence.  He was the smallest one out there!  
 Making contact
Playing outfield with the big kids.

Visit from PawPaw

PawPaw made the trip over from Georgia for the big program.  Luckily he stayed at one of the best resorts around, Ross Bridge!  We were treated to dinner there and Andrew got to take advantage of the great pool and water slide on Friday.  Lets just say that everyone slept good on Friday night!  They were all exhausted.  They swam, played golf and played baseball!  It was so fun to have dad in town for the weekend and I love that he got to spend some good quality time with Andrew.  I just wish he lived closer and could do it more often!  We are looking forward to visiting him this summer and taking advantage of the N. Georgia Mountains and the river where he lives.
Andrew showing PawPaw how the ipad works. 


Pre K and Advanced Graduation Program

Andrew is in the Advanced class at his school, which is the next to the last class  before he goes to Kindergarten!  They have a Pre K/ Kindergarten class.  Each year they do a little graduation program for the parents and show off what all they have learned.  I Was Blown Away!  First of all, I wasn't expecting Andrew's class to participate at all.  I thought it would be something we would just get to do next year.  But boy, were we (me and Andrew) excited.  I just love school productions!  Aren't they just precious?  He was so excited and apparently they told the kids that they needed to wear "church clothes" .  For us, that is a polo and some "nice" shorts which are usually plaid or striped.  Basically something with belt loops and not basketball shorts.  He HATES church shorts.  Well he announced that he wanted to wear a tie and that he would just borrow one of dad's.  Luckily Mimi came to the rescue with an adorable tie with trucks on it that fit him perfectly.  He wore it with a white button down shirt and jeans and his black converse shoes.  It was perfect for him, and I thought he looked adorable and so grown up.  Here are some of the things that they had memorized... The 10 Commandments, The Beatitudes, Psalm 23, All 44 Presidents, All the books of the bible, pledge of allegiance, pledge to the christian flag, pledge to the bible, a couple of songs and some other things I can't even remember.  See the videos below for a few of the things they did.
 My sweet boy
 Andrew's fan club... WOW I look huge.
Sweet Mrs. Lorianne, his teacher

CCS Graduation- Praise Ye The Lord- Hallelujah

CCS Graduation- Andrew Introducing the counting segment

CCS Graduation- 10 Commandments

CCS Graduation- Books of the Bible

CCS Graduation Program- This is my Father's World


37 Weeks.

Bo and I went to the hospital for the grand tour to check out labor and delivery and the after delivery rooms.  The hospital seems nice and it is less than 2 years old so everything is very new.  It seems crazy that we will be there very soon with our little sweetie pie.  I went to the doctor on Monday of this week and everything was fine.  I had gained 1 lb and my blood pressure was all good and I am only about 1 cm dilated.  Andrew went to the hospital on  Monday night for the Big Brother tour.  He got to hold a pretend baby to practice how to hold it and we toured the rooms again.
 Getting the tour of the delivery room
Getting the official Big Brother certificate.

Later that night, I made a quick trip up to the fire station because I felt like my blood pressure was out of control.  Luckily it was just a little high, so I went home and put together my new stroller and that seemed to relax me!  All is just fine!  



It has been a while, but he FINALLY DID IT!!!  Andrew got a Yellow Note on Monday as school.  They send these home when the kids had an especially good day.  I was so happy for him.  He was so excited about it.  There have been days where he said "Its just too hard to be good ALL day".  Trust me, I know!  We had a big celebration and he requested that I make donuts to celebrate.  It was fun to celebrate this accomplishment. 

36 Weeks

One more month!!!  I went to the doctor last week and was dialated 1cm.  That was what I was with Andrew, each time I went for my check up the month before he was born.  I still feel pretty good.  I am noticing that my poor feet are more tired at the end of the day after carying around all this weight!  I have gained about 37 lbs. so far.  Last week I had only gained a pound over 2 weeks. I was pretty proud of myself. 
The nursey is complete and just waiting for someone to come and stay.  I will have to take pictures and post those soon.  I actually didn't go to the doctor this week because she was on vacation, but will go on Monday. 
Last night we went to the tour at the Hospital and got to see all the new labor and delivery rooms and mother/baby rooms for post delivery.  The new hospital seems so nice and clean and spacious.  Which will be good because I am sure that we will have lots of family and friends there to see this new baby! 
I did have to go to the fire station last night to get my blood pressure checked.  I felt like I was having a panic attack.  Good news, though, all was fine.  Then I was able to enjoy the rest of the evening.  I put together my new stroller!  I can't wait to get someone in it and push it around!  It is pretty sweet. 

Mother's Day 2013

Mother’s day is such a fun holiday.  It might be better than my birthday.  It reminds me that God made me a Mom and nothing could be more special that that!  It is so much fun to be Andrew’s mom.   Don’t get me wrong, there are some hard moments and even days here and there, but overall it is my greatest blessing!  He shows me how to live with an innocent heart and reminds me daily of the simple joy of life.  If we could all see life through the eyes of a 4 year old!  We are so much alike in the sense of our genuine love for each day and the simple things God provides for us.  And when I forget, he is always a good reminder. 
We started Mother’s Day weekend with “Muffins with Mom” at his school on Friday morning. I got to come in his class and we had breakfast together. He also had made me a beautiful card with a flower on the front and wrote “Happy Mothers Day I Love You, Andrew” along with a Rainbow and flower on the inside. What a treasure. He also painted a plate for me with his hand print and went with Mimi to Home Depot and picked out 2 flower pots and flowers for me. That was all his idea.   
Sunday morning I got to sleep in until 8:00!! WHAT A TREAT!Bo was up making breakfast and they both woke me up with presents. Bo gave me the most beautiful picture frame with 2 places for pictures…for our 2 sweet children.Of course I cried.It really just hit me that someone else is coming to join our family really soon.It was perfect.Andrew gave me one of his stuffed animals and said it was for the baby.So thoughtful!

After church, we met Mimi and Papa at Brio’s for lunch.Mom gave me some really pretty turquoise, gold and pearl earrings.Sunday afternoon was beautiful.I’m pretty sure the weather was just like what it must be like in heaven.Sunny, and a little cool.Perfect.I got to sit outside and listen to some music and catch up on some thank you notes and fill out our paperwork to be admitted to the hospital.The boys were playing in the front.Then theywent to Publix, and when they got back, I went to Target… by myself!Ahhhh… And to top it off, Starbucks was having ½ price Frappuccino’s! Yummy.
My sweet Mom and I

My pretty flowers and plate from Andrew
My BEAUTIFUL frame for my 2 babies
(which will be so much prettier when my kids are in it!)
The sweet card from my boy
"Happy Mothers Day    I Love You   Andrew K"
Sunday night we had Bo’s mom and the Kids along with his sister and her husband and new baby over for hamburgers.  Happy 1st Mother's day to sweet Aunt Dougie!   It is so much fun seeing you be a mom.  It was a nice, laid back evening with some delicious burgers!  Thanks to my sweet boys for making it the best possible Mother’s Day!I love you both so much!


Blue Jays vs. Cubs (again) Game 4

Back at the ballpark again this morning.  Today was picture day.  Finally after a 45 minute wait to get our pictures done, we were playing.  Up to bat first... my #1.  He got a hit and actually stayed on 1st base this time.  He did great!  Then he played first base and is just so into the game.  I love it.  I was standing at the fence taking pictures and he runs over to me and instructs me to sit down and watch the game!  Next week is our last game. I remember when I signed him up for Tee Ball that it would be over  really close to my due date, and here we are! 
 Waiting on 1st.
 Fielding a ground ball.
 Little Stud
Throwing it to the coach! 

The Sampsby's

Each year, Samford has an awards ceremony for all of their student athletes.  They give out awards like  best comeback, best clutch performance, most outstanding play, etc.  One of the awards is for best athletic support staff and my sweetie pie was nominated.  I thought that was pretty special since he hasn't even been there a year yet!  He didn't win, and I am pretty sure it was fixed.  Just Kidding!  I am sure the lady who won was deserving, but I couldn't be more proud of him and the job he does.  He is such a hard worker and does so much for our family!  I love you so much!  Congrats to you baby!


We were watching some country music awards show several weeks ago and I was stunned to hear Andrew singing along to some of the songs... that I had never heard.  He apparently hears them when with my mom or his cousins.  Well one of the songs was "Cruise" by a band called Florida Georgia Line.  So of course we get on YouTube to watch the video later.  He loves to get in bed at night and watch a couple of live performances or music videos before he goes to bed.  He always has!  Well he brought home a picture the other day from school where he had drawn a scene from the music video.  I was pretty impressed with his memory.  As you can see below, there is a big flag in the back ground.  The 2 singers are under it holding their guitars and there are 2 other guys to the right of the singers.  There is a drum set also on the left side (all the circles).  I love to see what is on his mind when they have free time to draw.  Lately it has been baseball games, and of course concerts and stages.  He draws people with a head, 2 eyes and 2 legs. 

34 weeks!

There are some things that you just shouldn't say to someone who is 34 weeks pregnant... For example:
1.  Wow, I don't think you are going to make it to your due date.
Translation- "You are huge"
2.  So… Any day now??  Yeah, if you consider 43 days away “any day now”
      Translation- "You are huge"
      3. Whoa girl... I hope you are  staying near the hospital.   
Translation- "You are huge"
All of these things were said to me in ONE day!  I seriously couldn't believe it.  And, the worst part... I thought I looked pretty cute and not too huge.  So here is a little hint for when you see a pregnant person.  Ask them when they are due, ask them how they are doing, ask if it is a boy or a girl, then smile and say "congratulations" or "I am sure that you are getting excited" or "good luck!"  but DO NOT say any of the 3 things listed above.  It is just plain rude an may or may not cause someone to cry.  

Shower #2

I had a second shower a couple of weekends ago that was hosted by some really sweet friends.  We love our church and have so many friends there.  They were all so generous and gave us some really great gifts.  We are pretty much set for this little one to come and join us...
Jennifer, Brooke, Me, Kristin, Karen
Yeah Bottles!!
baby wash cloths
gift from my sweet sister in law... I just love her!
more surprises...
beautiful Cross for the nursery
CUTE Diaper "clutch".  So chic! 
Bath time fun.  


Blue Jays vs. Braves- Game 3

This boy  LOVES baseball.  He is having so much fun on his Tee Ball team.  He feels so big when he is out there in the field.  I love it when he waves to me in the stands!  Since he is #1 he is either the first batter or the last batter.  So either way, he usually runs ALL the bases and gets a homerun each time he is up.  His stats. are amazing! 
Getting a ground ball.
Up to bat...
Safe at home!  
Mimi and Papa are big fans of the Blue Jays! 
My sweet boys.