Happy Halloween!!

Will's first Halloween~  Andrew was an Auburn Football Player and Will was a football.  Pretty cute I must say!  We had a fun night in the neighborhood.  We went over to Danette and Casey's to Trick or Treat and for Pizza.  It was so fun to see Andrew this year.  He was able to keep up with the big kids.  Sweet Braden was about 10 steps behind everyone, just like Andrew was last year.  It is amazing what a difference a year makes! 

Braden, Campbell, Andrew, Addison & Charlie Ann


More baseball

We are really enjoying playing T-Ball at Shades Mtn.  Andrew has learned a lot from Coach Thomas and is having so much fun.  Cory got to come and watch a game and he also got to play against his friend Braden Bentley.  Andrew was so torn before that game.  He said that he was not going to hit the ball really hard, because he wanted Braden to win.  (That changed when he got up to bat) but I was proud of him for thinking of others.  

Braden and Andrew
AMK playing 1st base

4 months!

Can this baby be 4 months?? (Yes, and he is actually almost 5 months because I am so behind in my posting)  What a joy he is!  He is so sweet.  He is either smiling, laughing or sleeping.  I feel like almost every picture of his is with a smile on his face.  Love those sweet cheeks and that dimple!  Oh my!  He is still sleeping through the night and taking little cat naps during the day.  Those are getting longer too so I think in the next month or so he will really be on a great schedule.  He has rolled over a couple of times, from his tummy to his back.  His favorite toys are Sophie the Giraffe and this yellow Lion that was Andrew's.  (AMK loved it too!)  He can sit up if he is supported and has recently found his feet and likes to grab and pull on them.  Several morning he has "talked" non stop!  It is so funny.  I think he just likes to hear himself talk... which reminds me a little of his Uncle Tyler.  Ha!  I guess that is the "Gaston" in him.  He has been chewing on his fingers and starting to drool a lot, but no teeth just yet.  We were supposed to have pictures made when he was 4 months old, but our photographer has been sick and then dealing with a family member who was sick, so hopefully we will get some next month.  Will is doing great in school and seems to have mostly all "happy" days.  I was looking back at some pictures recently and it has already happened... It is hard for me to remember what life was like before him.  He just fits in so perfectly to our family.  Andrew is a GREAT big brother and loves to make Will laugh and smile.  This morning Andrew sang to Will the whole way to school- "Will is my best friend, I love him, I love him, I love him so much.  Willy Coco, Willy Coco, your my best friend, your my best friend.  I love you the most. more than mommy and daddy, I love you, I love you"  Will just smiled and kicked the whole time.  I just love seeing the two of them together.  I hope they continue to be best friends!!! 


Happy First Birthday Dorothy!

Well this is a post I NEVER thought I would be writing.  We rescued our goldfish from certain death by flushing from a Elmo birthday party last year.  I thought it would make a great 1st pet for Andrew.  I was right... for a while.  There were several times when I thought we were going to have to have the "talk"... you know, about fish heaven. On more than one occasion I would find Dorothy upside down in her tank.  I kept thinking- This is it.  But she never died.  I think she was eating the air bubbles from the filter and getting too full of air.  I don't think fish toot, so maybe she burped or something, but after a while, she would turn right side up.  After about 8 months, our filter broke.  I didn't really think this fish required another $40 investment for a new tank so I gambled.  I thought that we would certainly be having "the talk" over the next months.  There were some weeks when that poor fish's water was so dirty you couldn't see through the 4 inch tank.  At one point she was staying at the top so much gasping for air, she got mold on her top lip.  At this point, no one in the family cared for the fish but me...and obviously I was not doing a good job.  So I cleaned her tank good and she miraculously got rid of the moldy lip after just a few days.  So now, here we are.  A year (or so) later and she has survived.  I thought the occasion deserved a party so Andrew and I made her a cake.  We all sang happy birthday too!  There were no presents, just an extra pinch of food flakes, but I think she appreciated the celebration.  This has to be a record for a goldfish...especially under my care!  Dorothy, If you make it to 2 years, I promise I will buy you a new tank... and may even get you a husband!   
My cake decorator!  He did a great job.  
The Birthday Girl and her cake!

Happy Birthday Sawyer

Our sweet friend Sawyer turned 5 this month.  He had an AWESOME Halloween themed birthday party.  Andrew  Ironman had a great time with several of his friends from church.  I love watching these boys grow up together. 
Happy Birthday to Sawyer an Ben Fischer
Fierce Iron Man, ? Wolverine, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
A.K.A.- Thomas Newton, Sawyer Burgess & Andrew Kerr

Exersaucer fun

Will is finally big enough for our exersaucer.  We put him in it a couple of weeks ago for the first time.  He loves it!  Lots of new colors, sounds and shapes!  I can't believe he is getting so big! 
Good looking legs!
Lots of new toys here.
Hey mom!
This is Awesome!!!


Our Sweet Will is a great sleeper!  He is sleeping all night long- usually from 10:30-6:30!  He loves to be swaddled in a blanket.  I love every minute he is awake, but he is such an angel when he is sleeping too.  Can't get enough of this precious boy! 
Go Dodgers!
Monitor view
Best way to spend Saturday mornings!  Sunggled up until 8:30!!! 


Melony's Homecoming at Hoover

Melony is a Freshman in High School this year.  She got to go to her first homecoming dance with her first boyfriend.  When did this little girl grow up to be a beautiful young lady?? I miss those pigtails and cute glasses.  I am so proud of the sweet girl she is growing up to be and hope that she continues to be kind and compassionate to those she meets.  We love you Mel and are so proud of you! 
Alyssa and Melony at the movie theater in 2002 (4years old)
HHS Homecoming 2013
Austin & Melony

Will loves his Bath!

Here he is doing a little talking after his bath one night!
(Sorry these are sideways... I don't know how to turn them around!)


The Perfect Entrance

Have you ever seen a football game when the players run out of the tunnel with smoke?  Well we had to recreate that with the "smoke" from the humidifier.  LOL.  This was all Andrew's idea.  His face lit up like 100 light bulbs when he got the idea.  "Mom!  I've got a great idea! We can use Will's smoke machine!  He can't do anything unless he goes all out!  Full uniform etc.  This made me laugh!  I love his creative little mind!  What you don't see is Bo and I and Will standing in the garage singing the fight song and shaking our shakers as he makes his grand entrance.  We must be a sight for the neighbors! 

Family Dinner

Well now that Will is big enough for his high chair, he sits with us at the dinner table.  We try to have dinner together every single night.  Sometimes it ends up being in front of the TV, but for the most part we are at the kitchen table for a few minutes.  Andrew always wants to tell us about his papers from that day and show us what he is learning.  I am usually blown away with what he knows and love what he draws.  Lately it has been a lot of football fields and games.  He even did one of Clemson and wrote "Clmsin" in the end zone.  He is sounding out words and reading them to us!  He loves his little brother too!  He always shows will what he did during the day. 

Fall Ball

We have started fall T-ball at Shades Mountain.  This is the real deal- There are dugouts and everything!  They still don't keep score and even if you get tagged, you get to stay on base.  Everyone hits during the 1/2 inning.  He has Coach Thomas and they have nick named themselves the Braves.  Andrew thinks he should play for the REAL Braves.  To say he has fun would be an understatement.  He LOVES it.  He is so intense.  He loves to tag the base or the runner and get someone out and he is a great hitter too.  I love watching him play and enjoy the game.  He is learning so much.  I wish that we had a microphone on him though so I could hear what he says to his coaches and team mates.  I am sure he is probably telling them what to do!  He is so much fun to watch!


goodbye Advanced... Hello Pre-K

Mrs. Cynthia
Mrs. Lorianne
Just for record keeping here are Andrew's Advanced teachers.  They were both wonderful and he hated to leave that class.  He loved having a job every other week and loved going on the field trips to the pumpkin patch, Desoto Caverns and also loved Kona ice day and dress up days in the summer. 


Andrew is playing fall T-ball.  He wanted to invite his teacher so he made her this invitation.  So sweet. 

Mr. Wiggles

One night I put Will in his bed and the next morning I came in and he had turned 90 degrees!  He also managed to wiggle one arm out of his swaddle blanket!  Little Wiggles!