Iron Bowl 2013 (34-28) 00:01

We got up early on Saturday morning and took the big boy to one Meme's house and the little boy to the other Mimi's house and were on the road to Auburn.  It is the most wonderful day of the year... especially this year.  We got to see some friends before the game and had so much fun just being in Auburn.  This game was huge!  Whoever won would win the SEC East and play in the SEC Championship and possibly have a chance of going to the National Championship.  It was a beautiful day on the plains. Auburn played their hearts out and Alabama, thankfully, made a few mistakes.  After what is considered the greatest moment in any game this year, Chris Davis returned a missed field goal attempt with 00:01 second left on the clock all the way back for a touchdown.  It.Was.Amazing!  So much fun, all the Auburn fans ran out onto the field.




We had planned to go to Georgia to Gigi and Grand Daddy’s for Thanksgiving this year.  We thought that all might be cancelled when Andrew was diagnosed with pneumonia on Monday.  I was so worried about my pitiful boy.  He was fine when I took him to school and within about 3 hours he had 103 for a temperature.  We made a quick appointment to see the doc and after a chest x-ray, it was confirmed that he had pneumonia and a sinus infection.  Doubled up on antibiotics and a good dose of both of his Mimi’s over the next 2 days and he was feeling much better.  We decided to make the trip after all.  I finally got to meet Bo’s step brother and his wife and son who all live in Oklahoma.  We had a delicious smoked turkey and ham and tons of sides.  Everything was delicious.  Ryan and I even braved Wal Mart on Thursday afternoon.  We were there about 5:00 and the big sales didn't start until 6.  The store was PACKED, but no one was able to buy anything for an hour.  We ran in and ran out in about 10 minutes with a new booster seat for Lily.  We went to see Grand Daddy’s train which was on display at the train show.  He worked so hard on his village and everyone really loved it!  It was a quick trip… we had to get back for the iron bowl… but we had a great visit.  
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Waiting on lunch...
Having some of Grand Daddy's famous waffles!  
The Kerr Boys at the train show.  
Andrew and Grand Daddy with his trains.


1st bath together

I am sure there will be many more, but this was the first time the boys had a bath together.  I'm not sure who had more fun.  Andrew loves to make Will laugh and Will thinks everything he does is hilarious.   

Good Morning?

Saturday mornings are for sleeping in, right?  Well, these 2 have it down! Just one little problem... THEY ARE IN THE WRONG BED!!!  When Andrew comes in, it is usually around 5AM so I snuggle him for an hour or so before we have to get up.  Will eats about 6:30 and on this morning, went right back to sleep.  I just love the sight of those precious boys snoozing!  Bo and I were able to have a nice quiet morning to ourselves for a while... even though we were sleepy!


Will loves his bath.  What more can I say?  He kicks and splashes and squeals with delight! 


Homecoming at Samford

We were so excited about Samford's Homecoming game!  They have a great set up and it is so family friendly.  We hung out in the quad before the game and even got to see Spike, the mascot.  Andrew can't stand to be anywhere CLOSE to him, but Cory and I showed him that there was nothing to be afraid of.  Will even smiled for the camera.  Samford won too!  It was a good day.  

Andrew about to catch a pass from Cory.  Love his concentration and tongue!  


Just Sweet Will

Here are just a few pictures of Sweet Will from the last couple of weeks.  He is an angel!  He is still the best baby ever!  So sweet, never cries, sleeps all night, pur-fect! I love him so much!  
Tummy Time
Nap Time
Brother time
Game time
Church time
Turkey time

Happy Birthday Supper Papa

Happy Birthday to our Super Papa!  We had a Super Man themed  (80th) birthday for our sweet Mij.  Mom bought matching superman shirts for all the kids and for Papa.  It was great because everyone was able to be there.  All kids and grand kids. 
Super Papa
Super Mimi and Papa


Bubba's Concert

I just love the Saturdays that we don't have ANYTHING planned. This was one of those days.  Bo had gone to the Auburn/UT game so it was just me and the boys.  We slept in, and played all day.  The highlight of the day was Andrew playing a concert for Will.  I just happened to be upstairs working on the computer.  I sat Will up in VIP seats and made sure his ears were protected.  He loved watching big brother sing and play the drums and guitar.  He would kick and laugh.  It was so cute.  I started to write what Andrew was singing.  Here is how it went.  
The next song I wrote while I was in Texas.  It's called I love God,
I love God, He's my Savior.
I love him so much, I love him the bestests I love him the bestest all night.
I love him the most.  I love him so Muuuu uuu uuu ch.  Alright!  

Little Bubba
This next song is about my baby brother, Will.  
Oh my baby brother... I love  my baby brother
I love him so Muuu.uuu.ch
I love him so Muuu uuu ch
I love my baby brother a lot.  I love him all of the time
Sing with me Will, Sing with me Will

Will liked the song about him! 
my little performer

Will's 5 month pictures

I am so thankful to my sweet friend Kristin and her ability to take such great pictures.  By looking at these, you would have never known that Andrew and I were fighting a few minutes before these were taken over him wearing his basketball jersey for the pictures.  I may or may not have called him selfish and told him that I try to do everything for him and I just wanted him to do ONE thing for me and that was to wear the checked shirt and sweater.  I try not to make a habit of shaming my child, but in this instance, it did make him re-evaluate the way he was acting and turned him into a perfect angel for the pics.   The little one is so sweet and smiley, I knew he would be perfect with out any bribing.  I was totally not planning on being in the pictures... I did my make up in the car and hadn't even washed my hair, but I do LOVE the one of the 3 of us.  They are growing up so fast!  

Tis the Season

These boys went over to Mimi's house to help decorate for Christmas!  It is going to be a fun one.



So big!  We put a couple of Andrew's old blocks out for Will to play with.  He did so good sitting up and grabbing them.  He sat up for about 15 minutes with out falling over!  Way to go big boy! 

5 Months

Really? Whew, time please slow down.  I can't keep up with the blog!  So month 5.  Will has rolled over a couple of times.  He would probably do it more if I actually put him down at all.  But I just like to hold him and snuggle him.  He has started to sit up on his own fairly well.  He has STOPPED sleeping through the night.  He wakes up EVERY morning between 3-3:30.  I can't help but think of the Matchbox20 song that says "It's 3AM, I must be lonely"  So I just go in and rock him for a minute and he goes right back to sleep.  I'm glad he misses me and needs me.  I love every second.  He is going to have to have a minor surgery.  We went to Children's this month to meet with the pediatric urologist.  He has already had a little congestion so we have had to push back his procedure until January.  More on that when the time comes... He is so sweet and has the most easy going personality.  He has also been drooling more and more which makes me think that there is a tooth or 2 on their way. I will miss this sweet toothless smile!  We love you more than word little boy.  You are so special!  


Sophie the Giraffe-my favorite

Sophie the Giraffe is always good for a smile.  Will really likes her.  She is a teething toy and is so soft.  He likes to gnaw on her legs.  She also squeaks when you squeeze her and he thinks that is so funny.  We are "trying" to do tummy time more often, but quite frankly... he is my last baby and I pretty much just want to hold him all the time.  He is just so sunggly.  I mean, look at those cheeks!  Don't you just want to eat them up?