Starting to Crawl

Will is trying so hard to crawl.  He can get up on all 4's and go backwards but not forward.  It won't be long!!...


Christmas Day 2013

Andrew woke up about 6:30 on Christmas morning and came in our room.  He had seen that Santa had been by, but didn't open anything up.  He just came and told us that Santa had come.  All he asked for this year was a Minnesota Golden Gophers uniform and some Hot Wheels.  He was so thrilled to get his uniform!  and there was a soccer goal, Jake and the Neverland Pirates Legos, Hot Wheels cars and booster for his track and a stocking filled with goodies.  
Will slept through Andrew opening up all his gifts.  It was fun to be able to just focus on him and all of his excitement.  Will did have a few surprises from Santa when we woke up though.  It was a fun morning with my precious boys.  
Will's Goodies
YES! (Pump fist and pull it down to your waist) Jake and the Neverland Pirates Lego Set
Hot Wheels Booster
Excited for some Rolos
Guess who LOVES Whoppers?
AND A PLANES LEGO SET!  (fist pump and pull down to your waist)
I really wanted Andrew to wear his "Christmas" PJ's last night.  I forget sometimes that he is really his own little person with likes and dislikes.  Bo was so Awesome to dress him in red and green so he would still look "Christmasy" in the pictures.  Nothing says Christmas like a boom box!  Love this boy! 
Ho Ho Ho
What?  Santa brought al of this for me?  
Cool... I like Christmas
Daddy helping build Jake's pirate ship.  
After our morning at the house we went over to Lisa's to open presents with the kids.  We had a great breakfast then it was all about the presents.  The kids all got some great things.  Will had fun playing with his cousin Lily.  
Hey Lily, check out my new Elmo iphone.  Santa brought it to me last night! 
Andrew got an awesome water gun from Aunt Dougie
Wii dance! LOL  Raven beat Uncle Bo.
Hanging with Uncle Ryan.
After Lisa's we were off to Nanny's for lunch with all of Bo's family.  It was great to see all of his cousins and Aunts and Uncles.  Nanny ALWAYS has a great lunch and the best dressing ever!  Yum.
Sweet RayRay
Cory, Emery and Andrew
Nanny gave will an Airplane
Sweet Nanny and Andrew
Awesome! Soccer Playstation game!!
All this Christmas wore this little boy out.  He had to take a little snooze at Nanny's. 
It was a great day and there is just so much for us to be thankful for ~ Most of all the birth of Jesus.


Christmas Eve

We have started a new(ish) tradition at our house on Christmas Eve.  We have always done Christmas Eve with my mom.  We have started to have it over at our house instead of her house. She still cooks (score!) and brings everything over and we finish it up at my house and eat and wait for Santa to come by on the fire truck and we exchange gifts with her and Papa.  I had to work Christmas Eve but got off around 3.  I came home to a wonderfully clean house thanks to my sweetheart, and one very excited little boy.  Can you tell...
Once we got dinner started cooking we FINALLY got to open presents.  Andrew got some Awesome Under Amour shirts, and jeans from Mimi.  Gigi gave him some sweet Nike's.  He loved them too!
Will was fascinated with his toys too.  A crawl ball and a a Walker that lights up and plays music.  Poor Will was SO overwhelmed with everything he cried himself to sleep for the first time ever.  He was so   overstimulated.  
Andrew was a big helper and helped Will open all of his presents.  There was just so much going on!!
Sweet Brothers! 
Oooh!  I wonder what this will be??!!
I'm about to get a tooth right here!  
This thing is so cool!  
Gigi, Mimi, Papa and the boys.
After presents and dinner, Santa Claus FINALLY came by on the firetruck.  We planned to go to church, but didn't because we were waiting on the Big Man to come by.  After everyone left, we bathed the boys and put them in the car to go look at Christmas lights.  Andrew was NOT happy about going.  He said that he just wanted to go to bed, but it was only 8:30.  There is a house that is not too far away that has lights synced to music, so we drove over there and through one other neighborhood... we even saw Santa again. When we got home, both boys were already sound asleep.  And later that night.  Santa came by one more time bringing with him lots of toys!  


Hey Good Lookin

Will is doing so great sitting up all by himself.  He really doesn’t need any support… especially if he is entertained. This is why he LOVES to sit in front of this mirror.  He thinks he is pretty cute I think!  And it lights up and plays music, so that is pretty cool too.  So proud of this big boy!



UGH!  Sunday night Andrew woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever.  He was pretty pitiful the next morning and I took him to the doctor.  While we were in the waiting room, he threw up all.over.me!  We both had to change into paper gowns while we waited.  After a flu test and strep test  it was confirmed that he had the flu.  YUCK!  He was pitiful, as you can see from the pics.  Well later that night, I woke up with 103 fever too.  So we were both out for almost the whole week.  I finally went back to work on Friday, but spiked a fever again on Saturday.  After a trip to the doc, I was diagnosed with pneumonia.  Double YUCK!   It was a rough couple of weeks, but finally by Christmas we were mostly better.  I just needed some rest!  Who can rest the week of Christmas??  
Us in our paper gowns
flu face.  PITIFUL baby. 


4 Generations

My precious grand mother is here visiting us for Christmas and New Years.  I thought that we needed to have our pictures made together since we are all so darn cute!  I LOVE the way they turned out.  It is so special to me to have such good pictures of her with my boys.  And if you want to know what I am going to (hopefully) look like in 30 years and in 50 years, now you know!  
Just us gals
My boys and Gigi
The oldest and the youngest
4 Generations
Had to sneak this one in too!  Sweet Will!


My Sweet Potato

This boy is doing so good eating food!  He has moved on from cereal to sweet potatoes and squash. Fruits are next, then green veggies.


Meeting Santa!!!

Samford had their Athletic Department Christmas party the same day as Andrew's school program.  What a busy day!  Can you believe that Santa came to the party?  Andrew had made a Santa ornament at school and wanted to give it to Santa... because it looked just like him!  Andrew was so brave and was the first one to go and sit on Santa's lap!  He told him he wanted a Minnesota uniform and some hot wheels.  He asked Santa where his sleigh was and apparently Santa told him a secret about where it was.  I was so proud of Andrew.  He is usually very stand-offish with people who are dressed up.  He had a great time and talked to Santa several more times that night.  Will loved him too!  Especially his beard. 


CCS Christmas Program

Will and I made it back to school just as the class was singing their last note.  Thank you to Bo for recording the whole show!  I was excited to come home and watch it.   So proud of our little performer. 
A few days prior to this, Andrew declared that he had a girlfriend... Olivia.  She is the one in green pants sitting to his left.  They are adorable.  

6 Month Check-Up

Check up at Dr. Dudgeon's office... still perfect!  He got 4 shots including a flu shot.  It truly was the first time I really saw him cry true tears. Broke my heart, but he was great the rest of the day.  We went back to school to try to catch  brother's Christmas performance... but missed it entirely.  Sometimes I wish there were two of me!  Luckily dad got it all on camera.  Happy 6 months little one.  Keep growing big and strong!