Christmas Morning 2014

So it looks like the Good List paid off!  Santa came!  He brought Andrew a guitar, ipad and hockey goals and sticks.  He brought Will a cozy coupe, some crayons and paper, clothes and toys.  What a fun morning with my sweet boys!  I love these memories! 
AMK's loot

WDK's loot

So excited!

Andrew was even excited about his new clothes.

Will was excited to have cookies for breakfast!
Andrew got an AUsome Auburn blanket from Nanny
Sweet Nanny

Andrew's Iron Man mask from Cory. So cool!


Christmas Eve 2014

Twas the night before Christmas... and all through the house...two little boys were so excited to open their presents!!! My poor sweet Bo had the flu this year ( I was lucky enough to have it last year, ugh).  He has been quarantined in our basement for 3 days.  Luckily, none of us got it this year. But he missed our annual Christmas Eve celebration at Mom's house.  We had a delicious dinner and then had loads of gifts to sort through.  
Will loves Papa's lima beans.

Santa's helper, ready to go!! (look how excited his hands are!)

Sweet Gigi

Looks like Gigi has jumped on the Tide bandwagon.  Oh no!!

Sweet snuggles!

Heading home

Love these 4!

Reindeer food and cookies and milk ready to go....

Trying to go to sleep so Santa can come. 


School Christmas Party

I got to be the one of the helpers for his class' Christmas party.  I was in charge of the cookie decorating station.  What a mess!  These kids sure do love sugar!  He has such a sweet class and a sweet teacher.  I can't believe the year is half over!  After the party, I stayed and had lunch.  
School Selfie

AMK and Grace Ann (Who has been "on green" every day of the whole school year!)


Best Buddies

They love each other so much.  Will thinks Andrew hung the moon and can't wait to see him every day.  Andrew is so sweet and patient with him (most days).  They sure can crack each other up.  
I do love a 2 for 1 bath time too!



Bowling Birthday Party

Now for the real fun!  Andrew invited a few of the neighborhood kids and some of his old CCS friends to a bowling party on Sunday afternoon.  I like these kind of parties where you just show up!  The boys had a blast... so did Will, although he was sick with a fever and unknown ear infection.  


Happy w/ my veggie straws

Jacob, Jackson AJ, John Paul, Jack, Sawyer, Micah

Wild Crew!
My precious birthday boy.  Ahh that smile melts my heart!


Visit with Santa

Oh what fun!!!  Samford had their annual staff Christmas party again this year and Santa came by for a visit.  It was so fun to see the boys reaction.  Will was a little unsure, but sat in his lap and smiled for a couple of pictures.  A few weeks before this, Andrew had made his list for Santa and left it for Jessie (his elf) to take back to the North Pole.  Santa was good enough to bring the list with him so he could go over it with Andrew.  (The look on his face was priceless!)  Andrew had his list on one side and a map to our new house on the other.  (Thanks Santa for playing along...Magic!)  Ho Ho Ho!!!

Explaining his list to Santa

Good list! 


Happy 6th Birthday

It sneeks up on me each year.  How can my baby be having another birthday?!  This year we had a low key family party at the house with  a cake made and decorated by me and Andrew.  He was very specific about what he wanted.  Yellow cake.  Chocolate Icing.  #6 candle. “Andrew” written in orange icing. and a basketball… done! We had BBQ and both Mimi/MeMe’s and families came over along w/ Aunt Dougie, Ryan and Lily.  Andrew got a Razor scooter, and a tent building set, a Nike sweatshirt and some $$.  He loved every minute of the attention. 

Happy Birthday Sweet boy… We will celebrate again next weekend!!
Decorating his cake

Making a wish

Ready to Ride

Family pic!


Bath time...

This boy loves his bath… but HATES washing his hair.  There is just something so sweet about a soaking wet baby.  I love to watch him play with his toys and watch the water pour out of them.  He is learning so much every day.  
 sweet baby boy
 hmmmmm… what does this thing do? 
 a little light reading after the bath
brushing his teeth.  big boy! 


A nice fall day

A beautiful fall day and almost 70 degrees calls for the Jump Jump!  The boys had so much fun.  I love to see them playing together.  These days they don't have too much in common, so it is nice when they both can enjoy the same thing!  


Iron Bowl

Great weather, Great seats, Great people around us, Great friends that we rode with.  
We played great the first half, but just didn't have enough this year.  
 Sir Charles
Nosa Eguae


Thankful for every silly minute- Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving is always busy.  We go to Bo's Grandmothers, then to moms.  I am so thankful every day for this life that was given to me and the amazing family that I share it with.  So glad to be able to spend the day with Bo's Mom, and grandparents and My Mom, Step Dad and Grandmother along with a bunch of cousins, siblings and nieces and nephews.  Blessed!  

snuggle bug
We woke up early and all piled in bed to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Happy 16th birthday to this sweet girl.  How can this be? 
Will loving up on Aunt Lori
Nanny and the boys
Gigi with her great grands
Mimi and Papa with their grands
the annual gingerbread house build  eat.